Do crows kill pigeons?

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Do crows kill pigeons?

Pradeep Pillai

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Crows are opportunistic hunters and can kill any bird animal or insect provided that they are injured and cannot escape or fight back.

I’ve seen them chasing an injured squirrel and maiming before consuming it. They also prey on young birds who cannot defend themselves and have been left unattended by their parents.

Robert Dubavs

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yes they can I have 2 crows who come to my unit of a regular occasion when I feed all the wild birds each afternoon.Ii don’t know why but the crow attacked one of the pigeons.I tried to stop but it was already dead. That was the first time I saw that happen.

Elizabeth Blano

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Crows and Pigeons have both demonstrated an ability to recognize human faces. Of course, crows are far more intelligent overall than pigeons, but to clarify.. pigeons are also pretty awesome birds in their own rights too!

Having said that: crows often prey on young/injured/vulnerable pigeons to kill and eat them. Pigeons tend to steer clear of crows, but pigeons are also trusting birds and don’t react too negatively to crows until sometimes it’s too late. Unless a crow is hungry or feeling testy enough that day to pick on a pigeon, they typically stay away from one another as a whole. They do not like to socialize or be friends with each other (they rather go their separate ways), but there isn’t too much intense animosity between these two birds overall.

Sean Miner

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Do crows ever attack and eat pigeons?

It’s a big world; I’m sure it happens… in fact, if a hungry crow came across a baby pigeon, I have a hard time imagining it NOT happening.

However, in my experience (and I can speak only from that; YMMV), when crows and pigeons live in proximity, it’s usually because it’s in proximity to humans, and both tend to be rather well fed on human refuse or largess; then the main worry of each is getting to the food before the other does.

Catharine Davis

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I witnessed a crow attack a small bird, probably a sparrow, in a neighbor’s yard. As far as I could tell the small bird was not injured to start with, it was just hoping around looking for seeds or insects to eat before a crow dive-bombed it, pecking away at it so that feathers were flying everywhere. The crow sat on top of the carcass until I guess it ate all the meat off the bones, then flew off. The whole incident took 5 minutes tops.

Nature, red in tooth and claw, but a little unsettling to watch 20 feet from my back porch.

Twice this past summer, shortly after dawn, I found a pile of feathers in my back yard that I identified as belonging to mourning doves. I’m pretty sure an owl was responsible for both of those kills.

John Reynolds

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Apparently because we don’t want to. I think the biggest difference between crows and pigeons, at least from the perspective of familiarity with humans, is that you can mistreat pigeons and they’ll keep coming back. Crows, on the other hand, are far more careful and wary than pigeons. Mistreat a crow, and studies show they’ll remember you for generations. Crows can recognize individual humans (Friend or Foe? Crows Never Forget a Face, It Seems) and if you are able to entice them to come eat, they will keep coming back.

If you want to feed crows or any corvid, find a place where the plague of immigrant pigeons (yes, from Italy) isn’t so prevalent. Put the food out at the same time, at the same place, every day. Put out the right kind of food (peanuts in the shell are good), but only a handful. You don’t want to feed rodents, and if food is limited, the birds will be less cautious to make sure to get their share.

Start out a safe distance away. But every day move in a couple of feet closer. Eventually, crows will be there before you show up every day, and they’ll call each other announcing your arrival. If you’re patient, within a few months, maybe less, you will be able to feed them much as you would feed pigeons or grackles.

Adam Smith

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I am by no means an ornithologist, I don’t study birds and I don’t claim to understand how their brains work but I do consider myself a friend to crows.

Here’s one of the six crows that visits me regularly. He’s waiting on the railing of my stoop, that crisscross of lines is the screen on my front door. Those bushes behind him are my blueberries, no doubt the reason why the crows started coming around in the first place. He’s the crow that started it all, in fact, the reason why I’ve become the crazy neighbourhood crow guy. How do I know it’s him though? They’re all just black birds, they look exactly alike. That’s what I always thought but what I’ve realized is that they actually have a wide variety of appearances.

This was the first crow I could identify as an individual separate from the others because if you look closely his left leg is held up in the air. He doesn’t use it to support his weight because (I’m assuming) it was injured at some point and never healed properly. All I had to do was find the crow with the injured foot and I knew it was him. The more his friends hung around the yard and the closer we became, I started picking out the others as well. One was slightly larger than all the rest, one had a small white dot on each wing, another also had an injured foot but it was shrivelled up. Their feathers are also not just matte black, they have unique undertones of brown and grey and blue.

