How much cayenne pepper should you mix with bird seed to keep squirrels away?

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How much cayenne pepper should you mix with bird seed to keep squirrels away?

Kasey Green

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None. Use a hot pepper oil. Not hot sauce, but an actual oil. Flakes and powders can be an eye irritant to pets, other animals, and even you and your family. They blow off easily, don’t cling to the seeds, and ultimately aren’t very effective. Hot pepper oil, on the other hand, is extremely potent. Mix it into your seed and you’ll really see the effects. Just be careful to always wear gloves, wash your hands thoroughly, and don’t mix more than you need or will have sitting around for 2–3 weeks as the moisture can cause mold issues.

I work at a hobby bird store and we sell (and I personally use) flaming squirrel sauce. One thing to be aware of is that young squirrels aren’t as sensitive to it so you may have small scale, season issues with the young. For some people hot pepper can help with raccoon/deer issues as well, though I have no personal experience with this

Gill Bullen

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I’ve got several bird feeders in the garden, and some of the allegedly squirrel-resistant ones are pretty useless. But there, squirrels want to eat, just as magpies and pigeons do, and if pinching some of the birds’ food reduces their tendency to raid the blackbirds’ nest, then so be it.

But I still want the little birds in the garden to be able to eat, too. And two of the simplest bits of squirrel resistance kit have been highly successful. The first is a clear plastic dome, which helps to keep the grain in the feeder fairly dry, and has successfully fended off the squirrels all year, so far, despite apparent jumping off points close to it. The tits and sparrows seem pretty happy with it, too!

The other thing is intended to make life easier for small birds who prefer to feed on the ground, such as robins. It’s made of coated steel, is much too heavy for either pigeons or squirrels to push it aside, and has a couple of steel pegs to keep it anchored down. The holes are small enough for little birds to hop confidently in and out of it at will, but the big woodpigeons go round and round and round it, convinced that there’s a way in (after all, they can see that there must be!) if they could only find it. And around, and around, and around…

Naturally, of course there’s no-one in there at the moment, when I want a picture of it for you. But it works, and is very popular; there are frequently half a dozen small birds in or on it at once.

So those are the big successes as far as I am concerned. Simple, but highly effective. And that’s all I want.

Kirk A. Janowiak

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A tiny bit of vegetable oil works nicely. It only takes a small amount. I either use sunflower oil (since my predominant seed is black oil sunflower seeds), or I use an olive oil cooking spray. The canola or mixed vegetable oil-based sprays work just fine; I just like the olive oil-based sprays better and it’s usually what I keep around the house.

Simply add a very small amount of oil to a bucket of seeds, stir the oil into the seeds with a paint stick or other suitable device. I often use my bare hand to mix in the oil to get best coverage…and it softens my skin (grin). The seeds will go from dull to having just a hint of gloss. After “oiling,” you continue to stir with your stick (not your hand, unless you are gloved or have thick, leathery skin…otherwise, l discomfort” will follow in a few minutes!) and then carefully add in the powdered cayenne pepper a little at a time. Do this slowly to avoid making a cloud of pepper dust—which will get into your eyes, nose, and mouth. It WILL cause discomfort, tearing, and coughing if you make even a small cloud, so add the powder close to the seeds and so.owly integrate it. You do not have to hit every single seed or make them look completely red. I do not treat the entire bin in which I keep the 25, 40, or 50-pound bags, but typically do this with about 5 pounds at a time—at the time I fill a feeder.

Reading this makes it sound a bit difficult, but it isn’t hard at all and takes about as much time to do it as it did to read the description.

I find I only need to treat when raccoons are active or at the beginning of cold weather when the squirrels are looking for an easy meal. Once they get hit with pepper on their paws and lips a couple times, the squirrels generally seeks better pickings elsewhere—unless there is heavy snow and natural food resources are pretty slim. Raccoons are more persistent, so I find I have to use a bit larger dose and keep at it longer until they tire of messing with the discomfort.

George Rix

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You can’t win! But hey, if you are prepared to feed birds, why not squirrels, they bring joy to millions. They also get hungry as birds do. I get them coming right into my home because I encouraged them too, they behave, apart from hiding the occasional nut in my shoes. I’ve hand reared three orphans from four weeks old, I have a deep understanding, and appreciation of them. They do commit petty ‘crimes’ but so do birds, how do I keep pigeon away from my squirrel feeders? I can’t win that one! What you could do is divert them by putting up a squirrel feeder yourself, birds will benefit from what squirrels invariably spill.

Kirk A. Janowiak

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Yes. The added beta-carotene may help brighten feather colors in some birds and the pepper is non-toxic to the birds. The birds do not have the receptors for capsaicin—the compounds that cause the “heat” and burning sensation, so when they eat the pepper, they feel nothing and are not injured in any way.

