Did Prince Philip ever cheat on Queen Elizabeth II, like in ‘The Crown’?

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Did Prince Philip ever cheat on Queen Elizabeth II, like in 'The Crown'?

Tony Bartlett

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There is absolutely no evidence that Prince Phillip was unfaithful to HMTQ.

Apparently he was the type of person who could make you feel you were the only other person in the world when he was talking to you. And he liked female company but there is nothing to say he was having affairs.

As has been pointed out the Crown is fiction

Tony Bartlett

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Did Prince Philip cheat Queen Elizabeth on TV Show “The Crown” Season 2 when she showed him the ballerina photo?

It’s fiction.

It’s not real

Richard Hallett

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What did Queen Elizabeth II say about Prince Philip passing away?

I’m not a royalist, not in the least. I have no time for the royal family and have little respect in the institution.

However an elderly lady has lost the man she loved for more decades than I have been alive.

Show some respect.

Mechelle EleeneClive Anderson

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Prince Philip was the strength that the Queen drew on during her long reign as monarch of England and the UK. When the Queen was not at her best, Prince Philip was there in the background supporting and cheering her on. When the spotlight is off, she went home to her dear Philip. Prince Philip knew and understood the Queen beyond being a Queen.

He played many roles in her life. He was her friend, comedian, protector, lover and the father of her children. The public looks at Queen Elizabeth and sees a lady who is dedicated to duty and her country. But when the Queen and Prince Philip saw each other, they saw the elements that make them whole.

How many men out there would stick by a woman…

Daise Kendrick

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Clearly….they share no love for one other…..

Graham Moore

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Does Prince Harry miss Queen Elizabeth II?

When he came back for his grandfather’s funeral in April, he did not stay on for just one day to celebrate the recently widowed Queen’s 95th birthday.

When he came back to the UK for the statue unveiling on 1st July he left Kensington Palace 20 mins after the event to fly back ie almost immediately after the event; it is reported that the Queen left Scotland to go to KP (a very long journey) but missed seeing Harry as he had already left for the airport.

It doesn’t seem that he misses the Queen very much.

Amanda Guest

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Does Prince Philip have any children at all from a previous marriage, prior to his marriage to Queen Elizabeth II in 1947?

Don’t be so silly, Prince Philip was married once and to the the love of his life, our beloved late Queen Elizabeth.

David Wallace

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Is there any evidence that Prince Philip cheated on Queen Elizabeth II as depicted in the Netflix series “The Crown”?

I’m going to say this slowly in short words so you can grasp the meaning.

The. Crown. Is. Fiction.

That means the script writers make it up.

RivkiJames Foulds

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While Elizabeth and Philip first met in 1934, they properly encountered in the summer of 1939.

The royal family was visiting the Royal Naval College, and 18-year old Philip had been assigned to keep Princess Elizabeth and her younger sister, Princess Margaret company.

Young Elizabeth was reportedly fascinated by Philip, the blonde naval officer making quite the impression. But with Elizabeth being just thirteen, the Prince didn’t appear to share the same feelings for the young princess.

However, they wrote to one another constantly during the war, meeting multiple times. They were said to be smitten by one another. Elizabeth had kept a photo of Philip on her mantel, and he carried a photo of Elizabeth with him during the dark days of WWII. Once the war was over, the couple’s romance flourished, and in 1946 Prince Philip asked Princess Elizabeth to marry him.

The public were overjoyed. Philip had fought during the war as a member of Allied forces by serving in the Royal Navy—and the betrothed couple were young and attractive together. Their grand ceremony was an enjoyable distraction from Britain’s difficult recovery from the previous war horrors.

Half the country was still in rubble and ruins, the economy was shaky, and even Princess Elizabeth had to pay for her wedding silk using Ration Coupons.

The excitement of a Royal Wedding was much anticipated by the public, but her parents were less than keen.

Senior courtiers thought him unsuitable, and unlikely to be faithful and the King & Queen had grave reservations, although to be fair, nobody would have been good enough in their eyes.

Prince Phillip was a Greek Prince, all while Greece had continually done away with their royals. His mother had spent time in a Sanitarium, and his father had left him, all while two of Philip’s sisters were married to Nazis.