I guess the moral of the story here is that crows might seem like a homogenous group of identical black birds but they do in fact have a wide variety of appearances and personalities that serve to differentiate one individual from the others.

Deb Pratt

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Please never hurt a crow🙏 They are the most intelligent specie next to humans! I have grown to love these BEAUTIFUL CREATURES. They are so smart and remember your face 😊 I have never seen them fight amongst each other, but rather stick together and protect one another. They are gentle yet leary. I feed them all day long and they actually protect our squirrels from the falcons and hawks that ‘try’ to visit regularly in hopes of getting one of our squirrels!! Crows are extremely territorial and I’m so thankful! Our squirrels have had a few close calls but the crows always seem to come to the rescue!!

Elizabeth Blano

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Do crows attack people if the human tries to help the young fledging falling from the nest?

They will attack humans if you get close to their young – yes. Absolutely.

It’s best to leave fledglings/baby crows alone unless they are in immediate life-threatening danger (such as: nearly in the mouth of a predator!). The adult crows are intelligent enough to raise their offspring; even if it falls to the ground, they will bring food down to it, offer it fierce protection and continue to care for it to the best of their ability.

Grahame Newell

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I have seen a hooded crow recently chasing feral pigeons here and eventually catch one and then consuming it

Byron Dom

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I think that the most common are some raptors—-hawks, eagles and such, also racoons. I’ve also read accounts of foxes and bears eating them but I don’t think it’s very common. I read one account of a Great Horned Owl attacking and eating (only the brains apparently) a group of roosting crows at night. Most of the predation is on young crows in a nest however. Trying to catch and eat an adult crow in daylight will be a difficult task for any of them.

From my own observations, in the daylight at least, crows are more of a threat to these raptors than the other way around. Usually, when crows see a hawk, eagle, etc. flying overhead, then send a squadron out to attack it. I’ve seen as few as two crows and as many as what I guessed to be about 20 go after a hawk. While crows are predators, that’s not why they attack raptors. It’s really a defensive act on their part. They do it to keep the raptors away from the area where the crows have their nests. Here’s a pic of three crows attacking a hawk:

Kate Loza

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Have you ever seen crows mating? I’ve seen pigeons do it, but not crows.

I’ve seen many different kinds of birds copulate. For many years we’ve had a large resident family of crows nesting somewhere near our house. Actual mating is a very brief and often very loud affair, that the pair repeats frequently for a few days while the female is laying eggs. They aren’t particularly shy about it, and sometimes seek the very top of tallest tree around.

Matteo Di Carlo

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There are both pigeons and crows around the buildings in the zone where I live. I never witnessed a struggle between crows and pigeons , but I noticed where there are many pigeons there are no crows and where there are many crows there are no pigeons.

Lelia Tee

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How can I stop the crows and pigeons from eating the bird seeds in my garden?

I’m not sure. If you put bird seed out, why wouldn’t you want to feed these birds though?

Gigi J Wolf

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I picked up a pigeon baby that had fallen out of its nest. That was about 45 days ago. Will crows attack this bird when I release it again?

Your question reminded me of the baby pigeon that had been pushed, or fallen, out of the nest, when I was in fifth grade. I scooped him up, and took him inside.

I don’t think he was hurt, but once I’d touched him, his mom didn’t want him anymore. I never reacted like this when someone held my son when he was a baby.

I put the baby pigeon under a pillow on my bed, and I sat on him. I can’t remember why I did this; maybe I was just imitating the mother. Every time I got up, he’d set up a fuss like you wouldn’t believe, until I sat down again.

My sitting must have been interrupted by having to go to

Stefan Pociask

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Why do UK crows avoid people more than seagulls and pigeons when crows are much tougher?

This is true, and not only in the UK. Both pigeons and seagulls share certain similarities, while crows and most corvids are outliers in many ways. Let’s look at those differences and then see how they apply to your question.

Subhash Medatwal

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Do pigeons have feelings?

Yes, they do. I feed more than 100 pigeons two to three times every day. I have been doing this for the past 15 months. I came to know lots of things about what pigeons think.

There are lots of trees near my house, and there is a big, open space on my terrace. I put grains (a mixture of sorghum and rice) on the terrace to feed the pigeons. Pigeons love sorghum. I do it three times a day: Morning (7 AM), afternoon (1 PM), and evening (5 PM). Nearly 100 pigeons eat every time. They will sit on nearby trees, waiting for me to put out grains. A few minutes after I put grains, they start eating.


