In Cannibal Holocaust, were the animals, like the turtle, the snake and the pig really killed?

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In Cannibal Holocaust, were the animals, like the turtle, the snake and the pig really killed?

Nicky Blade

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Yes. The director had to face charges in Italy because the actors were in hiding to promote the idea that they had been killed during filming. This promotional gimmick blew up in his face as he was accused of murder. The actors appeared in court but the judge was so angry that he charged the director (Ruggero Deodato) with animal cruelty charges instead. Due to the controversy around the film it was banned in many countries for years. The only way to see it was through underground bootlegged videotapes. There is a version of it on dvd by Grindhouse Releasing that has a ‘’cruelty free’’ option should you want to skip the scenes where the animals are killed when watching it.

Sean KernanNiclas OlovssonNorbert Szczęch

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The OJ Simpson trial was an absolute shitshow in the 1990s. It dominated all the airwaves.

The verdict was a veritable shitshow. You had these dual screens where they showed white and black crowds reaction to his innocent verdict. Whites were pissed. Blacks were jumping for joy. The trial had taken place not long after the LA Riots over the Rodney King verdict which played a big part in that trials focus on racism with the police department.

The problem?

Most people now agree that OJ was guilty as hell. He looked guilty as hell at the time but the waters got muddied.

What’s super creepy: OJ got training on how to use a military knife just before the murders. It was for an upcoming Navy SEAL TV show called frogman. The show also included him putting a knife up to a woman’s neck.

His wife was murdered by a man with a military knife, her throat cut, and the description of the culprit very much resembled OJ.

Just a reminder: they found his blood at the scene, his hair. He had injuries from a struggle. He had a pattern of violence with his ex.

He also tried to publish a book, “If I Did It”.

And there’s that police chase where he was in the back of the bronco holding a gun to his head.

Cause that is exactly what innocent people do…

Misha Yurchenko

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You’re probably referring to the brutal violence like the recent incident where 10 yakuza clubbed a man to death at a Tokyo night club in front of 300 people.

Or back in 2007 when 2 uzi-wielding yakuza pulled up on motorcycles and shot a rival clan member in broad daylight.

And then there was the murder of Juzo Itami who was an amazing Japanese film director famous for his movie Tampopo. He also made a satire about yakuza, portraying them as dumb and clumsy. The yakuza didn’t like that very much…

While these attacks get a lot of media attention, yakuza violence is rarely targeted at civilians. It’s usually violence between warring yakuza gangs or family feuds.

The reason they continue to operate is because they have a deep-rooted history in Japan — over 300 years.

While there has definitely been a big crackdown on yakuza the past few years, the network is so wide and distributed that you can’t just “arrest them.” It’s going to take a while.

The origins of the yakuza point to the Tokugawa Shogunate in the early 1600’s where burakumin outcasts would travel around selling goods at shrines and festivals. They even served as “security” for the shrines, a tradition that still continues on today.

Eventually they formed groups and started committing organized crimes, appointing bosses, and creating various factions.

Here are some interesting facts:

-Most of the income is generated through various revenue streams, namely: extortion, protection rackets, sex trafficking, gambling, real estate, construction, and even cyber crime.

-When the disastrous earthquake in Kobe hit Japan back in the 90’s, the Yakuza actually responded faster to deliver food, water, blankets and toiletries to evacuation centers in northeast Japan (one of the biggest yakuza families is kobe-based).

-The yakuza are very, very big with over 100,000 members in Japan. They are no secret, by any stretch. Here’s a quote from Jake Adelstein who writes extensively about them:

The yakuza are regulated and monitored — the organizations themselves are not illegal. The addresses of their headquarters are listed on the National Police Agency website, the top bosses have business cards with corporate logos, and there are two monthly fanzines dedicated to the yakuza in addition to comic books and video games.

I suggest checking out Jake’s articles on the Yakuza as well as his book Tokyo Vice. He’s a reporter that lives in Tokyo and has a lot of great content on the subject!

Deanna Crownover

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Yes, but they’re not snake hunters, like guinea fowl.

