Do raccoons eat squirrels?

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Do raccoons eat squirrels?

Natasha Gee

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Apparently, they do. We have a huge problem with squirrels draining our bird feeders, so my husband started shooting them. He forgot to retrieve one once, and the thing was completely gone in the morning. We blamed it on the neighbor’s cat, so to be sure, he left another dead squirrel with a game cam just a few feet away. When he checked the cam, it was a raccoon! It ate the whole squirrel in less than 3 minutes – bones, fur – everything.

Steve Heard

Votes: 6561

A raccoon just isn’t fast enough to catch an alert squirrel. One in my back yard developed a successful hunting tactic, though. This raccoon stalks a sleeping squirrel in a pine tree around 3:00AM. When engaging in mortal combat lots of noise and small branches emanate from the pine tree, followed by a deceased squirrel a minute or two later. The raccoon then climbs down the trunk head first to retrieve his dinner. After observing this twice my wife claims she will never nap in the back yard again.

Ron DePaepe

Votes: 7227

Yes, they are opportunistic omnivores. They eat pretty much anything that they can fit in their mouths. Here is a short, incomplete list of things they will eat.

Frogs, clams, mushrooms, crayfish, berries, fish, spiders, cicadas, crickets, snakes, bird eggs, baby birds, adult birds, roadkill, any of the meat or foods that humans eat and put in the garbage, vegetables of all types, fruits, roots and tubers, grubs, worms, snails. They particularly love sweets. The one I had as a pet when I was a child had a fondness for strawberry licorice.

Any garbage can is an all you can eat smorgasbord of delight for raccoons. That is why they will go to any length to get in your garbage, no matter the challenge.

And I am sure I have missed a whole host of things they will eat. If it is edible, they will try to eat it.

Madelaine Nastasia

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I have a family of squirrels in my backyard tree, and just last night I saw a raccoon climb the tree and kill on of the squirrels. It was dark out so I couldn’t tell if it caught a baby or an adult squirrel. It was actually pretty sad with all of the screeching sounds. I guess it’s the circle of life, and that raccoon must have been pretty hungry to have climbed that high up.

Alex Netherton

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Raccoons will eat anything; under the definitions of “omnivore” there should be a picture of a raccoon! If they were to find a dead squirrel, of course they would eat it. Would they kill a squirrel? Not very likely; they are just not fast enough.

Zack Podschlne

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I’d argue that raccoons are the ultimate opportunists. They will eat whatever they can catch or whats laying around. While I don’t deny that a raccoon would eat a squirrel, it just seems like a lot more work than what its worth. Why chase something as fast as a squirrel when there is some perfectly good leftovers in a trash can, or some bird eggs that can’t move or fight back. But it does happen from time to time.

Starrella Jacqueline

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Raccoons are omnivores. This means they eat both plants and animals.Plant foods include all types of fruits, berries, nuts, acorns, corn and other types of grain…Raccoons are opportunist but, don’t want to go through lot of work to get it and a squirrel would be way too much work ..A squirrel would be in more danger from a cat than a raccoon ..I never seen a raccoon kill a squirrel .They want what’s easy to get with as little energy in lot ways they remind me of possums since they are the same way in wanting a easy meal ..

Stephanie Jacklin

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What do squirrels eat?

From observation of the squirrels in my garden:

Squirrels like:

Nuts, any

Bulbs, the more expensive the better

Figs, the day before you intend to pick them

Toast, buttered, an entire piece, from goodness knows where, preferably held in both paws and eaten on the windowsill while watching a human try to exercise. You try doing lunges while being observed by a squirrel eating toast.

Squirrels do not like:


I watched a squirrel furtively pull a radish out of the earth, take a bite, recoil, and throw it across the garden in disgust. What goes around, comes around, squirrel. That’s for the lunges.

Darlene Melcon

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Why is it that a feral cat I have been feeding goes inside my house and starts purring? Is it stress or happy?

Oh goodness……..even tho Todd makes some good points I just can’t agree with him. We’ve been feeding ferals/strays/unwanteds for years (as have many people here) and I say TNR…….trap, neuter, release. That helps keep the population down. Hopefully feeding them will save a few wild things…who knows. But I can hope……it’s awful seeing any creature starving and I can’t just ignore them. Anyway, I would say that if he/she comes in your home and starts purring you have been adopted 🙂 Sounds like happiness to me.

Paul Feist

Votes: 232

Why do cats make demonic noises?

