Is Crowley going to return in season 13 of Supernatural?

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Is Crowley going to return in season 13 of Supernatural?

Vijay Balasubramanian

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With a heavy heart – no. I don’t think so.

Mark Shepherd plays Crowley. This is what he posted to Instagram after the season 12 finale.

SPN writers have never brought back a demon/knight killed in a fight. Correct me if I am wrong.

Even if Crowley returns, I doubt he ll be played by Mark Shepherd, which absolutely sucks.

So no the real Crowley in unlikely to return. 🙁

Thanks @Sritama Chowdhury for the A2A.

Edit :

Ya so he posted this on twitter and I didn’t see it. It is over. 🙁

Mary Hope Hadley

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He posted this on Twitter after Jim Michaels (SPN producer/director) jokingly (?) questioned the lasting nature of Crowley’s death in response to a good-bye tweet by Mark.

Mark also posted this after questions/ comments by fans continued.

So it seems pretty definitive to me, unfortunately. 🙁

Jenn Boyll

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Spoilers ahead!

Season 1: Saving people, hunting things, a demon killed mom whaaaat, crash.

Season 2: Dammit John, saving people, hunting things, Sam dies, Dean makes that damned deal, Sam lives, sweet revenge.

Season 3: Saving people, hunting things, Bad Things™ happen, freaking Lilith, Dean dies.

Season 4: HE LIVES, angels exist whaaat, Sam and Ruby WHAAAAAT, THE APOCALYPSE WHAAAAAAAT, saving people, hunting things, Bad Things™ happen, well Lucifer’s out of the bag— I mean, cage.

Season 5: The devil’s out and about, where’s God, saving people, hunting things, Sammy come join the dark side, Dean is Michael’s vessel and he’s not amused, Bad Things™ happen, also the Apocalypse is still on, “hey, assbutt”, Sam dies (or does he?).

Season 6: Dean has PTSD, oh wait Sam isn’t dead, saving people, hunting things, Sam just Doesn’t Care because he lacks soul, Bad Things™ happen, Castiel sucks up Purgatory and becomes a winged douchebag.

Season 7: Castiel thinks he’s God, Leviathan is actually lots of nasty leech monsters and they’re hellbent on taking over the world FYI, saving people, hunting things, Bad Things™ happen, CHARLIEEEE, Apocalypse 2.0, Dean and Cas end up in Purgatory.

Season 8: Dean smuggles a vampire out of Purgatory, everyone is looking for God’s Holy Cheat Codes (actually they’re tablets that have instructions on how to lock away demons or angels 4-evah), saving people, hunting things, THAT LARP EPISODE THO, Bad Things™ happen, the Trials make you stronger, Metatron isn’t a transformer – he’s just a dick who stole every angel’s grace before throwing them all out of Heaven.

Season 9: Ezekiel takes over Sam’s body in order to “heal” it but Sam doesn’t know, saving people, hunting things, Sam thinks he’s going crazy, Bad Things™ happen, Dean takes on the Mark of Cain and becomes a bloodthirsty d-bag, Angelic Civil War, Metatron gets locked up, and Dean becOMES A DEMON WHAAAAT.

Season 10: Dean is living the demon life, Sam politely asks him to stop… sort of, Bad Things™ happen, Dean isn’t a demon anymore (?), Sam and Dean quit hunting and that works out swimmingly (lol not), saving people, hunting things, Dean wants the Mark gone, apparently it’s the only thing keeping the Darkness at bay, Dean KILLS DEATH WHAAAAAT, hello Darkness my old friend…

Season 11: Bad Things™ happen, apparently the Darkness has a name and she’s called Amara, saving people, hunting things, also hunting Amara but she’s kinda got a thing for Dean (I mean, who doesn’t), also Carver Edlund is God (called it) but would like it if you’d call him Chuck, and Amara wants to destroy the world because God made it and she wishes he’d spent more time with her BECAUSE HE’S HER BROTHER WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT, and she hurts him but then Dean makes her feel bad about it so she apologizes and then Amara and Chuck disappear to their happy place, a Woman of Letters shows up and kills (?) Sam, Dean finds his mom in the woods whaaaaaat.