Chickens can kill snakes but they don’t go out of their way to do it.

Guinea fowl on the other hand, seem to have a vendetta against snakes and are wily enough and tough enough to catch, kill, and eat them.

Chickens have been known to try to hatch snakes. They’re more domestic in nature.

They’re the best adoptive animal I’m aware of.

Hens, although violent about it, are the very best mothers.

They are completely devoted to their young and orphaned and helpless animals, no matter what type of animal it is.

They will defend their young to the death.

Alex Cooper

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Picture the scene:

Leo the lion is having a tough time at his job as a barista at a vegan restaurant. He regularly works overtime and hasn’t been on holiday in years.

He gets home, and he’s got two prides of lionesses to protect. They’re always on his case about how he hasn’t foraged for roots and berries with them recently.

Something has got to give.

One night, he comes home to find his favourite lioness in bed with her personal trainer, Chad. Leo can instantly tell it’s him from the hair gel-spiked mane and elephant musth cologne.

Mad with rage, he takes out his trusty Colt 45 and puts a bullet into the young upstart’s head, before turning the gun on his unfaithful spouse.

“You made me do this”, he mutters, with tears in his eyes.

He’s sealed his fate—a 25 stretch in Kruger National Prison. (That’s a f*cking long time for a lion.)

And that is how animals become killers.

On the other hand, some animals are predators that kill for food, and would starve if they didn’t kill and eat other animals. I think that’s probably it.

Robert Wade Bess

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A shitload of Michael Crichton…Louis Lamour for the true OG’s…not a lot of stuff that would appeal to an English literature instructor, which is what I was at the time of my arrest.

The county facility where I was incarcerated didn’t really have a proper sit-down library, but there was a circulation desk we would pass at night after hours when we were escorted to the gym by the guards.

Early on in my sentence I filled out a request form for library books. You could specify titles but the safest thing to do was make a wish list of favorite authors.

…which is what I did.

On the very next trip to the gym, I was thrilled to see three books sitting in a stack on the desk: Sometimes a Great Notion, Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72. and Light in August.

This was clearly my order. I asked the guard if I could take them with me on the way back to my cell, but he said I would have to wait till the next day when the librarian would bring her cart around to my pod.

Next day…no librarian.

…nor the next.

So on the next twice a week trip to the gym my books were STILL sitting on the circulation desk.

…and the one after that.

The only time I recall actually losing my temper during my sentence was on the third trip to the gym with my books still sitting there collecting dust and the guard said, “How do you know they’re actually your books?”


I don’t like that I said that.

Feng Xian

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Many years ago, me and my dad walked into a restaurant in Mianyang and we saw at least 100 people were eating in the booked area. A lot of the guests with that “yakuza face” were peeking at one man named Liu Han (刘汉). He was the richest man (billionaire) in my province and we all knew that how he got rich and how tough he was. But of course, many of us didn’t really hate him because he did a lot of charity and he didn’t harass the people (at least most of them).

But, a few years later he was arrested, sentenced to death, and executed. Why? Because after all he was the head of the organized criminal group and his men murdered the competitors. So once his “umbrella” was removed or transferred or retired, it would be a matter of time that the new office was going to come after him and his organization for accumulating political achievement for promotion in a meritocracy.

That’s how organized criminals are like in China for the past 2,000 years. You wanna be the robin to go against the central government run by the bureaucrats with the accumulation of power? Haha, I thought my joke was bad. And they may need you now, but when they don’t, they will cast you out like a leper. Liu Han was rich and powerful, but he clearly didn’t understand the history and politics of China but thought that he could just wash his hands clean and walk away.

The whole system is fundamentally different from America’s. America’s model is an upgraded medieval Europe (decentralization, deregulation, regional and local autonomy, “knights” who rode the horses to patrol around towns and villages to maintain order by violence, and “priests” who worked on the community).

