Do pigeons have feelings?

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Do pigeons have feelings?

Subhash Medatwal

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Yes, they do. I feed more than 100 pigeons two to three times every day. I have been doing this for the past 15 months. I came to know lots of things about what pigeons think.

There are lots of trees near my house, and there is a big, open space on my terrace. I put grains (a mixture of sorghum and rice) on the terrace to feed the pigeons. Pigeons love sorghum. I do it three times a day: Morning (7 AM), afternoon (1 PM), and evening (5 PM). Nearly 100 pigeons eat every time. They will sit on nearby trees, waiting for me to put out grains. A few minutes after I put grains, they start eating.

From my observation and experience, I could infer the following things about what pigeons possibly think or feel:

1. They need an initiator

When I put grains on the terrace, they don’t come immediately from the nearby trees. They wait for some time. I see a strange pattern here: they need one of them to start moving to the terrace. When one pigeon comes and sits, the rest of them immediately follow. Within the next minute, I can see more than a hundred pigeons on terrace.

2. Some will guard

While most pigeons will eat, some will guard them. As you can see in the picture below, some are sitting up high, watching for bigger birds or cats in all directions. When they sense danger or sudden movement on the terrace, they suddenly fly and the rest eating there follow. They rotate their positions continually, so those eating will replace guards, and the guards can eat—very good coordination.

There is a stray cat in our street. I have tough time saving pigeons from her. Cats are very smart and difficult to stop. We had put a small door on the way to the terrace to stop cats and dogs reaching it. Dogs could be stopped, but cats could jump it easily every day with some tricks. Now I have put up a bigger door (built it myself) on the terrace. Cats are completely stopped now.

3. Eating habits

4. Most harmless creature

I think pigeons are vegetarian. I never saw them harming any other creature. I find them very innocent.

Overall I found myself lucky to have so many pigeons on my terrace every day. They are innocent. I call them my friends. Kids who come to my house get thrilled after seeing so many pigeons eating together. I always thank my father who started this practice when he came to my house last year. I’ve continued it since then. You must keep at least a bowl of water on the terrace for them during the summer. The feeling of joy when you see it empty at the end of the day is amazing.

Vicky Youngaitis

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Do you think pigeons have feelings?

Of course they have feelings, as all sentient beings do, to some extent or another. But, as my pigeons are far from the most intelligent of my birds, I don’t expect them to have the most complex, nuanced emotions.

Marina Veiler

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Oh of course! Pigeons are very emotional and affectionate, even too much for a pet, sometimes. I wish I could post videos here, but here are a few pictures of my adopted rescued pigeon Roosevelt. He thinks I’m his mate (he’s human imprinted), and it often feels like a rambunctious 16year old being madly in love with you, lol. He can be very sweet too, and gets extremely offended if I put pigeon pants on him. Roosevelt is also very jealous, but after I had a few serious talks with him he stopped attacking my other birds. Pigeons are surprisingly intelligent and not only have feelings, but also have ability to control themselves.

Elizabeth Goldberg

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I think that all animals have feelings to some extent or another. Their brains may be smaller than ours, but they still have neurons and chemicals firing back and forth, making sure they find a mate and care for their young. These are the behaviors on which all emotion are based to ensure the survival of a species, whether it be a bird or a silly hairless ape. They form pair bonds and attachments to other birds, including their offspring.

Pigeons, as we know them, are actually Rock Doves. I used to work at a nature center where one of the resident birds was a Ring-Necked Dove. She was very friendly, and loved to be cuddled and stroked. If she wanted attention, she would call loudly from her aviary to be let out.

So I would say that yes, pigeons do have feelings.

Crystal Partlow Russell

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Do you think pigeons have feelings?

I believe most animals have feelings of some kind…probably the more evolved the animal, the more complex the range of feelings/emotions possible. I don’t believe that a pigeon would feel sad as a human would, but I feel sure that a pigeon could certainly have feelings of some kind related to loss…of a mate, or an offspring, or possibly a food source or habitat…a pigeon’s version of sadness. The same with other basic emotions. I’ve certainly witnessed expressions of feeling/emotion among my chickens, so I would presume it’d be similar with pigeons.

Hiroyuki Fujita

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Do you think pigeons have feelings?