If you have pesky squirrels or raccoons visiting your outdoor bird feeder, dosing the seeds with red pepper or cayenne pepper powder can sometimes help. These mammals have capsaicin receptors and don’t like the feeling of their mouth & tongue being on fire and the birds don’t even notice. I have found that the pepper powder works better when you help it stick to the seeds. I roll the seed for the feeder in a small amount of light vegetable oil before I add the pepper powder—and then mix thoroughly. Working with small amounts at a time, it’s pretty easy to do, reduces how much pepper you need, and improves the impact & effect of the capsaicin.

I used to put cayenne in my seed mix I gave my canaries years ago. I added the pepper to the seed in the time frame before the feathers started coming in for the breeding season molt. The extra beta-carotene helped color development of the birds with yellows and reds in their feathers.

Terry Dinerman

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You’ll have to renew your treatment after every rain or watering however…

I’ve used these sprinklers to good effect…

Ron Shipe

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It’s an irritant, not harmful to them.

I have some stuff called Uncle Ian’s Mole, Gopher, Deer, Rabbit and Squirrel Repellent. Uncle Ian’s All Natural and Organic Repellents This stuff works but it is granules so I’m not sure how you would use it on a roof or eaves. Make a paste of it and paint it on? This stuff only has two ingredients: dried blood and red pepper, I’m thinking cayenne. But it does work. On people, too.

First hand experience talking here. Do not spread it on a windy day and use rubber gloves to handle it. Bare handed your hands are on fire. That’s about the time the wind blows some of that brown powder up your nose and into your eyes. And, that’s about the time you begin sneezing so much you think you are going to suffocate from not breathing from all that sneezing, your eyes are tearing so badly you can’t see and your sinuses are trying to drown you in snot. When you think it couldn’t get any worse that’s about the time you wipe your eyes and nose with your flaming hands. It gets worse! Now dogs like blood. Just not this blood. Since you can’t see guess what you are going to trip on and fall over. Yep, a sneezing dog. Interestingly some birds like that noxious crap. Maybe because I live close enough to Mexico that the local birds raid Mexican restaurant trash cans and are used to it?

Cayenne pepper is only an irritant, it’s not lethal even if it does make you think you are going to die from it and wish you could hurry and get it over with.

Harry van den Burg

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Will cayenne pepper keep squirrels away from bird feeders?

Probably yes; it is certainly worth a try! Here in Africa hot peppers of all kinds and in many forms are used to keep away scores of animals, including elephants! I use them myself to keep monkeys from some of our fruits (VERY effective, monkeys (like people) often touch their faces with their hands…) and keep dogs away from places where they love to dig, and from things they like to chew. Birds can’t taste hot pepper.

Martin Bayer

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Do squirrels hate cayenne pepper?

I don’t think squirrels would enjoy eating cayenne pepper.

I also don’t think they could identify it as being cayenne pepper. They’d know it wasn’t tasty peanuts or sunflower seeds, but they wouldn’t know it wasn’t cyanide or something.

So, no, I don’t think they hate cayenne pepper. They don’t know what it is.

Bridget Swain

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Not much of anything for long.

Squirrels aren’t exceptionally bright but they are persistent and have very keen eyesight for predators. I’ve watched squirrels sit on top of fake owls and hawks and use them for a watch tower. I’ve also seen them deliberately taunt dogs and cats who were trying hard to catch them. They appear to enjoy doing it.For the one squirrel that gets caught, 5 more have lunch. Squirrels, with their giant sized families, apparently consider that a reasonable trade off.

Over The Hedge with it’s sweet squirrel Hammy is a pretty fairy tale. Those little guys are cute but they are hard edged, cold blooded, ruthless little mercenaries. Is there what appears to be a predator or something dangerous guarding that feeder? Their motto is “Send in the stupidest but fastest youngling and let them test it out, if they make it, we all have lunch. If they don’t well, he was the stupidest and we have a lot more baby squirrels and never enough food.”

Greg Tatar

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I don’t think it’s strong enough. You’re not going to smear it on all of your vegetables, so you want something that packs a more potent punch, like Scotch Bonnet peppers or at least habaneros. You can dice them and spread around or make a salsa and spread it around. Be careful and wear gloves because the oils will stay on your hand and an hour later if you rub your eyes, you’ll burn them.

But the squirrels that I have, and the rabbits that you have, will generally steer clear of those peppers. They won’t be hurt – their noses will tell them. And if you interplant some habaneros or bonnets with your tomatoes and other plants, the animals are not discerning enough to distinguish. I got rid of squirrels simply by planting habanero peppers among my tomatoes. A few tastes of those kept the squirrels away for the year.

Sachin Masekar

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There are a number of things that can go wrong during cooking, often at work. If excess cayenne pepper (red chilli powder) are accidentally added to the food, you can do it again with a simple trick. Because once the red chili is reduced, it will work, but if it falls too much, you may feel that you have no choice but to throw away the food. But if that happens, don’t worry….

If there is too much cayenne pepper (red chilli powder) in a cooking dish, you can reduce the red chilli by mixing sour food. Adding such ingredients as lemon, vinegar, mango peel increases the acidity and balances the spiceness. But in doing so, you need to know which sour substance is best to add to the food. Otherwise mixing the wrong ingredients can reduce the taste of your food. If nothing else, you can mix tomato puree in vegetables or curry to balance the sharpness of the food.