Cats don’t make demon noises. Demons copied an angry cats noises…

Woa be it unto those that anger a cat… you’ll see his angry face, and feel his claws and teeth, and hear the hiss, spit, and growl!

David King

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What eats squirrels?

When I was young, I grew up on a farm in Missouri surrounded by great forest lands. We commonly hunted and ate squirrels, along with almost any other small game that was in season from rabbits to raccoons to groundhogs. We also hunted pheasants, doves, quail, geese, and fished for almost anything that swam. Squirrels were good tasting but had very tough hide and were a major chore to dress out. We used to joke we expended more calories skinning them than we got from eating them. As was typical back then, they were usually fried like chicken.

Daniel Hart

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How can I tame a feral cat?

First, you cannot tame a feral cat. In fact, no cat can be “tamed,” not even a kitten born in your house. A cat will always remain independent.

What you can do is win the cat’s trust. Never approach the cat closely enough that he or she feels threatened. Provide food in a certain place at a certain time of day, when possible making sure the cat sees you put the food down, and move away from the food, remaining visible but at a distance the cat sees as safe. Sit quietly while the cat eats, talking softly to him or her, and not directly facing the cat. Once the cat moves away from the dish, pick

Samuel Perloff

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Do owls eat raccoons?

Yes, great horned owls are known predators of raccoons, although younger raccoons are probably more in their wheelhouse, adults are known to be taken too, Similarly when escaped in their nonnative range such as Germany, raccoons are said to be unsurprisingly vulnerable to the Eurasian eagle-owl, a larger cousin of the great horned owl.

Adult raccoons are much heavier than great horned owls and far from defenseless but great horns have terribly powerful feet with massive talons, strong enough to pierce the skull of a raccoon. These impressive owls can handle several prey multiple times their own

David Wilson

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I have been feeding both raccoons and squirrels for years. I have watched them around one another and neither seems to have much interest in the other. That’s not to say a raccoon may raid a squirrels nest and steal the babies, I suspect they might, but I’ve never seen it happen. For the most part I think a safe answer is raccoons are opportunist and will eat almost anything that is edible, including squirrels if the opportunity presents itself. On the other hand they aren’t nearly as quick as a cat and would probably not be successful hunters of squirrels if they wanted to.

Victor Volkov

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Do cats hunt/kill insects for fun, or is it to protect their slave humans from foreign invaders? My two inside cats hunt and kill insects all the time, one even eats cranefly aka daddy long legs.

Uh, a cat is a fluffy murder machine.

If something small moves, they want to catch it and kill it. To be more precise, they want to grab it and chew it and play football with it, and the thing is likely to die in the process, if it was alive.

Have you ever seen a cat make this expression?:

Look at those eyes. No intelligent thought remains, just “I’m… gonna… POUNCE!!!!”.

They hunt bugs because bugs trigger their hunting instinct. That’s it.

I wouldn’t expect anything beyond that. It is like chasing the red dot.

Rachel Fefer

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Cats are generally solitary and dogs are pack animals, so why do feral cats form colonies but stray dogs are usually seen alone?

Feral cats often form colonies based around available food sources. They usually have a core group of co-operating females who protect and nurture the kittens.* Males tend to free-roam between colonies, but hang around if there’s a regular source of food.

I spent 14 years taking care of a semi-feral barn cat population. More than once, I saw orphaned kittens “adopted” by another female with a litter. She’d nurse them, bathe them, and raise them alongside her own kittens. When I neutered all but 1 of the females, the males would leave during the day but, come sundown, they’d be back for dinner.


Carl Belken

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How likely is it that a hawk or an owl swoops down and picks up a 15-pound cat and snatches it away?

You have some very good answers here.

Mine will be a bit different

This eagle is carrying both a fox and a rabbit. There is another photo of the same incident but it’s a bit too graphic for my liking,

An eagle is big enough to do this, a hawk or owl will have trouble with something that weighs 15 pounds.

I’m the owner of a Miniature Longhaired Dachshund. I’ve kept up with the news on the many ways they get killed. There have been incidents where a hawk or an owl have attacked them and tried to carry them away.

In those incidents I’d bet it was a young and inexperienced bird that tried. I’d like to

Rayne Hall

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Can you get a feral cat’s trust without taking it in?

You can gain a feral cat’s trust, up to a point. If it’s a true feral, it will never let you pet it, but it will come quite close to you without fear.

On the other hand, if it’s a stray cat, or a stray cat that has lived a fully feral life, it may become quite tame, and allow you to pet it eventually.

