Do squirrels ever fall from trees?

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Do squirrels ever fall from trees?

Ryn Oshay

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Yes. A misjump can actually be fatal; I’ve witnessed times when they fell, were dazed, and ran back up into the tree, and instances where it was lethal.

Jeroen de Bruijn

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Although squirrels are very agile and have strong legs, they do miss from time to time (see video). So yes the can fall out of trees from time to time.

And a squirrel can be hurt in that process. Like with humans it depends from how high and in what position they crash.

Unlike humans, squirrels can rathet quickly change to a position he has the best possibility to survival. And due to their small size, small weight, thick furr and lossy skin, their terminal velosity is much lower, making survival more possible.

They do you even better: several subspiecies are known for their falling: flaying squirrels. Their flight is the squirrel jumping and falling. But thanks to their loose skin, they do rather glide down

Bob Edwards

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My dog, who loved to chase squirrels, was standing in the driveway when a squirrel fell at her feet. She thought it was a gift from heaven.

I had watched from the porch. The squirrel had been jumping from tree to tree four stories up. It misjudged the distance and only grabbed a handful of leaves. I watched as it fell and it stretched itself out flat in the air. Even its tail seemed to be flattened. The squirrel hit the pavement at quite a speed and didn’t move. The dog sniffed it and walked away. I guess they’re more fun running away.

I picked up a shovel to dispose of the body but as I approached the squirrel got up, shook itself, and ran up a tree. I can only imagine that the flattening and stretching out slowed the fall enough to survive the fall. I don’t know if there were internal injuries that proved fatal later.

That flattening and stretching has been observed in slow motion videos of cats falling from heights. It must be an adaptation in climbing animals.

Dan Tannehill

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Have you ever seen a squirrel up close? I mean like in your hand up close.

These claws aren’t just long, they are incredibly sharp. Wit…

Brian Wheater

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Squirrels do seem tougher to kill than rabbits and similar size birds. I hunt with an airgun and you must rely on powerful airguns, headshots or close ranges to kill squirrels.

In the words of Salem the cat in “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”, “…squirrels are a lot tougher than they look.”. I think squirrels have developed to be tough. I hate the term “evolution”.

Falling out of trees is a hazard of their existence. The tough ones survive and make tough little squirrels. They also have pretty nasty claws to grip trees.

I watched a squirrel cross a 4 lane street and take glancing blows from the tires of 4 cars. He made it.

Amy Christa Ernano

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Do squirrels pass their trees down to their next of kin? Does one tree home stay in the bloodline forever?

I don’t know about forever, but we did have at least two generations of squirrels make their home in the same juniper tree off our deck in my old house.

My dad fed the squirrels, and this one raised young. At least one of her offspring stuck around and lived in the same tree. I got to watch her grow up.

She became semi-tame, in fact — she would often hang out and lounge on the railing a few feet away while I was reading on the deck, and when the food dish was empty, she’d scratch on the screen door to “ask” us to refill it.

Glen McMillian

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It happens, but only rarely. The squirrel usually scampers away with no problems, unless maybe it lands on a sidewalk. I’ve seen a squirrel fall only once or twice in my life, and I’ve spent a lot of time hunting them and just watching them.

Claire JordanDavid Bahry

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They’re too light to be killed by a fall, unless they land on something sharp, or in front of a speeding car, and they have loose skin to slow their fall. If they miss a branch then however far they fall, they’ll just be slightly winded at worst.

We used to have this saying in my biology class at university that if a mouse or a spider fell down a mineshaft, they would barely notice, because they are both lightweight and strongly-made. An adult rat (same size as a squirrel) will be a bit shaken up. A cat may be OK or may break its forelegs and jaw, depending on how it lands. A man will splash. A horse will make a horse-shaped crater.

Ann Carlyle

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“Do squirrels ever fall from trees?”

I hope so!

A squirrel threw an apple at me once.

