How much is a Queen Elizabeth 1952 to 1977 Silver Jubilee Crown coin worth?

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How much is a Queen Elizabeth 1952 to 1977 Silver Jubilee Crown coin worth?

João Mergulhão

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Like Bob Singleton said, there are two versions of this coin. The cupronickel one is worth it’s face value, a little more if it’s in mint condition. The silver proof one can be worth up to 30€ (again dependent on condition)

Thanks for the A2A Lia 🙂

Bob Singleton

Votes: 1343

There were 36,989,000 cupronickel [ ] coins and 377,000 silver [ ] coins issued.

Silver proof coins are worth up to £10. I very much doubt if th…

David Grain

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At last a sensible question on the value of a Queen Elizabeth coin.

It is going to depend on the condition. If it is uncirculated it will be in a sealed plastic case and will be more valuable. If it is not then it will be loose and the amount of ware will have to be taken into account and only a coin dealer looking at the actual coin can tell you that.

However if you look on eBay you will see these coins at any price from £1.50 to £30. I think the higher prices are people being too optimistic. Being realistic I would guess about £3 would be a fair price but that is without seeing the coin. Remember the value is only what you can sell it for and that depends on someone in your area wanting to buy it.

Nick Cooper

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Very little. There were millions minted. Every kid at my school at the time was given one, and a lot of them promptly spent them, as the 25p face value was equivalent to around £2.50 today. Despite what some of the ridiculously optimistic listings on eBay may suggest, you’d be very lucky to get £5 for one now. Maybe a bit more for uncirculated muint condition in a original presentation box (not the simple plastic bank sleeves most were distributed in).

Ricky Tack

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How much is a Queen Elizabeth ten-cent [Canadian dime] coin worth?

Sorry, but we in Great Britain have never struck any coins in the face value of “cents”, we leave such oddities to foreigners.

Lewis Dynan

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How much is a Queen Elizabeth 1952 to 1977 Silver Jubilee Crown coin worth?

Reasonable question. A quick Google search tells me it has a legal tender face value of £5, though their real numismatic and precious metal bullion value will be far higher.

Michael Jecks

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How much is the Queen Elizabeth II 1991 five pence coin worth?

At a rough guess, about five pence.

It’s a coin that is in circulation. If you take it to the Bank of England, they will replace it with a modern coin. To the value of five pence.

Sarah Weaver

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“How much is a 1985 one pound Queen Elizabeth coin worth?”

1985 Pound Coin. Credit in image.

The actual value of a 1985 pound coin is rather hard to pin down due to it being demonetized (meaning: it is no longer legal tender). There is a pretty good story behind why.

You see, when it was decided to retire the old pound note by the end of 1984, the Royal Mint went into overdrive to produce enough £1 coins to meet the expected demand, producing over 443 million in 1983, over 146 million in 1984, and over 228 million in 1985; almost 820 million coins in three years.

Compare that to the total mintage of pound coins between 1986 and 2000, which actually falls short of the 800 million mark total and you will understand just how staggeringly common the 1985 specimens are; Thousands of them were put away in private collections and hoards in uncirculated condition, so the numismatic value of them would be low even if it were less common.

However, that does not explain why it was demonetized; counterfeiting does.

Soon after the new Pound coins started heavy circulation, counterfeits started appearing on the black market, spurred on by the cheap availability of foreign coins of approximately the same size, weight, and composition as the pound coins. By 2015 it was estimated that more than three of every one hundred pound coins were counterfeits. Public confidence in the cornerstone of the British economy prompted the Royal Mint to redesign the pound coin to a twelve-sided bi-metallic composition and to de-monetize the old “round pounds”, meaning that they would no longer be legal tender (vendors are not required to accept them as payment). Banks in the UK are still accepting them and will give you a new 12-sided pound coin for the old one… provided yours is not fake, in which case they will decline to accept it and direct you to the nearest police station so you can turn it in as a good deed, because you are not getting a penny out of the deal.

That being said, even if it is a fake, it is not a total loss; there are collectors who actually specialize in collecting fake round pounds! I doubt they will give you a pound for it, but you will definitely get more that you would if you took it to the police!

Outside the UK, round pounds are pretty worthless, even if in uncirculated condition they are rarely (if ever) worth even the equivalent of their face value. Circulated examples can be found in bargain bins and coins-by-weight jars in coin and antique shops.

So, to answer your question; if you are in the UK and are not a coin collector, take it to a bank for £1 or keep it to show your grandkids. If you are not in the UK… see if a collector wants it or try to sell it online, because I doubt a coin shop would be willing to pay you more than a few cents for it.

Or start a collection; you never know if the bug will bite!

Fergus Mason

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How much is a $1 Queen Elizabeth coin dated 1933 worth?

Stop asking stupid questions.