The way to gain the trust of both a feral cat and a stray cat is with food. 🙂 Offer it food regularly (I suggest once or twice daily). Once the cat understands that you’re a provider of food, it will trust you more and more.

Put out the food, let the cat approach and eat. Don’t reach out to touch

C.S. Friedman

Votes: 2494

If a feral cat is cornered and cannot run away, will they allow you to touch them?

They will claw your hand to bloody shreds, and possibly your face if it is in range.

What makes you think that an animal that doens’t want to be touched by humans will be more likely to go along with it if trapped and terrified?.

Marti LaChance

Votes: 7407

How can you deter raccoons from entering your yard?

I have lived in the country along enough to thoroughly detest raccoons. They are disgusting and hungry and they want to mess with your stuff. They can weigh upwards of 40 pounds — not a creature you want to tangle with.

To keep raccoons out of your yard:

Rex Trulove

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What predators eat squirrels?

Squirrels and mice are tremendously important to many predators and often the population of those predators will rise and fall with the population of mice. The number of predators that eat squirrels is quite large. Here are just some of those that will eat squirrels if they have the chance:

Hawks, owls, eagles, magpies, ravens, shrikes, skunks, weasels, martens, minks, badgers, wolverines, foxes, coyotes, wolves, bobcats, lynxes, cougars, black-footed ferrets, black and grizzly bears, domesticated cats and dogs, snakes of many sorts, possums, and humans. This is by no means a complete list. How

April Varetto

Votes: 4257

Can a kitten from a feral mother be domesticated or will it always have a feral “personality”?

Absolutely it can be domesticated. The two most loving cats I was ever owned by started life as ferals. I adopted them at about 4 months old and, although it took them a few weeks to be completely tame, it wasn’t long at all before they were demanding cuddles, sleeping on my bed, and generally following me around everywhere. The younger the kitten is when you start the process, the easier and faster it will be – my girls missed what’s commonly thought of as the prime socialization period, so it took a little time and patience with them (but only a little). With a very young kitten, it should r

Elzanna Zapperelli

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Can someone catch a disease by letting a feral cat sit on his lap?

Can someone catch a disease by letting a stray cat sit on his lap?

Anything is possible, but not all things are probable. It’s a rare day that someone becomes ill by tending to a stray cat. If it were true, I’d be dead by now.

Mercedes R. Lackey

Votes: 3907

Do raccoons eat ducks?

Raccoons will not only eat anything they can get their paws on, they will kill for pleasure. They’ve even killed some of my peacocks.

Ron Tipton

Votes: 8720

There’s a street cat that comes at night and fight with my cat for his food, what can I do to prevent this street cat to come here?

Don’t let your cat outside. Cats that roam outdoors live an average of 8 years compared to 15 years for indoor cats. By letting your cat outside, you are effectively cutting his life span in half!

Or, if you insist on letting him out, them feed him inside only. Surely you don’t let him stay out all night, do you? If you bring him in for the night, just feed him before you go to bed. Make it a routine, and he’ll probably be waiting at the door when it’s time to be fed.

But seriously, please consider keeping your cat indoors.

Mercedes R. LackeyMichelle Callard-Stone

Votes: 5601

Why do owls keep stealing my kittens and how can I protect them?

By not letting them go outside. The owls are just doing what they do, feeding their own babies. If you want to keep the kittens safe, keep them indoors, or put them inside a roofed enclosure, like a pen with a roof.

Steven L. Gaudry

Votes: 4451

How do raccoons find food?

Raccoons are more than omnivorous. They are try-nivoronus. They will try to eat anything. That is why they have their sobriquet = Trash Panda.

But they have excellent eyesight, far & near & absolutely spectacular sense of smell so absolutely not any food particle escapes them even sealed tightly in plastic in a garbage can two blocks away.

As we all know. And there is this:

Do raccoons kill for food?

Do Raccoons Attack And Eat Cats? How To Keep Your Kitty Safe

Sergio Diniz

Votes: 9390

What predators eat raccoons?

The list is very long… Basically, all predators from equal size and up.

Making a badass face, does not help them much…

Their main predators, are canideans: foxes, coyotes and wolves. But good sized cats, from ocelots to jaguars, passing though pumas and linxes will not pass over a fat racoon.

Image: Google Image Result for

Image: A Record Year for Predator Hunting and a Raccoon Recipe

Reptiles like constrictors snakes (boas) and crocodillians (yacares, caymans, alligators, crocodiles…) will also take any oportunity…

Image: Predat

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