The soul of every living thing is the same, only the body is different. Hippocrates

Kuromi Jenkins

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Yes. They know their flock mates and humans that they trust and will act differently towards them compared to humans they don’t know.

Pigeons can be very affectionate birds and are very smart. They show signs of depression when they loose a baby or are separated from their mate or flock.

They will show affection to each other and their humans and can indicate when they feel pain, discomfort or unwell. They can also show through their behaviours and body language a whole range of feelings from fear, through to being happy to see their mate or humans they trust.

Marty DeHart

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What kind of feelings? Sensory, such as pain, fullness after eating, fatigue — of course. Those are necessary to being alive on the planet, even if you’re a one-celled being, much less something more physically complicated. Feelings like sadness, pleasure, love and so forth… these we humans tend to ascribe to ourselves as “higher, more developed” beings. In my view we flatter ourselves, and confuse our ability to communicate about such feelings with having them (and couple that with the fact that we’re unable to communicate with other lifeforms, with a few exceptions like dogs, domesticate parrots, horses and various other domesticated animals, so we don’t know what’s going on in them).

This is just my opinion and not science, but I expect that animals, including pigeons and all birds, experience these feeling states in their own way. The reason for this (and this is humbling to our notions of ourselves as thinking humans) is that there are huge chemical/hormonal components to our feelings, and the same sorts of chemicals occur in lifeforms all over the place. We filter our experiences through our brains, which codifies the feelings and imparts a “conscious” aspect to them, but they come from the same celllular/biological place in us as in everything else that lives. This doesn’t denigrate our feelings, to me anyway, but it deletes the elevated position we ascribe to ourselves. In my view the single biggest motivator of human feeling is fear (bolstered by our terrific capacity for imagination and memory), followed by the impulse to make babies. These same impulses seem to drive everything else on the planet, too, including maybe even plants.

I do think there are feeling states that humans can develop in themselves that are unique, but they’re relatively rare. Compassion for all living beings comes to mind. Such things require true conscious work, and I doubt pigeons are capable of this.

Mixti Cox

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Yes they do. Pet pigeons exhibit feelings from stress and loneliness to joy and excitement. These are more easily discerned in pet birds by their owners due to closer observation.

Mercedes R. LackeyMichelle Callard-StoneG. Heron

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Because they are absolutely terrible as pets.

First, you need a cage that is at least 12′ by 12′. They need to be able to exercise and play, and unlike parrots, they can’t do that by climbing all over inside the cage. They have to fly and hop.

Second, they are unbelievably destructive. When I was rehabbing, I had a youngster out loose in the living room. Before I knew it, he had hammered a 1 inch wide hole all the way through a wall because he liked the way it felt and sounded. And when I turned him loose in the bird yard to play he would leave a trail of destroyed things in his wake. I was prepared for this and gave him plenty of things to destroy, but if a parrot is a “10” on the level of destruction it can cause, a crow is a “100”.

Third…if they get mad at you, they can do way more than bite you. They can stab your eye out, and will. Instinct tells them to go for the eye.

The best way to have a “pet” crow is to befriend one in the wild, and get him used to you. They’re great fun that way, and they are so smart that they won’t mistake anyone else for you.

Ludovic Vuillier

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What is it like to have a pet pigeon?

Pigeons are awesome! They’re cuddly, sweet, loving. Mine follow me around the house like a dog.

Claire Kim

Votes: 697

I think pigeons make great pets!

There are many different breeds of pigeons that people use for racing, showing, or just keep as pets. Doves are kept as pets more often then pigeons, most likely because they’re smaller and don’t have the same negative stereotype of being rats with wings.

I have a pet pigeon myself. She is a Classic Old Frill, which is a fancy show breed pigeon.

I always thought she was a boy until two eggs appeared on my bed. Here she is looking proud of her first egg ever.

Overall, pigeons make very sweet and affectionate pets.

Aishah English

Votes: 5266

Yes, pigeons have “feelings”. You can see that when intruders are in their nest’s proximity. Male pigeons will actually begin screeching and attempt to distract the invader through multiple flying motion (not sure if they physically engage)…

Paul Carter

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Do you think pigeons have feelings?

Yes, of course. All birds have feelings. Don’t you think they feel pain or happiness when they sing, or hunger when they are foraging for food?