I haven’t watched season 12 yet, but I imagine it’s much of the same, Bad Things™ happening and keeping up the family business.

Edit: I started watching season 12. I was right.


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I think that maybe Mark won’t return but the show can cast someone else as Crowley (which according to me would be awful). IDK…… But the beef between Mark and the writers is quite bad….. But I want Crowley to return \U0001f62b\U0001f62b\U0001f62b

Lauren Keyson

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It’s very doubtful, in his Facebook and other posts he said goodbye to all of his fans and to what he calls his “supernatural family.” But for all of us hopefuls, who really want him to come back someday, does anyone really ever die in Supernatural? Mary was dead for her first several years on Supernatural only to be revived later!

Melanie Nicholson

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It’s quite possible.

Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Alexander Calvert, and many more have all said they’d make themselves available for a Supernatural movie in 2-5 years.

In fact, Jensen has several ideas that he’s discussed with Andrew Dabb, the current (former?) show runner, and Mark Pedowitz, the current head of TheCW.

Jensen will be in season 3 of The Boys, created and written by Eric Kripke, who also created and wrote for Supernatural.

Jared Padalecki is starring and exec-producing the reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger, which is slated to begin in January.

Misha Collins is devoting more time to his charity, Random Acts, his family, and voice over work.

Alex Calvert hasn’t released any professional info yet, but he’s young, attractive, and very talented. He won’t have to wait too long for the phone to ring. In the meantime, he’s assisting his friend Jenna Berman with her photography work.

While a reboot with the original cast might not happen, a movie seems very likely.

Thanks for the A2A.

Chris Anderson

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What do you think is going to happen to Castiel and Crowley in season 13 of Supernatural?

Crowley will be in a new meatsuit for sure if the character ever comes back (Mark Sheppard has stated he’s out for good). I think the Castiel that died was the one from universe B since he kinda died immediatly after coming through the portal and there was ample off screen time for this to be set up.

Benjamin Bedient

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I deeply apologize for what i am about to do.

Okay now that that that is out of the way I present to you perhaps the greatest ending in TV history. Now it’s the last episode of the last season. There was the real final battle in the second to last episode this time, And it can be against whoever you want. If you want a Final Michael Vs. Lucifer use that. Or the empty, or whatever you want. You pick. But it just has to big. Think shake-the-world big. Ok the last episode is going to be all resolutions. (this may seem boring now, but just wait I promise) So after the final evil is killed, I want reunions. A crap-load. Have Mary die so she and John can be in heaven. Maybe even have John tell Sam and Dean he’s sorry. I want everyone, Crowley, Charlie, Ellen, Jo, Garth, The psychic lady whose name I can’t remember, Amelia, everyone. Have Chuck and Amara come back together too, Use their powers to get everyone together. Use them to get back angels and Crowley. Have Crowley finally complete his arc and become a real man. Ok so lets put things into perspective. So Chuck gives Sam and Dean what they’ve always wanted: a way out. He gives dean Wings and grace, and make him the new angel leader. Chuck gives Sam the life he’s wanted. He makes it so that no one can bother him. Have him settle down with Amelia, or any girl it really doesn’t matter. Just make sure he’s really happy. Crowley shuts the gates of hell, and Rowena and her witches make all monsters easier to kill. The boys accomplish their lifelong goals. To rid the world of the things that go bump in the night. So got all that? Ok now’s the good part. So a little while after the reunion Dean talks to Sam on the Phone, as Sam is driving the Impala to his home and wife. Dean says he’s loving being upstairs, he’s in power, Cas and Jack are both there with him, he pops in on Mom and Dad occasionally. He also says that He and his angels are cleaning up the few remaining monsters. Then he mentions one more thing: Remember that final battle that I said was huge? Well Dean tells Sam that that kind of shook things up, some stuff really got messed up by all the power, things that shouldn’t happen happened. Dean says it’s good though. He says that the world lines got crossed and his old friend Benny came back from Purgatory. He says don’t worry about the rest, some demons came back from hell but they are being exorcised and killed as we speak. He says that there’s nothing to worry about. Sam is content with this. He tells Dean that he loves him and hangs up. He listens to some of his classic rock the rest of the way home. As he comes in he hears Amelia in the bathroom. He lays down and thinks about all the good he and his brother did in their time together and realizes that he wouldn’t trade it for the world. But right as he’s about to go to sleep we see…

Blood drips from the ceiling. not a lot, only a drop or two, and we don’t see what’s up there.