And another Quoran reported this squirrel outrage:“One of those little shits stole a whole sandwich from my porch” ~ Jonathan JackowskiWed · 1 upvote from Ann Carlyle

Clint Buhs

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They do. I’ve seen squirrels fall at least three times in recent years. This usually happens when they find themselves on dead twigs that don’t support their weight.

Once they’ve lost their support they form their bodies into an inverted arch similar to that of skydivers. This slows their fall and positions them for the best possible landing. In all cases I’ve seen the squirrels survived with no apparent harm from as high as 40 ft.

John JonesNikolas ScholzLucka Captch

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Is there any animal that can survive a fall from its terminal velocity?

Yes Ronald Turnbull explains the physics very well so I won’t go over that again .But here is an animal which survives terminal velocity very well. Better than cats and from greater heights. Flying Spiders. Here is a picture of thousands of spiders falling ( not actually flying ) through the air from a a great height.

Read all about it here IN AUSTRALIA, IT’S RAINING SPIDERS!

These spiders eject silk into the air on windy days and get wafted into the air. The silk is electrically charged so the silk travels up and away from the earth. Sometimes they only ‘fly’ ten or twenty feet. Sometimes hundr

Fred Simons II

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There are, across the street from my house, several maple trees over 60 ft. (20 m) tall. I saw a gray squirrel lose his grip from near the top of the tree and go rattling through the small twigs and leaves all the way to the ground.

He hit with a solid “thump”, stood up, shook himself, and scampered off.

They spread their legs wide to create as much air resistance as possible, and that big bushy tail makes a fairly effective parachute. They aren’t actually terribly large,- about a pound, (~450 g).

Between the small mass and the significant air resistance, I would not be surprised if their terminal velocity was low enough that it didn’t result in a fatal impact when they finally came to earth – allowing them to fall from any height without serious effects.

Myles Gonzalez

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After my dog barking and trying to catch a squirrel it started throwing bug ass sticks at us. And the it fell out of our tree and fell on my mother. So yes squirrels can fall out of trees. Especially if branches brake or if the wind is particularly strong.

Claire Jordan

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Why do squirrels run to the opposite side of trees you are passing by?

If they’re down near the ground they’re there for a reason and don’t want to have to climb back up the tree if they don’t have to, but you might be dangerous, so they put the tree trunk between them and you.


Votes: 766

Back in the day I’d see sheet metal wrapped around a tree for about 6 feet tall. Or some just painted the tree trunk white for about 6 feet up. Don’t know if the white paint worked but people did it. If the tree was in a stand of trees you’d have to do this to all the trees. Because squirrels are great at jumping from tree to tree. Doing a search…. First one proves you have to do ALL the trees.

George Rix

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Soon to be rescued …a youngster in trouble!

Young ones are the most vulnerable and mum’s often get them out of trouble when they are stuck or losing their grip. I’ve mothered three infants to release age and I had to come to the rescue a few times. These infants had fallen from a great height during their ‘eyes shut’ stage when I first got them, without injury, a phenomena that extends to humans. Thereafter they can be very good at breaking a fall with the help of their tail and spread out limbs, they are set up to absorb impact, there is of course a limit and objects on the ground can be dangerous to them.

Dawn Gilbert

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Yes. A misjump can actually be fatal; I’ve witnessed times when they fell, were dazed, and ran back up into the tree, and instances where it was lethal.

JD Mitchell

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Q: Do squirrels land on their feet like cats?

Yes, indeed they do. This video, all about an engineer’s attempt to build a squirrel-proof bird feeder, contains some fascinating slow-motion footage of squirrels controlling their fall using their whole bodies, flattened, as parachutes, their tails to control drag and to steer, and their limbs to alter their moment of inertia so they rotate their bodies at exactly the right rate needed to land on their feet. It’s astonishing how quickly they choose their landing spot and fix their gaze on it, keeping their heads still even while their bodies rotate. It reminds me of the way a hawk fixates on its prey and keeps its head in one position even as it hovers up and down on the wind. See 11:40 and 16:19 ff if you’re only interested in squirrel controlled landings, but the whole thing is worth a watch. (And no, I don’t have anything to do with it !)