Sallie Smythe

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How much is the 2 pence Elizabeth II coin worth?

Its current value, allowing for inflation, the London Stock Market, The FTSE 100 Index, and Wall Street, plus the daily Brexit highs and lows, is 2p (two pence).

Tony Henderson

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What is the worth of Elizabeth D.G. Reg F.D. 2004 one penny?

1% of a pound.

Lee Hemmings

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Assuming it is in mint condition base metal version i would say £2–3 realistically. I just found a bag of 10 today I forgot I had and that doesn’t count the ones I got rid of too. They are just too common you can find them at almost every coin dealer stall at fairs and car boot sales too. Just do as Bob Singleton said hold onto it, pass it on or something or give it to charity.


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How much is a Queen Elizabeth 1 pound coin worth?

Depends on condition and so forth – but Tudor sovereigns (they became called pound coins in Queen Elizabeth I’s reign) can go for about a quarter of a million a piece.

Scarlett P Bassett

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How much is a 25-cent Queen Elizabeth 2007 the Second coin worth?

How much is a 25-cent Queen Elizabeth 2007 the Second coin worth?

As 2007 was only 13 years ago i’m going to have a crazy stab at this question. Now, I could be wrong but i’m going to put myself out there as a writer in subjects such as the British royal family.

Here goes…

25 cents?

Inigo Skimmer

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Where can I sell Queen Elizabeth’s coins?

Step one is to get permission from Her Majesty to sell her personal possessions.

I shall pause now whilst you go and get this arranged. Let me know when you have it.

Michelle Pointer

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I have a 2008 and 2012 Queen Elizabeth one pound coin. How much are they worth?

Nothing – they are worthless as collectors items unless absolutely mint, and are no longer legal currency in the uk as a new pound coin has been issued since.

Dan Weinberg

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Not really that much, there were thousands minted. Most are uncirculated. Proof coins are worth more. The face value is only 25 pence so they were never vastly expensive. The new crowns are now £5 coins.

Raphael Hui

Votes: 1706

It worths HK$1, at least for now.

The problem is that it has a HUGE volume of mintage: a total of 120,000,000 HK 1-dollar coins were minted in 1978, and it’s still in circulation in Hong Kong. It doesn’t have much historical significance either.

Sure, you might be able to sell at a slightly higher price to foreign coin collectors if it is in pristine condition, but you probably can’t make a fortune out of it.

Robert Hampson

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How much is my 2016 one pound Queen Elizabeth coin worth?

Well now, how much do you think? A British pound is worth, wait for it, A pound or 100 pence or at the moment $1.35, however relating to this mythical coin, so the truth about the 2016 £1 coin. Many have been duped into thinking they have a good mine, currently there is a myth that coins date 2016, are the really rare ones, some think these coins are worth hundreds of pounds, unfortunately thats not true. They are in circulation and do carry the date 2016, there are approximately half a billion 2016 coins, there are eight coins per person in the UK, so as I said it’s worth just £1.

Ruth Crumpton

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How much is a decimal 10 pence Queen Elizabeth portrait silver coin from 1997 worth?

0.00p in shops because they’ve been re-sized since.

10p if you exchange it at a bank.

Why should it be worth anything more? Millions were minted. She’s still on the throne.

Seriously – why did you ask? What made you think it had any other value?

Diana Rivera

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How much are Elizabeth 2 d.g.reg.f.d coins worth?

how much does a 1970 Elizabeth-2 D-G-REG-F-D1970 WORTH PLZ GET BACK TO ME ASAP

Bob Singleton

Votes: 3029

Thank you for your A2A

I’m sure you realise that 1977 was Her Majesty’s silver jubilee so I’m assuming this is the coin you are talking about.

It has a face value of 25 pence.

There were 37,061,000 of these coins minted and so I can not imagine there is any great demand for them amongst numismatists. Obviously anything is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it and these are advertised for sale from about 99 pence but they do not…

Giles Martin

Votes: 1991

How much is my 1989 25 cent Queen Elizabeth the Second coin worth?

Assuming that it is a Canadian coin (most other countries with Queen Elizabeth on their coins don’t have a 25-cent coin), and it is in normal circulated condition, it’s worth 25 Canadian cents.

Ricky Tack

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How much is a Queen Elizabeth II 1991 coin worth?

Exactly what the face value is.

Quentin Langley

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What is the U.S. price of a 1971 Queen Elizabeth II new Pence 2 coin?

A 2p coin from 1971 is still legal tender in the UK and worth about 3 cents in the US.

It would, of course, be a Elizabeth II coin. If you genuinely have one that says Elizabeth I then that is a misprint and potentially valuable.


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Will Queen Elizabeth have a platinum jubilee?

Will Queen Elizabeth have a platinum jubilee?