This modernized medieval model is very ineffective against organized criminals that require strong control of the local area and advanced governance to get rid of. This is the same case for the US military in Iraq, Afghanistan with corrupted local officials to give up the village to the Taliban or the Mexican government to the drug lords in Mexico while hoping that a couple of airstrikes and military patrols would make any difference.

It’s not a matter of guns and laws. It’s a matter of handing over the battlefield to your enemy such that unless you burn the whole place into ashes, they will always reborn from the local residents whom they both harass and also protect. It’s a war that will never end because they’re being the husband for you to take care of your wife and your children while you aren’t home and raise your children to become one of them against you. Fundamentally, it’s a matter of poor governance due to the political system you advocate.


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Caution: some of these facts may be unsettling so just keep that in mind

Links: 42 Gruesome Facts About True Crime Cases

25 Creepy And Seriously Messed Up True Crime Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know

Wilk Dedwylder

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What does it mean for a pig to kill and eat a snake?

It means the pig wanted a snack. Hogs are omnivores. They’re pretty happy to eat darned near anything that’s edible, and snakes are a completely normal part of the menu. Sows can be a bit protective (mean as hell) with their young because Daddy Boar will sometimes look on the piglets as hors d’ouvres. That’s how picky they are with their diet.

Serge Elia

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Warning: graphic content…

Can people actually kill animals in their movies? No, they cannot, because it is downright forbidden to do so, in light of the animal welfare whose rules are obliged to be respected, under penalty of criminal prosecution for animal cruelty, as well as the must of taking into consideration the audience’s sensitivity (especially children).

In fact, nowadays, more and more movies are using less live animals, particularly the wild ones like lions, tigers, elephants and the like – mainly so that the people, including animal right activists, don’t accuse the filmmakers of mistreating or abusing the poor creatures, or worse killing them for the sake of entertainment and lucrative business –; as a result, a lot of them (like the recent Planet of the Apes reboot and the 2016 Jungle Book) prefer to animate animal characters via Computer Generated Imagery (CGI).

As such, the American Humane Association (AHA) assumes the job of making sure that every movie respects their animals of every kind (dogs, cats, horses, cows, snakes, birds, crocodiles and the like), and of monitoring the treatment of animals during the shooting – if all goes well, the AHA will then issue the statement “No Animals Were Harmed” at the movie’s end, to reassure the audience. However, it has been established that even under the AHA’s very nose (or worse, with its very involvement), there is still animal cruelty in most movie productions, including animal deaths. And I give you examples:

– In the 1979 Apocalypse Now by Francis Ford Coppola, there is a scene in which a live buffalo is being decapitated with a machete. According to sources, this was an actual ritual done by the native tribes in the Philippines (where the movie was shot), and so it wasn’t illegal for Coppola to film it; but then again, since Apocalypse Now was an American production subject to animal welfare laws, it should’ve been severely punished for animal cruelty, as well as the act of showing that cruelty to the audience.

– During the production of The Hobbit trilogy (2012–2014), it has been reported that more than 27 animals, including goats, sheep, pigs and horses, died due to unsafe housing conditions, despite the claim that “no animals were harmed” – in fact, even Peter Jackson (the movies’ director) denied the allegations, and claimed that the animals simply died of “natural causes”.

– The 1986 Japanese adventure movie, The Adventures of Milo and Otis, gained controversy for alleged acts of animal abuse, such as the killing of 20 kittens during production, and the case of one producer allegedly breaking a cat’s paw to make it appear unsteady on its feet.

Based on all of this, it’s clear that, in light of the animal welfare, as well as the people’s awakening and sheer investment in animal rights (primarily thanks to social media), it is forbidden for filmmakers to kill animals in movies.

Mac Tatum

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Do prisoners read lots of books while in prison?

Hell yes! IF THEY CAN READ! That’s the thing. Over 50% of the prison population is illiterate. I read so many books I lost count. When you’re in the hole your legal property and books are all you have to entertain yourselves. The bigger the book the better for me. Sometimes the “hole” that you’re in doesn’t even have a library with recreational reading books. Just legal books at the law library. That’s if you’re in an “asshole” run prison. I thank God for “holes” in asshole prisons. It was they who forced me to learn the law. I would read case law just to have something to read.