Curt Weinstein

Votes: 2323

Yes, and they are very embarrassed when they do. If they fall far enough, they get hurt. (Maybe not the South American flying squirrels, though?)

Basil Fondu

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Yes, but not as often as people.

Nelson Cunnington

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How fast would skin freeze in space if exposed?

Contrary to Hollywood, instant freezing in space is not a thing.

If the skin is exposed to the Sun (and is at Earth’s distance from the Sun or somewhat further out), then it wouldn’t freeze. Even if you were in orbit around the Earth and exposed your skin to the nightside, it wouldn’t freeze, since most of the Earth is warmer than freezing and it radiates that heat to anything nearby.

Assuming that the rest of you is at a comfortable temperature, then even being in Pluto’s shadow and turning to empty space wouldn’t freeze your skin solid, since your mammalian body heat would keep it at a non-fro

Jill E Griffin

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When squirrels that live in one of your trees let the household members get very close, does this mean they are capable of recognizing certain people?

Oh, absolutely.

I have been feeding our neighborhood squirrels for over five years. The patriarch absolutely knows me as both the primary provider of food and a pretty soft touch. He will come to every window looking for me to tell me a meal is late! One of this years off spring is learning to do the same.

Maura Rudd

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Why is it that with all the squirrels that I see running about. I have never seen a dead one or even partial remains of one?

I don’t know where you live, but I live in a relatively quiet neighborhood on Long Island Sound, and sadly I see close to one dead squirrel a day.

As far as not seeing any remains of the squirrel, they seem to be a delicacy for the crows and other birds. Again, at least a few times a week I will see birds in the road enjoying a dead squirrel buffet. Between that, and the cars running over it, it doesn’t take long for the evidence to be gone.

Perhaps you live in a more wooded area where the squirrels have less opportunity to run in front of vehicles in the road? Or you have larger, stronger birds

Mercedes R. Lackey

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Do squirrels play dead or was it really dead?

‘E’s not pinin’! ‘E’s passed on! This squirrel is no more! He has ceased to be! ‘E’s expired and gone to meet ‘is maker! ‘E’s a stiff! Bereft of life, ‘e rests in peace! If you hadn’t nailed ‘im to the branch ‘e’d be pushing up the daisies!’Is metabolic processes are now ‘istory! ‘E’s off the twig!’E’s kicked the bucket, ‘e’s shuffled off ‘is mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisibile!!


No, squirrels do not play dead.

*Monty Python Dead Parrot Sketch

Dave Consiglio

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If our Sun was the size of Arcturus, how far away would Earth need to be to still support life? Would life still be possible?

Dave Consiglio’s answer to How close to a brown dwarf star would a planet need to be habitable for humans or other life as we know it? It is different for red dwarves? [ ]

The habitable zone is roughly …

Todd Elliot

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Do squirrels fall out of trees when they die?

Squirrels are prey animals. Most die in the jaws and claws of a predator.

A slow squirrel is a dead squirrel. A squirrel with a lack of caution is a dead squirrel. An unlucky squirrel is a dead squirrel. An old squirrel is a slow squirrel, and over time all animals have their inattentive moments and their luck runs out…

Sorry, but Walt Disney didn’t build the real world.

I see that some people answering have offered the opinion that squirrels die by falling out of trees. Believe me when I say that squirrels are evolved to survive falls… and to stay attached to trees so they don’t fall. In the v

Ken Saladin

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Where do squirrels go to die?

To the Squirrel Graveyard behind a giant waterfall on the Zambezi River of east Africa.

Dee Ortega

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What happens when a squirrel falls out of a tree?

I’m certainly no expert, but I live on a ranch with hundreds of squirrels and many very tall eucalyptus trees. I’ve seen squirrels chasing one another through these trees, jumping from branch to branch, and from tree to tree. Many times I’ve seen a squirrel lose their footing and hit the ground from at least 30–40 feet up and just keep running! I’m guessing that a squirrel might be built much like a cat insomuch they can fall from a good height and not only land on their feet, but additionally be unscathed. Hope this helps you.

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