I’m wondering, have you been under a rock, or in a cave?

Here is some information about the jubilee, that comes straight from The Royal Family website.

Rick Smith

Votes: 4830

That depends on where this 5 cent coin comes from. For example, if it comes from Canada, it would be worth five Canadian cents. If the coin is Australian, it’s worth five Australian cents.

In other words, there’s nothing special about any 5 cent coin minted in 1969, so face value is all it would be worth.

There is no such thing as a five cent coin in the United Kingdom, however there is a 5p coin. It’s value? You guessed it, five penc…

Elspeth Cowie

Votes: 326

How much is the Elizabeth II 1996 coin worth?

If it’s a 1p coin, it’s worth 1p.

If it’s a 2p coin, it’s worth 2p.

If it’s a 5p coin, it’s worth 5p.

If it’s a 10p coin, it’s worth 10p.

If it’s a 20p coin, it’s worth 20p.

If it’s a 50p coin, it’s worth 50p.

If it’s a £1 coin, it’s worth £1.

If it’s a £2 coin, it’s worth £2.

If it’s a special coin, then it might be worth more, but no-one can answer without a picture.

Giles Martin

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How much is a 20-cent 1981 Elizabeth II silver coin worth?

It depends on which country it is from. For example, if it is from Australia, it is worth 0.2 AUD; if it is from New Zealand, it is worth 0.2 NZD.

(It cannot be from the UK or from Canada. The UK has a 20-pence coin, since they don’t use cents; it cannot be from Canada, since they have nothing between the 10-cent and the 25-cent coin.)

Bob Singleton

Votes: 3789

Is this the coin you are thinking about?

Showing a very young looking Queen Elizabeth II

About 180,000 were minted before the coin was available in the UK.

the IOM £1 coin was minted between 1978/82

If you are looking to buy they are available from around £4. If you are selling it depends on condition but I would guesstimate up to £20 in mint proof uncirculated.

eBay: Rare pound coin sold for …

Kyle Dring

Votes: 8471

Nothing. Probably because we don’t use $ (dollars) in the Great Britain.

I think you meant to use £ (British Pound Sterling).

At the time it was worth £20 but now in 2020 it is worth, £50.09.

The British pound experienced an average inflation rate of 3.01% per year during this period, causing the real value of a pound to decrease. In other words, £20 in 1989 is equivalent in purchasing power to about £50.09 in 2020, a difference of £30.09 over 31 years.

£20 in 1989 → 2020 | UK Inflation Calculator


Votes: 5278

How much is the 1994 Elizabeth 1 coin value?

If it’s 1994 it’s an Elizabeth II coin, not Elizabeth I.

As you haven’t told us anything about the coin other than the year – not the face value or the issuing country – this question is unanswerable.

The most likely answer is that the coin is worth face value only as it’s likely to still be in circulation, but that’s not definitive without more information.

Pinky Ghadei

Votes: 980

How much is Queen Elizabeth’s crown worth?

Around 3.5 billion pounds

Because of their extreme historical significance, they simply cannot be replaced. However, despite the fact they’ve never been officially valued, the total worth of the Crown Jewels is estimated at around 3.5 billion pounds.

Matthew Pham

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What foreign coins are silver?

Most US coins dated 1964 or earlier are 90% fine silver. These include half dimes, dimes, quarters, half dollars, and silver dollars.

Nickels dated 1942–1945 are 35% fine silver. That’s because the US government was hoarding nickel to produce weapons during WW2.

Canadian coins dated 1900–1919 are 92.5% fine silver, also known as “sterling silver.” These include dimes, quarters, and half dollars.

Canadian coins dated 1920–1967 are 80% fine silver. These include dimes, quarters, half dollars, and silver dollars.

Pre-decimal British coins dated 1837–1919 are 92.5% fine silver, also known as “sterling

Lewis Dynan

Votes: 9761

How much are Regina Elizabeth coins worth?

How much are Regina Elizabeth coins worth?

This question is similar to about another 50 questions I’ve seen. I’ll answer the same way when I’ve bothered to answer.

What country does it say? What number does it say? What colouring does it have? Depending on these factors it can range from one cent/penny to a few dollars/pounds, depending on the country.

Jeff Karpinski

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How much is a 1988 Queen Elizabeth gold dollar worth?

Without more information it’s impossible to give a value, because there are several Commonwealth countries whose currencies are named “dollars” and issue gold-colored coins – NOT real gold, but a gold-colored metal. Three that come to mind are Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. If that’s what you have, your coin is too new and too common to be worth anything more than face value in the local currency.


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How much a silver Victoria coin worth?

Hi! A good collectible condition One Rupee Victoria Silver Coin (11.66g) minted around year 1862 to 1901 year will cost u around 1100 to 1300rs.

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