There was an infamous photo of Philip at his sister’s funeral—surrounded by SS officers as he followed her casket, which thankfully was never circulated at the time. It certainly wasn’t a good look for Philip.

But Princess Elizabeth loved him so dearly she knew she would marry him and never gave up on the match.

They were utterly besotted with one another, and still rely on one another very much. 73 years on, they’re now one of the longest-married couples in the country. It’s a real-life fairytale story.

Chrissie NyssenGeoff Read

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Is Prince Philip’s loss a ‘huge void in Queen Elizabeth II life’?

Well that’s what she said herself, or are you calling the Queen a liar?

Penney Birchfield

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Did the Queen and Prince Philip sleep together?

On at least four occasions!!! Of course they did, they actually enjoyed each others company, and although they had their own suite’s, l believe they shared a bed often. Please don’t read a lot into that American Crown series that is ficton!

Judith Doram

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‘The Crown’ was a drama, a make-believe story so they made things up to make it interesting. If he had been foolish enough to do that it would have been all over the world not just Britain. Sometimes true life isn’t interesting to others only the people involved. It was said the RF enjoyed it & had some laughs at the ‘make-belief’ in it.

David Wallace

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For the millionth time …

…“The Crown” is fiction . That means the screenwriters make it up.

George Dukesh

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She has made a statement. It’s fixed to the railings at Buckingham Palace.

What else do you want?

Barbara Mack

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not sure it really matters at this point – seventy-three years together. She and he still laughing and seemingly very happy still. I’m sure their relationship was just as human as any commoner relationship, but the honor, respect, concern, and apparent-enough love for each other seems to indicate very strongly that they were able to handle whatever may have been vexing to a story-book relationship. I’m taking it that there was no royal edict or decree that Her Majesty would absolutely have to endure for life a relationship that was abusive or dishonorable to her in any manner. I don’t think that would ever have been tolerated unless the Queen herself sanctioned it. She does not appear to have been weak in that respect but as strong and capable as in her role as sovereign of her Country. So as far as I’m concerned, the majority of that I’ve seen seems to indicate that Queen Elizabeth, being of sound and sober mind, was as happy with her Prince as any woman may well be capable of. So if he did – and I certainly don’t condone such behavior – at the end of it all . . ..

Eileen WoodPhil WhiteDan Thomson

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Has the Duke of Edinburgh really been as bad a husband to Queen Elizabeth II as The Crown makes out?

“The Crown” is FICTION, based on real people in the real world.

Anything you see that involves private conversations, private actions, or anything else not reported on the BBC is FICTION. It was created by the show’s writers for dramatic effect.

When Elizabeth chose Philip as her future husband, she was 15 years old. He was a near-penniless Greek prince, raised in England. Her mother wanted her to marry a nice English aristocrat. Her father wanted her to be happy, but to also choose wisely. He, of all people, knew what kind of spouse a future monarch needed.

Supposedly, Queen Mary was not the least bit impressed by Philip.

Philip, being a typical man of his era, had his own plans and expectations for his life and career. He and Elizabeth worked out a plan for their future that satisfied them both. George VI’s early death ruined everything.

But they coped, they endured. No couple married 72 years, especially living in the fishbowl they do, has had smooth sailing every minute. But the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, her “rock”, are certainly a love story for the ages.

At their 50th wedding anniversary, Elizabeth praised her husband as “quite simply… my strength and stay all these years.”

Look at the Queen’s face below, as she looks at her husband of many decades. The love she feels for him is both clear and as strong as it was the day she married him. That’s a candid photo. No posing, no fooling.

Anne Harrison

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Who is Penelope Knatchbull, and why is she among the 30 guests invited to Prince Philip’s funeral in England?

Close friend and companion as well as related via Earl Mountbatten of Burma, she is married to his grandson. Apparently he taught her to carriage drive.

There will undoubtedly be rumours, but I suspect their relationship was more father/daughter than anything else, her own father died young, 1980, I think. She then lost her daughter aged five in 1991 and it is reported she became closer to the queen and Prince Philip then. Later her husband openly had an affair and they were again a source of support.

It’s said she was nicknamed “and also” by staff as no event was complete without her.

Chico Cenats

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Do Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip really love each other?

