Can dogs eat squirrel bones?

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Can dogs eat squirrel bones?

Carter Denton

Votes: 6644

Yes, he will be fine. A good free meal!

Jennifer Ellis

Votes: 8891

Well…he might go a little nuts. But otherwise, he’ll probably be fine. Your vet is telling you the right thing. Watch him closely. If he starts having trouble going to the bathroom or you see black in his stools, take him to the vet asap.

Mike Neville

Votes: 1763

Canines have been eating rodents since there were canines. There is always the chance something will go wrong but that is true of commercial dog food too. I wouldn’t worry at all.

Tom Attwood

Votes: 304

Barring the squirrell having rabies your dog will be fine. Rodents like mice, voles, rats, squirrells, etc, are essentially dog food and/or cat food. Some dogs even catch birds. Their internal ecosystems are designed for just such things. Man created bagged and canned food, up till then it was squirrells.

Perry Nein

Votes: 7124

Levy knew precisely what to do when she caught a squirrel.

She was an Aussie, she did not like rodents.

At first she would bring the dead critters to me. Showing me that she was doing her job. As she got older, she would kill them and drop them.

She brought a duck home one day. I had had her for 6 months by that time.

Dropping the duck at my feet. The duck shook itself and proceeded to start looking around for something to eat, it was a Drake. Levy was looking at me with those eyes, come on dad, did I do good?

I did not know what to do, with the duck. I told Levy that she was a good girl, but I did not care for her present. I took the duck down to the park a couple blocks away and let it go.

She never brought a duck or any other live critter for me afterwards. She did not kill birds. Just rodents.

Does a dog know what to do if they catch a squirrel?

Yes, Levy did. She killed them, right quick like.

She never did get to catch a rabbit.

Madie Fox

Votes: 568

I used to have an Arabian horse breeding farm in California. I let my Dobermans run loose when I was out with the horses. They ignored the horses and hunted voles (a gopher like rodent but larger). They would catch one, crush it and swallow it. It frightened me a bit when I first saw them doing it, but the vet said they would be fine, and they were. They had great fun hunting voles and less burrows meant greater safety for the horses so I was happy to let them hunt.

John Johnson

Votes: 2725

You’re talking a baby squirrel? It’s bones are probably still soft. That means they’re more readily destroyed by stomach acid. And dogs commonly consume squirrels, rats, and other rodentia.

Chandan Singh

Votes: 3291

ya its ok, squirrel bones are not much hard that can a dog not digest.

Samantha Griffiths

Votes: 1730

Can my dog get sick from eating squirrels?

Yes, my dog died recently October 2020.I believe he contracted Leptospirosis from a squirrel he possibly ate.He use to chase them in my yard and my sister caught him with one in his mouth.Vaccines wont stop your dog from getting this disease and it can possibly make them sick.I am giving my other fur babies alternative antibiotics to keep them safe.

Feifei Wang

Votes: 6760

My dog ate a squirrel, can I expect her to have upcoming stomach issues now?

Probably not. If she doesn’t have any problems digesting the squirrel (and even if she does and recovers), her having eaten it shouldn’t be predictive of digestive issues in the future.

Dogs are predatory by nature. Because we feed them, they are less likely to pursue prey out of hunger. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy a snack of live prey once in a while if the opportunity presents itself.

Virginia Smith

Votes: 9555

Why do squirrels tease dogs?

Animals blessed with fast motion often seem to enjoy teasing other animals, like animal tag: Yah yah, can’t catch me, slowpoke! And the ones getting teased very often clearly enjoy it. Playtime breaks up boredom, and animals detest boredom as a special form of torment all its own.

Admittedly, it’s a matter of interpretation exactly what’s going on inside those furry skulls, and some kind folk would be pained to think that their beloved innocents would tease each other just to make mischief. Here a squirrel goes back and forth atop a fence with 2 dogs romping happily below. You be the judge:


Rachel Neumeier

Votes: 6485

Is it ok to return a dog after only 5 days? She is not a good dog like we thought she was. She has started to chase our cat and has startled growling/barking at every noise. She is stubborn and not food motivated so it’s hard to train her!

Take the dog back immediately and do other dogs a favour who are looking for a furever home….DON’T get another dog. You are clearly are not willing to put in the time and do the needed work it takes to reclimatize a dog to a new environment. This is an expression of your ego and lack of training experience to expect a dog to adapt and respond perfectly to you and its new environment after only 5 days. You have no understanding at all about what it means to adopt an adult dog or any animal for that matter from a shelter. I adopted a dog 9 years ago and it took him over a year to adjust to my existing dog and his new environment. If you are expecting instant results, that says your demeanor is not suitable to adopt any dog. The same goes for people who got a dog during the pandemic and now they are ‘too busy’ for the dog and have turned them over to a shelter now that they are no longer working from home.

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