Cranston Snord

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All animals have self preservation in their genetic makeup. So a crow could indeed kill a pigeon.

Eric Christian Hansen

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No. That takes too much energy chasing after them. Crows prefer to eat pecans and peanuts and corn and mice and dead deer and dead squirrels.

Renee Jordan

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Why don’t cats and eagles hunt urban pests like crows and pigeons? Aren’t crow and pigeon meats tasty?

Lets start with crows. First they are not really a pest and they are basically too intelligent to be caught by a cat. Certainly eagles are a threat to them, especially and generally in rural areas as eagles and hawks will raid the young in the nests, but they are not a lot of eagles. Especially there are not a lot of eagles in the big cities as they seem to like and need trees to raise their young

John Dasef

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Would a crow attack me? I have been feeding two crows and I think they like me 😀 but I have heard about crows being dangerous so I’m wondering if I should do something to make sure to not upset the crows.

Original question: Would a crow attack me? I have been feeding two crows and I think they like me 😀 but I have heard about crows being dangerous so I’m wondering if I should do something to make sure to not upset the crows.

Crows are very, very smart birds. Get on their good side, as you have done by feeding them, and they won’t make any attempt to harm or harass you. Matter of fact they may even start bringing you presents – small, shiny things usually, and lots of bottle caps.

On the other hand, if you mistreat or harm one of them, the whole flock will consider you an enemy, and they do hold

Jason Ellis

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Why do crows kill each other?

I was driving today and saw two fall out of the sky. They were tangled up around each other and free fell at least 75 feet. There were at least 25 or 30 crows around. The two that fell landed in the middle of the street I was on. One was atacking the other one and had pecked out one eye already. The injured crow was being attacked by all the other crows. They would dive in next to him, peck him, then fly off. Then the next would do the same thing. Over and over. I stopped my truck next to them to try and help the injured crow. I was less than two feet from him and the other crows were still di

John Robinson

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What animal did the Germans use to kill carrier pigeons?

They used three-toed sloths, the carrier pigeon’s natural predator. These incredible ambush predators only seem sluggish and clumsy to us because we never see them together with pigeons (mainly because they have eradicated pigeons from everywhere the sloths live).

Normally, sloths hang from trees along the flight paths that pigeons invariably use to get from their nesting grounds to the nearest watering hole, and as a pigeon casually flies past, the camouflaged sloth suddenly (too fast for the eye to follow) strikes with its razor-sharp claws to grasp the poor bird and bring it close to the raz


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How did pigeons and crows adapt to city life?

Pigeons have adapted well to city life as they find this place similar to the cliffs on which they lived in the wild. They find their lodge in the buildings. They had to live here as their habitat is destroyed by us humans. They don’t have enough place to live. Also, they like large flocks, tolerate humans and are not too fussy about food.

Crows have now migrated to cities probably to escape from the predators, such as the great horned owls that attack their nests at night. Now, they have become used to the city life. Gradually, they have started using tools such as stone tools and sticks to fi

Mercedes R. Lackey

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Is it illegal to shoot a pigeon?

It depends on where you are, and sometimes the time of year.

In the US, it is generally illegal to discharge a firearm within the city, town, or village limits. So shooting a pigeon would be illegal because it is shooting inside the city limits.

After that, it depends on state laws and whether the pigeon is the common rock dove or some other species. If it is some other species, there may be a hunting season for the bird, in which case it is illegal to shoot them out of season, or not, in which case it is illegal to shoot them at all. If it is the common rock dove, there may be a specific season

Niall Robertson

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Why do small birds chase Crows?

They (quite rightly) see them as a threat. Those sneaky corvids are the pirates of the hedgerow: dangerously smart, they will be off with their eggs or chicks in a moment, given half the chance.

Gayle Cardosa

Votes: 2032

Why did this crow attack me on the head? I feed the crows every day, but it still attacked me.

A question I have for you is did you have food for them when they “attacked” you? What was the nature of the “attack”? I ask because it may be that it wasn’t an attack at all. They may have been trying to get your attention and have been literally asking you for food or they may have been playing with you. Crows are very smart as we all know and they have the capacity to recognize and remember faces. When they saw you they may have seen their friend and since you had no food they had no other way to ask but to dive bomb you. That or play. If you find shiny bits in your yard it’s a possibility

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