It’s interesting to me. I met my husband when I was 11 and he was 15. Actually “met” is taking it a little far. My brother brought him home from school one day, and I watched the two of them from my Mom’s 2nd floor bedroom window. Apparently I went downstairs after he left and told my Mom I had just seen the boy I was going to marry! He was recently immigrated from England and had the coolest accent. He was also shy of girls and the most polite person I had ever met.

64 years later, we are still together. We got married when I was 18 and he was 21 We have been married for 58 years this August.


Warwick Pearmund

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I can answer this, now that the relevant parties are deceased.

My grandfather was a professional photographer, a society photographer for some of the most well known magazines. At the time he lived in Kensington, London, and Philip was ‘seeing’ a lady in one of the houses opposite his.

He did, I am told, have pictures of Philip leaving the house, although I don’t know if there were any of the two of them together. When it was suggested that he might publish them apparently 2 of Scotland Yard’s finest were dispatched to offer the equivalent of a ‘cease and desist’. I was told it was a ’D notice’, which is a government instruction to the press not to publish certain information.

I have never seen the evidence and was always under the impression that the offending photographs were destroyed, but I have been assured that it is true.

Kyle Dring

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I understand the Queen is very much in love with Prince Phillip and has been since she met him at age 13. Is Prince Phillip equally in love with her?

Of course. Shall I prove you their undying love for each other?

Those two pictures are enough, right? Okay, I keep going.

(Prince Phillip surprises The Queen whilst wearing a palace guard outfit.)

Have a look at this.

Phillip loves surprising Lizzy! It’s quite obviously their love still shines brighter than the sun.

Another surprise!

Elizabeth loves Phillip, & Phillip loves Elizabeth.

Marian Clarke

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Is it true that Prince Philip married, and slept with his own cousin?

The only person to whom Prince Philip was married was his third cousin – since it is normal for man and wife to sleep together, and since they had four children together, I think it’s safe to say that he slept with his wife – who was his THIRD cousin.

I assume you’re American – it seems that only Americans are obsessed by these matters and don’t stop to realise that relatives probably closer than this marry all the time without even necessarily knowing about it ….. in AMERICA too!!

Bill Pledge

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Vile question, for goodness sake, crawl back under your toxic stone

Robin King

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No Princess Elizabeth wanted to marry Philip… And they did marry in 1947.

and they had to wait as she was just 13 and he was 18.

They first met at the wedding of Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark and Prince George, the Duke of Kent, when the queen was only a child and Prince Philip was a teenager. November 29, 1934

He first caught her eye in the summer of 1939 when Princess Elizabeth was just 13 years old.

Philip and Elizabeth first crossed paths in 1934 at a royal family wedding and then met properly again five years later in 1939 when she was 13 and he was 18 – the first time she said she remembered meeting him. The princess had accompanied her parents on a visit to Britain’s Royal Naval College where he was a cadet.

Prince Philip Passes Away at 99: Look Back at His Love Story With Queen Elizabeth

Their marriage lasted 73 years.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s seven-decade-long romance is one for the history books. From ruling a country together to creating a growing family, see a complete timeline of their relationship below.

1934: The First Encounter

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip of Greece (at the time) — and don’t worry this is very common in European royal families — are distant cousins, both great-great-grandchildren of Queen Victoria. They met for the first time at the wedding of his cousin Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark to Elizabeth’s uncle Prince George, Duke of Kent. At the time, Elizabeth was 8 years old and not even projected to be queen (her father’s brother Edward was next in line and was also expected to produce an heir).

1939: They Meet Again

When she was 13 and he was 18, the two met again when the queen’s family was on a visit to the Royal Naval College, where the prince was a cadet in training. And from the sounds of it, it was love at first sight.

The queen’s nanny at the time Marion Crawford wrote in her book that the queen was quite smitten with the prince. She “never took her eyes off him,” said Crawford. The two kept in correspondence in the years following, and as her cousin Margaret Rhodes told Vanity Fair, “She never looked at anyone else.”

1946: Prince Philip Asks for King George VI’s Blessing

After years of correspondence, the two had fallen madly in love. According to biographer Ingrid Seward, Prince Philip wrote the most romantic letter to Elizabeth saying, “To have been spared in the war and seen victory, to have been given the chance to rest and to re-adjust myself, to have fallen in love completely and unreservedly, makes all one’s personal and even the world’s troubles seem small and petty.”