Red chillies contain chemical compounds. Which makes the substance spicy. The ability to reduce this factor is found in dairy products. You can mix milk, curd, cream, cheese, paneer to make a spicy food less spicy. This not only makes the food taste better but also reduces the pungency.

Geren Nichols

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I would hope not because RotoRooters would rip your arteries to shreds.

There were some attempts to scrape plaque off it inside of arteries with rotorooter style but tiny devices and they did not work well. There were designed by competent and innovating persons. They generally did not rip stuff up but in the long run it turns out that arteries do not respond well to that kind of intervention.

Seriously, preventing atherosclerosis is a 100 billion dollar a year business. If there was a magic natural bullet we would have heard about it. There is a lot that is in the public knowledge about diet and hard artery risk . You already know that you should not eat too much fat, too much salt, too much alcohol or too much. Unfortunately even if you can do all that you will be just a little bit better off.

If there is an easy way to avoid dying from heart attacks discovered it will not be merely in a corner of the internet. Corners of the internet tend to be hopeless wrong. The best that can be said are some of them are not trying to get your money.

Both the standard French and American admonitions, chercher la femme* and follow the money (doubly so for porn) should be taken to heart.

*To be clear femme must be taken not as women but rather as all the aspects of sex. It just was not polite to mention anything other than one man chasing one woman.

Tim Bartlett

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Bear Spray, Pepper Sprays , maces all have their pro’s and cons. I have never found anyone of them that is 100 % effective against humans or animals. You really must consider many different things before you deploy such things. How big is the animal? Will using this allow me to escape or just piss the animal or person off even more. As someone who spends a great deal of time in the outdoors let me say this, always be aware of your surroundings, avoid confrontation if possible, learn somethings about the wildlife in the area you plan to travel in and act accordingly. I do carry a pepper ball launcher and mace while in the woods as a deterrent but I wouldn’t bet my life on any of them and especially some home made concoction made from the kitchen cabinets.

Alice Mendell

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Are cayenne pepper or red chili peppers safe for dogs to eat in small amounts, like as an ingredient in their food?

Our pets don’t need condiments in their food like people do.

Just a clean, fresh and nutritious species-appropriate diet.

Karin Cozzolino

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How do you keep squirrels away naturally?


If you remove all food resources, you remove the reason for squirrels to be there.

This means:

Bird feeders are one of the big attractions for squirrels. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A COMPLETELY SQUIRREL-PROOF FEEDER. If the squirrels can’t get at the birdseed in the feeder, they’ll go after the seed the birds drop/throw on the ground.

If you like feeding birds and don’t want to give up feeding them, there are a couple things you can do:

No, it’s not a joke. Birds can’t taste the chemicals that make peppers hot. Squirrels can, and they don’t like them.

Allen Davis

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How do I make my own Aersol spray can for pepper spray?

I’m assuming you can’t just buy where you are. There is absolutely no reason to make an aerosol can. This is an expedient weapon. Just get some Carolina Reaper Peppers. (2,200,000SHU) you will need about 100. You will also need a good gas mask get a 3m with a bio filter, a paint suit, two pair rubber gloves and an area no one is going to be in contact with, I suggest you go to an open air remote area. Get a perfume bottle empty it make sure the actuator works. Get a hand held potato masher with small holes or a cheese grater as use the small side. You will also need a bowl a large mixing type

Brooklyn Hudson

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Will black pepper keep squirrels away?

Not sure where you want to put it, but mustard works well. The spicier, the better. Pepper might work, in the right scenario. I am a wildlife rehabber and keep the young squirrels yet to be released away from my wires by making a paste of brown spicy mustard, hot sauce, horseradish, and anything else hot in my house, then paint it on wires and danger zones.

Dorthy McCarthy

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How do I make hot pepper spray for squirrels?

I think it would be animal cruelty to make hot pepper spray for squirrels. What if it got in their eyes?

Kirk A. Janowiak

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Are birds sensitive to cayenne pepper?

Not any birds of which I am aware. (If someone knows of any, please feel free correct me.) Birds apparently do not have the chemical mechanism that responds to capsaicin, the compound that causes the “heat” sensation in most mammals.

I use dried or flaked hot peppers in my bird food mixes to add beneficial vitamins and color-supporting compounds (like beta-carotene) for my birds and and when I make mixes for wild birds I feed at my home in the woods. The birds eat the pepper (with capsaicin in it) without any sort of negative response- day after day. The raccoons and squirrels try out the food

Michael Mitchell

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I bought cayenne pepper, but it says also its chili pepper on the bag, but my squirrels are not bothered at all and are not deterred. Why? And What can I do with this huge, big bag now?

that is odd! I sprinkled it around my yard (2 acres) and have NO squirrels of gophers. I steeped the pepper in boiling water and a little bit of dish soap and sprayed then sprinkled the pepper around. Don’t know which worked, but going on 2 years now, no holes in the ground and no branches stripped on trees.

What I did with the extra, I made a few batches of 4 alarm chilli.

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