Cut to black.

Silence. No carry on my wayward son

No music

But just as the final credit rolls, something flashes on screen, for barely a moment. If you blink you’ll miss it.

It’s a pair of yellow eyes.

Megan May

Votes: 6740

From a writer’s perspective, it was time.

The show was supposed to end after season five episode twenty-two Swan Song. It wasn’t supposed to continue as the writers didn’t see any more plot lines they could write after the big bang of putting Michael and Lucifer in the cage. But, because of the fans, they continued the series to fifteen seasons.

Some of the plot lines were monotonous, as it gets when a show is on for so long. You start to run out of material, and I think the writers realized that was what was happening. Who would want to watch a show when they already know what’s going to happen?

Honestly, I’m surprised Supernatural lasted fifteen seasons in terms of writing.

From a fan’s perspective, I’m heartbroken.

While I didn’t start watching it in 2005 when the show premiered as I was only seven and shows like that were banned for me, I did start watching it when I was fourteen and just starting high school. Supernatural got me through a lot as a teenager and young adult. I connected so much with the characters and the story that I didn’t feel so alone in the world.

When I introduced it to my best friend, she was hooked. We bonded over it, and it’s still one of our shared loves despite our distance. We always talk about it, gushing over every new episode and all the fanfictions to read and which character we’re most like.

As someone who’s watched the show for nearly seven years now, it’s heartbreaking to see it go. It’s part of my weekly routine to sit down and watch Supernatural when it comes on TV or watch it’s recording if I’m late coming home from work. It’s become so a part of my DNA, I didn’t honestly think about it ending ever.

I always just assumed it would be like Doctor Who. Forever on-going even though some of the plot lines were repetitive because there was such a huge fan base for it.

But now, it’s ending, and it breaks my heart.

Excuse me while I go wipe this wet stuff off my face.


Votes: 3146

I love the whole series, but I still think season 5 was the best. That’s where it was supposed to end, according to the original plan. The man who created the show had always planned of Sam defeating Lucifer being the end, and it would have been a good place for that story to end. But I guess it was about the hight of the show’s popularity on television then, and no one wanted it to be over, so it stayed. Kripke passed the story he thought of so long ago onto writers he hoped would be able to keep the Winchester boys alive for as long as the audience watches, the stars play their characters, and the writers have a story to tell. But I love season 5 the most of the series because that’s when the apocalypse was averted by a boy that was not only supposed to be the Antichrist, and lead demon armies, but the boy overpowered the devil with his mind, and nothing more.

Amie Greenaway

Votes: 6310

Why was Crowley killed off on “Supernatural”?

Thanks for the A2A.

I wondered about this too. I really miss Crowley! He was my favorite bad guy/demon on the show and one of my very favorite characters of all time.

His exit was really great, touching, surprising and dramatic though!

Also I found this video where he explains the reasons he left the show.

(Video from YouTube)

Caitlin Betz

Votes: 4925

Yes. He’s the “Monster at the End of This Book” (as the aptly titled Chuck introduction episode, 4×18 would indicate).

Sam and Dean have gone up against pretty much every supernatural and spiritual big bad ever through the course of the series. The Four Horsemen, the Knights/Princes of Hell, Lilith, Cain, Leviathans, even Lucifer and the Darkness.

Who’s the one force they haven’t faced? God. And who’s the most fearsome, powerful entity in Supernatural, though He doesn’t often act like it? God. And who can bring back every creature Sam and Dean ever put in Hell? God.

Everyone knew on the show 15 was going to be their last, so the writers definitely want the show to go out strong. Chuck is a pretty fearsome dude despite his pettiness and seeming benevolence, so I’m sure Dean and Sam will have a lot to deal with.

Houvenaghel Hugo-Julien

Votes: 9995

What season of Supernatural do you think they should have ended it?

Realistically, end of the season 5, it was 5 very solid seasons.