Although the prince didn’t technically have high enough titles to marry someone in the queen’s position, King George rather liked him. He just asked that they wait a year until the queen turned 21 years old before announcing their engagement.

After a month-long vacation at Balmoral with her family, Philip proposed! The engagement ring was made by London Jeweler Philip Antrobus out of diamonds from his mother’s tiara.

July 1947: The Announcement

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip finally announced their engagement July 9, 1947 when the couple shared a portrait with the world. “It is clearly a marriage of choice, not of arrangement[…]There have been many royal engagements in the past, but it would be hard to find a precise parallel for that of an Heiress Presumptive and still more for her choice as partner of one who is, technically at least, a British commoner,” a reporter for the Guardian wrote at the time. A love match if you will.

The wedding took place at Westminster Abbey, but because it was the first major event after World War II, the king insisted on a smaller, quiet wedding so it wouldn’t read as tone deaf or offensive to the recovering country’s people.

The queen and prince had only 150 guests (small for a royal celebration) at the ceremony followed by a luncheon at Buckingham Palace. After the wedding festivities the two embarked on a honeymoon at Broadlands, his family’s estate in Hampshire.

1949-1951: Enjoying Some Quiet Time

For probably the only time in the queen’s life, she and Prince Philip have a lowkey, laid back life while living in Malta, where Philip was stationed in the Navy.

November 14, 1948: Prince Charles is Born

In November of the year following their wedding, the queen gave birth to their first born, Prince Charles.

August 15, 1950: Princess Anne is Born

Less than two years later, the couple welcomed their second child, Princess Anne.

1953: The Queen’s Coronation

After her father King George VI’s death in 1952, Elizabeth inherited the throne, at just 25 years old. At the time, her title and responsibilities allegedly put a strain on the couple’s marriage. Because of her title, the kids couldn’t even take Prince Philip’s surname. But eventually the family settled into royalty.

November 1972: The Silver Wedding Speech

Queen Elizabeth’s Silver Wedding speech at the guildhall gave the world a glimpse into their happy and successful marriage.

“If I am asked what I think about family life after 25 years of marriage, I can answer with equal simplicity and conviction, I am for it,” she said.

November 1997: Their 50th Anniversary

The Queen and Prince Philip held a luncheon to celebrate this big milestone in their marriage. During a toast to the queen, rince Philip spoke about how they have maintained a healthy, happy marriage all these years.

“I think the main lesson we have learnt is that tolerance is the one essential ingredient in any happy marriage… You can take it from me, the Queen has the quality of tolerance in abundance.”

June 2002: She Praises Prince Philip Again

The Queen’s Golden Jubilee speech praised Philip in the highest remarks. “I take this opportunity to mention the strength I draw from my own family,” she said. “The Duke of Edinburgh has made an invaluable contribution to my life over these past fifty years, as he has to so many charities and organisations with which he has been involved.”

November 2017: Their 70th Anniversary

Seven decades later, and this couple is still going strong. In honor of this anniversary, the queen and prince had new portraits taken together.

Being the only royal couple in history to ever reach a platinum anniversary, they had a nice, yet small dinner to celebrate.

November 2020: Their 73rd Wedding Anniversary

In honor of yet another huge milestone, the Royal Family Instagram account posted a never before seen photo from the couple’s honeymoon.

Theie love was real, not arranged… and they made each other happy , he was handsome , charming, and a man’s man…

He was her “strength and stay”… So all the naysayers can skip this post…. she loved him & he loved her and the Queen says he was always her “strength and stay”

Tom Howarth

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Do you think Elizabeth cared if Philip had a mistress or not?

Her Majesty has only just buried her husband of 73 yrs. go take your head for a spin if you think this is a question worth taking seriously. I am getting very annoyed with anonymous hero’s having a go at Britain and her Customs and our form of government, sort you own counties problems out and create nivanna there first. Then you will have the moral high ground to look down on others.

