How to get rid of squirrel urine smell?

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How to get rid of squirrel urine smell

Danette Boos

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Good day my friend. You can buy some specific brand name odor eaters, but I find if you fill two medium sized bowls with equal amounts of vinegar and baking soda ( both in separate bowls) place on each side of the smell and the vinegar will annihilate the basic odor and the baking soda will annihilate the acidic odor. Hope this helps 🙏. Peace 😊 ✌️.

Jill E Griffin

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I feed many squirrels on my kitchen windowsill. They do frequently mark with urine. I just pour bleach on it. Let it sit a few minutes, then pour lots n lots of water. Odor isn’t a problem.

Edward Blacksmith

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tomato sauce works for fox poo use the cheapest. brown does not. tomatoes do not. i do not knowabout squirrels but try rub it in then leave a bit then wash. it walks on my dog.eb

Eugene Dorsch

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Since you have asked 1.6k questions since 2019, I am sure you are getting paid to ask questions or you have nothing else to do but ask inane questions all day on Quora. Do you really care what the answer is to thus question? Has some squirrel peed on your porch ?

Chuck Darney

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Does squirrel urine kill your grass?

Urine?!? Seriously, URINE?!? Squirrels are pretty small and really couldn’t do that much damage with their urine. It’s not their urine I’m concerned with…it’s them digging the entire yard up looking for food. The attached picture, while taken in the winter shows just a small area of my yard with holes every few inches. I can assure you that’s not little holes dug so they can take a leak. The winter is bad enough since they only dig shallow holes to get at, what I suppose, are the roots of the grass. In the spring they’ll dig holes inches deep to get at the Crocus bulbs that are emerging and blooming. I have one area that always looks like it’s been freshly tilled becuase of the number holes.

Seriously…Don’t stress over squirrel urine.

Roger Still

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Does squirrel urine kill your grass?

Wow, twice in one day. There is a product called Nature’s Miracle ™ that is made to get animal urine smells out. You can find it in pet food stores, and veterinarians’ offices. It really works, too. I have no affiliation with this product nor its makers.

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