Truthfully, I am happy it lasted 15 seasons and even if some of them were a lot weaker than others, we still got to explore more of the SPN universe and what it could give.

Stephania Savercool

Votes: 828

Supernatural will never end. It is a mirror to our faults, a haunting image we cannot ignore nor can we escape. It will continue on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

The year will be 3046. The world is dead. Nuclear war has happened. Supernatural is on it’s 1001st season. The main characters have been resurrected a minimum of 167 times each. In show they have been made immortal (are the actors immortal as well? Everyone is to afraid to ask). They have been genderbent, have had 300 seasons retconned, and Destiel is now a thing. (Was it a thing before? They cannot remember.) The show still does not have any significant female or minority characters. Most episodes still tend to start with a sexy blond in white being horribly murdered.

Supernatural does not end.

It is 5055. Supernatural had their 3000 episode. All the above statement is still true. One of the production team murders Misha, Jensen, and Jared. The show must die, they say. It must DIE.

It is 9087. Supernatural is still on. Misha, Jensen, and Jared sit down in front of cameras(or the future’s equivalent) and laugh about how they thought it would have ended at season five. They laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.

The world is dead.

Several million years later, the sun swallows the Earth. Supernatural is currently on a hiatus. They are planning their 41000th reboot. The actors go on and confirm that they will be returning for season 7.

The heat death of the universe. Every star is burnt out, taking the planets they held in their grasp with them. The universe spun and spun, galaxies spinning away in the void, and now they are all gone.


Just void.

Supernatural, however, is on their 3000000000679 season. Ratings look pretty good too. Misha and Jensen and Jared all go on a series of talk shows to promote it. Destiel is now a thing. They still do not have any notable female or minority characters. Each episode opens with a sexy blond in white being horribly murdered.

Clydella Birkholz

Votes: 3642

Nope. First, using the magic of the internet and a web browser, I consulted the Internet Movie Database ( to look up the filmography of Crowley’s actor, Mark Sheppard, to find that the last episode of Supernatural that Mark Sheppard had appeared in was Season 12, Episode 23, “All Along The Watchtower”

Then I rewatched it due to the magic of Netflix and high speed Internet. I did not do all that for you, I was bored and couldn’t decide what else to watch anyway and decided to refresh my own memory.

In the recap of the “road so far” in the first few min, it recapped how Crowley had recently managed to escape death when Lucifer had stabbed him with the Angle Blade, by smoking out of his human vessel just before getting stabbed with the Angle Blade and took refuge by smoking into a nearby rat, possessing it as a temporary vessel, and then later he smoked out of the rat and back into his already dead and buried human vessel, reanimating it, which is how he managed to be alive again at that point.

However, later in that same episode, when it came time to help Sam do the spell that would trap Lucifer again, the spell was missing a vital ingredient, a life, so Crowley avenged his mother by voluntarily sacrificing himself to complete the spell and trap Lucifer. Crowley stabbed himself with an Angle Blade to kill himself and complete the spell.

Vijay Balasubramanian

Votes: 7081

Coming back to.. as in returning to the series? – No.

Coming back to.. as in starring in a short, awesome cameo? – Maybe.

The Season 13 is rumored to be their last though there is no official word on it. So they might want to finish on a high as a thank back to their loyal fans.

Season 13 is almost certain to include – Mary, Castiel, Lucifer, Chuck, Amara, Jody, Claire, Bobby and the British MOL high command.

So the good to have list is – Benny, John Winchester, Gabriel, Crowley(sniff!), Charlie and Bela(yes I kinda have a thing for the hottie called Lauren Cohan).

Melanie Nicholson

Votes: 4568

The archangel, Michael will be played by Christian Keyes (Levi Sterling from Saints And Sinners).

This new version of Michael is dangerous, frightening, and war-weary. He has allowed the angels in his command to destroy Earth, and all the humans once under their protection. This Michael is from a dimension where Mary Campbell never made the deal with Azazel to save John Winchester, and Sam and Dean were never born.

Andrew Dabb, the show’s executive producer/head writer has said we’ll see a few familiar faces, but we won’t recognize their behaviors. Castiel being one of the main out-of-character shockers for the season 13 opener, scheduled for October 12, 8/7c on TheCW.