Gus Martin

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How come the Japanese government hasn’t been able to eradicate the Yakuza?

I don’t think your assessment is accurate.

What the destruction of the cartels accomplished was spreading the drug trafficking across several smaller groups rather than being held by a handful of more powerful organizations. So they just made it more difficult to fight drug trafficking.

The same sort of reasoning applies with the Yakuza. Why dismantle them when you can never really remove them and their influence from the country? Removing them entirely will simply leave a power vacuum in the underworld that will be promptly filled by the next group(s). Which could lead to fighting between them

Torrin Coulier

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Do pigs eat snakes?

Pigs will eat just about anything, so if they don’t feel threatened by it, they will certainly kill and eat a snake.

Amour Renard

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What animal kills snakes naturally in Australia?

Most of them. Snakes kill snakes naturally.. I own some species that ONLY eat snakes in the wild.

Most larger birds from magpies and kookaburras to raptors, cats and wild dogs, dingoes and many many other mammals.

Mary Nystrom

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In the film ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ is the scene of the turtle mutilation real?

Yes. I’ve never watched it, but I read about it happening it plenty of articles in great detail and I can say I would never want to witness it. About 5 other real animal deaths occured in the movie but the turtle death is the most memorable and violent. I believe you can get the animal cruelty one where these scenes are cut but the movie is still horrible.

Abraham Cardoza, Jr.

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Is it possible for snakes to eat turtles and how?

Not easily. The turtle can put its head and four feet inside the shell quite easily; you could kick or throw a turtle 50 yards and it would not be harmed. The shell is very, very hard, made of very thick polysaccharide/protein composition I think. Snakes eat bird eggs and other eggs quite easily. They can spit out the shells after digesting the meat. They can not do that with turtle shells, and there’s not much meat inside anyway, and they know that just from the smell, what little there is.

J.H. Hwang

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If the Japanese Yakuza have public addresses and offices, why don’t the police go and arrest them?

While its true that being in the Yakuza isn’t a crime, the main reason that they are left alone is because there will always be criminals and the police and government have an understanding with the Yakuza. In return the Yakuza keeps the violence limited among Yakuza and other shady people, meaning they leave the average normal joe alone. If the police were to aggressively tackle the Yakuza, theres a high chance that other ethnic minority gangs will gain power and the Japanese police would not know how or want to deal with these new ethnic gangs. Instead they can count on the Yakuza to keep et

Lorri Robinson

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Can a large turtle and/or tortoise kill human?

If one was dropped on your head, and from a high enough height, I imagine it could kill you if it weighed enough.

If you’re stupid enough to stick your wrist into an alligator snapping turtle’s mouth and it cut your arteries out in the wilderness, more than an hour from medical assistance, you could conceivably bleed to death.

I would also imagine if you were scuba diving and somehow got tangled up with a big enough sea turtle, then it decided to dive, you could drown or die from pressure or from surfacing too quickly.

But I think Death By Turtle/Tortoise would be a pretty rare event.

Jaxon Meers

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What makes Cannibal Holocaust more controversial than other horror films?

The movie was marketed as being a documentary and the actors from the movie all laid low when the movie came out so people would really think they died. The effects were so convincing the director was arrested on murder charges and had to explain to a court how he did the special effects and brought in the actors to show they weren’t really dead.

Also, animal cruelty such a turtle, pig and monkey being killed for real in the movie

Zoë Batchelor

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Do animals naturally avoid cannibalism?

Actually, weirdly enough, rarely at all. Most animals do cannibalise at some point during their lives, and often not even when food is short. I’m sure you have also heard of the black widow, where female spiders eat the males after mating with them, as an example.

Cannibalism seems to be more common in insects, and aquarists have to worry about keeping young fry with adults, but even animals more closely related to us do it. There are several species of mammal where the adult males will kill, and often eat, a female’s offspring to stimulate her oestrus cycle so he can mate with her. An example

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