Donna Fernstrom

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The pigeons used to carry messages are called homing pigeons. These pigeons are particularly good at remembering where they live, and finding their way even when they’ve been transported tremendous distances away from it. If you want to be really sure your messages will get through, you’ll give the pigeons a few trial runs first, to make sure they know the way.

You take the pigeons from their home, put them into cages, and transport them to your location. When you want to send a message, you strap it in a special lightweight case to the pigeon’s leg, and you let the pigeon go.

It simply flies home, that’s all.

Pigeons don’t fly anywhere else — only home.

The advantage to a pigeon-borne message is that it’s unlikely to be interce…

Linda Bennardo

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What a gift to have experienced helping these birds and that you have been accepted enough by some of them to allow you to do so. That’s a great honor in my book.

That said, I don’t see it as strange that sometimes pigeons, like other animals, will turn to humans when they are in distress. An exhilarating and magical experience for the person, yes, but not particularly uncommon or strange.

Birds are very intelligent and intuitive creatures who operate in complex social communities, and they rely on their flock and sometimes beyond for support. It may seem surprising to us that a “bird brain” would trust a human being a hundred times its size and especially in such dire situtions – when they are stuck or hurt or in pain or freaking out the most. But those tiny bird brains are powerful and have learned that sometimes humans can help them. When their desperation and need of help supersedes their fear, they often seek out our assistance. Birds are smart cookies.

Many “wild” pigeons are also partially domesticated and are personally or in their lineage accustomed to receiving food and company and other types of help from humans. They have learned and it has become part of their DNA that sometimes humans can provide help when they are in trouble.

If you spend enough time with these pigeons, they and their babies may even think of you as part of their extended flock (family). They know whom they can trust and not.

So overall and to your credit, though it is not incredibly unusual that some pigeons will trust humans enough to solicit or receive their help, that doesn’t mean they are not specifically choosing you as their rescuer. 🙂 Birds, like most animals, are very adept at reading people and finding the angels they can trust.

Kathryn Thomas

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Because we have been taught that they are filthy, disease carrying “flying rats”. There is, no scientific evidence that this is true, not to the extent that people have been led to believe. They do not carry any more human pathogens than cats, dogs, cage birds or other birds. There are no known cases of people catching something from a pigeon and dying. All the information spread about that aspect is absolutely false.

The big problem with them is that because there are so many of them that their excrement is an issue. Not one of disease, but because they cause property damage, and the excrement is unsightly and can be dangerous to slip on. These are valid complaints, but do not make them disease ridden.

We have all been influenced by the pest control industry who have spread this information to scare people, city managers and so on, so that hey will be called on to get rid of them! Yes, it’s money at the bottom of it. And they have made a bundle selling the disease story.

In areas where property damage is an issue, or where there are simply too many of them, it is absolutely reasonable and necessary to get rid of them, of course. So, for that reason and that alone, that pigeons should sometimes destroyed, and rightly so.

But all the horrible stories of the danger from these disease ridden creatures is misinformation that was started, and continues now, by the pest control industry to get money from people. They carry no more danger from disease than other humans, cats & fogs or, say hummingbirds.

But it has had an effect so great on people that it is widely believed. Trying to explain any of this to people who have been taught to hate them is futile. Scientific proof is not enough proof for many people, so they will believe what they want to believe and regardless what they are told will say that pigeons carry disease and danger to humans.

Rhon Cotton

Votes: 9704

Probably startled when we start to walk fast towards them. Usually when you walk near a pigeon, they stop moving to see where you’re going to go. (Either closer or away from them.) If you move away they kind of relax. But if it’s the latter, they get scared, probably don’t want to be a next meal or something.

Also, they’re hungry all the time so if you make them fly away, they’re probably angry because they have to use energy to fly; you wasted their energy just for some fun lol.

If a pigeon’s eating I never shoo them away because they’re going to need the energy.

“peece of shxt hooman, get away from my bred.”

Sugar Bouche

Votes: 4823

Pigeons are considered to be one of the most intelligent birds on the planet. They are very affectionate.

Pigeons love to cuddle with each other and give their mate light pecks around the neck and head. When one bird of a pair returns to a nest they often greet each other with very low, raspy coos.