Sanjeev Malik

Votes: 1996

Supernatural will end when it’s popularity goes down, which does not seem to be the case right now. After all, we are still crazy to see the story of those 2 brothers, and now, it even have Mary(their mother). The scope has been extended by bringing in the British Men of Letters, and, of course, Lucifer’s kid. So, let’s wait to see what they will offer in next season.

Edit: After watching season 12, I came to the conclusion that the series is gearing towards it’s end. Sad to see the great tale of two brothers go, but It feels like next season, or season 14 will be it’s last. But it is still good to see that the series is not being rushed just because it needs to end.


Votes: 2053

Original Bobby: Most likely not. He was moved from Hell to Heaven in Season 8, so he wouldn’t have been one of the souls released when God opened it up. There’s no reason for him to show up for a major role, and even a minor role might seem shoehorned in.

I’ve always wondered, though: would Original Bobby have liked Jack or reacted the same way to Mary’s death? How different would he be from his alternate self? Maybe we could get to see that in S15.

AU Bobby: Definitely. Bobby and his group of hunters had set out to kill Jack and are most likely still out looking by the time Hell is opened up, so that little ‘subplot’ is still left hanging.

And, if my hopes are right and Season 15 gives Jack a redemption arc, then AU Bobby (and everyone else who’d suffered from Mary’s death) would definitely need to be there for it.

Ahmed Mauri

Votes: 8252

To put simply — we don’t know.

However, we can reasonable guess he might. Let’s look at what we know.

Personally, I hope that Michael comes back. I’d look to see the possible storyline the writers give him.


Votes: 4886

Is Crowley a normal demon in Supernatural?

Yes, he is normal demon before upgrade. At first, he is very normal demon, but then he will become crossroads demon king. He will be appearing in supernatural series as ‘Crossroads demon king’ when Lucifer comes out of his cage to destroy world. In the following season, he will be appearing as ‘King of hell’ . He will be upgraded by some prince of hell which will be shown in later seasons. The more seasons you watch, the more Crowley’s character starts growing on you. #SPN

Celia M

Votes: 3879

Why did Crowley injected himself with human blood in season 9 of Supernatural?

At the end of the previous season, Sam almost “cured” Crowley of being a demon by a process that involved injecting him with sanctified human blood. Although the process wasn’t completed, near the end of the attempt, Crowley had regained much of his ability to feel human emotions.

Evidently, Crowley discovered afterward that injecting himself with human blood gave him that ability to “feel” again for a while. For example, he would inject and then watch a sad movie, so he could cry. It became like an addiction for him, with emotions as the “high” he was seeking.

Lili Booth

Votes: 5704

What do you want to see in the last 7 episodes of Supernatural?

I want one thing, no matter what else happens. I want Sam and Dean to either die together and we see them in their heaven (soulmates, y’know, can be platonic), or I want to see them shut that trunk one more time while saying “We got work to do.”

if it ends and they are forever separated from each other….well, let’s just say I won’t be happy with Andrew Dabb. Or the CW.

Neal Putnam

Votes: 6399

Who does Sam end up with in Supernatural?

We don’t know yet because the coronavirus pandemic halted production in March from taping the last 7 episodes of “Supernatural,” according to the latest TV Guide.

The 15th and final season was supposed to air and that would be the end of it had it not been for the coronavirus.

Good news, though! Supernatural will come back in the fall to air its last 7 episodes. TV Guide says 5 of the 7 episodes have now been taped, although they need to do work on them still.

The final conflict between Jack, who was the devil’s powerful son, and Chuck, who appears to be an imperfect God, is still pending. TV Gui

Jagmohan Keshari

Votes: 3115

What happened to Amara (The Darkness) after she was released from the cage in the TV show Supernatural?

Amara took the form of a little girl whom Crowley took under his wings. He wanted to nurture her and wanted to use her superpowers for his selfish needs. She grew up so fast and went out of his control. Then she left him and went on a search for her brother Chuck (God). She wanted to punish Chuck for keeping her in a cage for millions of years. Sam, Dean, Castiel, Lucifer, Rowena and Chuck all tea

Debanjali Dey

Votes: 665

Should I watch Supernatural Season 10?