Michael Conner

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Yes, I imagine The Queen was with him at the end. It seems as though Sophie, Countess of Wessex was definitely present, given her comments to the press, and as she is known to be exceptionally close to The Queen that rather indicates they were both with Prince Philip at the end. That said, no details have been made public. Nor should they.

His passing should remind us that the world will be more peaceful and prosperous, an infinitely better place, when we see more men like Prince Philip and more women like The Queen Elizabeth as public figures and leaders, especially as heads of state. Looking around our selfish, celebrity obsessed world it’s clear such giants of integrity are needed more than ever. Only a non-aligned apolitical royal family, dedicated to duty and public service can produce such …

Rhys HoffmanJenny Northcott

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I think this is a very dangerous question because it leads to all kind of ideas about their early relationship.

Prince Philip indeed MET Princess Elizabeth when she was only 13 but the courtship itself did not take place when she was that age. Lord Louis Mountbatten had ideas at the time that Princess Elizabeth would be a prospective FUTURE bride and this was common among Royals and aristocrats AT THAT TIME.

There will be all kinds of people speculating that the then Princess Elizabeth was groomed by Prince Phillip but this was NOT the case. They were both “matched” as a prospective couple for ambitious reasons and they later began a courtship. It became one of THE most successful Royal marriages but no improper conduct took place when the Queen was a child. I cannot highlight this more strongly.

In terms of being relatives, they were cousins. Prince Philip was a direct descendant of Princess Alice (Queen Victoria’s daughter) and The Queen is a direct descendant of Edward VII (Queen Victoria’s son).

Vincent Harriman

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Look the man has been dead only a matter of hours. Can you please have the courtesy not to ask such questions at a time like this.

Chris Smith

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Will Queen Elizabeth II frequently visit Prince Philip’s grave?

He doesn’t have a ‘grave’.

He is in the vault under St George’s Chapel where he will remain until she dies and they will be laid to rest together in the George VI Memorial Chapel in St George’s Chapel.

If she wants to visit the vault she can do so.

If she wants to go to St George’s Chapel and pray she can do so but she usually attends a more private service in the private chapel in Windsor Castle, which was redesigned during the restoration after the 1992 fire.

She may not feel a need to visit a coffin to feel close to him. He will be around her at Windsor which was their ‘home’ in many ways so sh

Stephen Guppy

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Frankly I don’t know and I don’t care. We have only just had his Memorial service. Show some respect and let him rest in peace and let the poor Queen grieve.

Andrew Eves

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well in the early 1960s 1963 the now infamous Profumo Christine keeler affair with mandy rice Davis that killed off the defence Mimnister Profumos career in the Harold Macmillan conservative Government rumours abounded of large wild drinking sex partys with rich socialites and people from the establishment involved when it all blew up involving Russian spies etc, there was speculative rumours at the time that Prince Philip attended some of this parties nothing proven of course but in at aftermath The Queen and Duke went to Canada on a trip and the queen became pregnant with Edward with the sub

Ruby Jael Clowers

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Why do royal biographers say the early years, (especially after becoming monarch) of marriage between Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, (Duke of Edinburgh) were quite difficult and strained?

King George VI dies; Elizabeth becomes queen [ https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/elizabeth-becomes-queen ]

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Just keep in mind, The Queen was a young mother at 27 when she was crowned Queen. She also happened to be a mother of two toddlers at that time. She was still enjoying being a Sailors wife and each other and on top of that their very young children.


Mark Harrison

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Did people know that Queen Elizabeth and Philip slept in separate beds? Did they think that was weird?

What’s weird about that?

My wife and I are fortunate enough to have a house that allows us separate bedrooms.

I snore like a congested heifer.

Rob Cover

Votes: 4206

If Prince Philip should happen to outlive Queen Elizabeth, what would his title be? In the last hundred years we have had Queen Mothers (Alexandra, Mary, and Elizabeth) but no male royal survivor.

If Prince Philip happened to outlive the Queen, there would be no change to his title. He would remain HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merioneth, Baron Greenwich, noted formally in short as HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

Why? Titles in formal British culture are always derived from a husband, not a wife.

The one exception is cases in which a wife held a higher title due to her father’s rank and dignity or a royal title derived by a relationship to the sovereign. In these cases, the higher rank and dignity is typically appended to her married name, e.g., HRH Princess Alexandra the H

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