“Pigeons Recognize Human Faces. If you shoo a pigeon, that bird is likely to remember you and know to stay out of your way the next time you cross paths, according to a new study. Researchers found that wild, untrained pigeons can recognize individual people’s faces and are not fooled by a change of clothes.”

They like human contact and are easy to train and tame. They are especially affectionate to those that feed them. They love being cuddled and petted. Pigeons make fateful and loyal companions to humans.

Yahoo Free Images.

Claire Jordan

Votes: 7267

Who’re you calling ugly, primate?

CJ Sterling

Votes: 7645

I released my pigeon in the wild. Why did she come back after a few hours?

She didn’t think you actually kicked her out. Did you two have an argument?

She was just letting you cool off.

My advice is to pretend it didn’t happen, put on a movie and share some snacks.

Paulo Pereira

Votes: 2846

Are pigeons just born full-sized?

No, pigeons are not born, they are hatched. But either born or hatched, an egg big enough to hold a full-sized pigeon would not be able to fit inside an adult bird, and pigeons typically lay more than one egg.

If you’re wondering why you never see pigeon chicks, is because pigeons lay their eggs out of sight and reach of predators (which includes us).

Tunde Virag

Votes: 1479

I found an injured pigeon fledgling & had it home for a week. It eats & drinks water on his own, healed well, and can fly short distances. When outside, he doesn’t fly away & I have to bring him home again. What to do?

How old was he/she when you fount it? It is very possible it inprinted on you. It doesn’t fly away because it is already home.

It was very nice of you to rescue it. They make wonderful pets. I understand if you can’t keep it and it would burden you, but you have to understand if you abandon it, it will die. If you can’t keep it, the best thing is to find a new owner or sanctuary. You can try posting it on the forum Pigeons Biz. There is a good chance someone living in your vicinity would adopt it, especially if you are in the US.

Wilbur McLean

Votes: 4740

The pigeon has a higher intelligence than a dog . This was tested by qualified scientists with good reputation .

Mercedes R. Lackey

Votes: 5814

How intelligent are pigeons compared to other birds?

Well, they’re excellent parents, and although they are not as clever as the corvids, they certainly aren’t stupid. According to this site:

“Pigeons are considered to be one of the most intelligent birds on the planet and able to undertake tasks previously thought to be the sole preserve of humans and primates. The pigeon has also been found to pass the ‘mirror test’ (being able to recognize its reflection in a mirror) and is one of only 6 species, and the only non-mammal, that has this ability. The pigeon can also recognize all 26 letters of the English language as well as being able to concept

Audrey Vera Monroe

Votes: 1365

We rescued a pigeon. He is now a 3-month-old wild bird who still chills on our porch, which is fine with us. The other day, he flew over, landed on my partner’s shoulder and then pecked him right in the eye. Why would the pigeon do that?

Birds don’t do it to be malicious. It’s an instinct to peck at anything shiny and/or moving. Eyes meet those requirements.

I’ve had chickens for 5 years who were raised right out of their eggs. To say they are tame is an understatement. At least 10 of them have pecked me in the eye at least once.

If I’m cuddling one, I’ve learned to wear my glasses.

Stefan Pociask

Votes: 2175

Why don’t people eat pigeons?

I grew up eating pigeons in the 60’s, in New York State. I used to help my dad raise Racing Pigeons. We always had a couple dozen or so. The slow ones would go in the pot! I can’t believe that any of the people here answering that pigeons taste terrible, have ever actually eaten any. Or… they just don’t like duck. Pigeons taste like duck. Dark, moist, and fatty (but not as fatty). Delicious! But we usually had them in soup. They make a great broth, or just added to chicken soup. Mmmm… good stuff! Ours were very similar to regular old city pigeons. Except for the fact that we fed them only nice

Sugar Bouche

Votes: 7288

Do stray cats want a home/be adopted?


Stray cats want a loving forever home, food, affection, companionship, and a nice peaceful environment.

A stray cat is a cat who has been socialized and is used to people. At some point, the stray cat was someone’s pet. Some cats are adventurous they roam, get scared, and get lost. Some cats are abandoned by heartless, irresponsible people. Many of the abandoned cats starve or die from exposure within weeks or a few short months. They will be killed by coyotes, hawks, foxes, owls, raccoons, dogs, and humans. Cats that live outdoors are at risk of death from other cats as well as diseases su

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