Well you know, Supernatural was originally to be ending at season 5.

Are you familiar with the topic of Permutations and Combinations in maths ? Well if not check once.

Supernatural is doing P&C with characters, killing them off, doing things which make no sense. That show will have a special place in my heart, it will be my favourite show. But If you’re and ardent fan do watch it.

Also, if you don’t watch season 10, it’s okay but just don’t miss the Episode 5 of season 10, Fanfiction ! That’s the name of the episode. It’s to mark this beautiful journey and Dean, Dean and his funny take on the mo

Neele Beh

Votes: 5084

Did they revive Castiel in season 13, or is he going to stay dead?

I’m totally against spoilers, but yes they did revive him. Jack called out for him and he woke up in “The Empty”.

Niccolò Machiavelli

Votes: 1720

Did Crowley die in season 12?

Spoilers for the end of season 12






Yes, he did. They were trying to trap Lucifer in a parallel universe and the only way to close the door to that universe, a door that unborn Jack had created at the time, was to use a spell that needed a sacrifice. Crowley did not tell Sam, Dean, or Cass about it until it was to late for the boys to stop him. Crowley’s last moments was somewhat of a self redemption for everything that he had done up to that point.

Adam Woods

Votes: 4878

In Supernatural, is Sam a cambion?

So, a cambion is the offspring of a incubus, succubus or other demon.

Sam has two human parents. He was chosen. Dean probably could have been chosen as they share the same genetic stock. Mainly that they are both descended from multiple strong lines making them the perfect ultimate vessels for angels. Specifically, the two most powerful arch-angels.

Robert A. Wood

Votes: 9268

Is there a sixteenth season of “Supernatural”?

Yes and NO, due to the Covid19 shut downs of all Productions on TV/Movies many shows were not able to finish their current seasons. While season 15 was to be Supernaturals final season and rap things up, the shut down did not allow them to finish filming the last 3 episodes and so the show ended its season 15 run on episode 15 leaving 7 more episodes to air, since production on the final 3 episodes won’t start again until mid July or possibly August its possible that the final 7 episodes won’t air until 2021 which could be considered a short season 16 since they had to end season 15 early or i


Votes: 4475

Is Supernatural going to return to TV this year?

There MIGHT be a spin-off in the future but there is nothing definite, but even if it happens it will not be Supernatural (2005–2020).

Supernatural is OVER.

It is DONE.

No more seasons.

Sam and Dean are riding around in Baby in “Heaven”.

S. A. Wilson

Votes: 1852

How many more seasons of Supernatural can we expect?

I’ve heard that we’ve been renewed for season thirteen! Hooray!

EDIT: The CW says that it’s a possibility that they’ll end it after season fourteen, or 300 episodes. They said they could go on and on with the show and still have good ratings nd lots of support, but they want to do it justice and end it right. Memorably. Personally, I’m worried that it’ll end before I can go to a convention with my equally obsessed aunt.

McKayla Kennedy

Votes: 1065

Where can I watch Supernatural Season 14?

At the time I’m writing this (February 7, 2019) only 13 episodes of season 14 have been released.

So if you’re looking for the full season, either invent time travel or just cool your jets until late April 2019.

The easiest way to catch new episodes of Supernatural air on the CW channel on Thursdays (times vary by location). The CW tends to replay episodes at least a couple times a month, so catching up might not be too bad.

If you don’t have a TV subscription, episodes are available through the CW app or website for free (with copious commercials, of course).

Finally, episode from Supernatural se

Caitlin Betz

Votes: 8353

Is Supernatural worth watching after season 5?

Personally, I think you should watch and judge for yourself. But, since you are clearly curious and wanting an answer, I would say: yes.

Now, none of the recent seasons have even been able to even touch 1–5, at least in my opinion, but, honestly, I love the characters so much that I keep coming back for more. My advice to you is, if you are invested in the show and the characters by season 5 and are still interested in seeing what the later seasons bring, keep watching! After all, there is nothing wrong with continuing until you are bored or lose interest. I myself have never lost complete inte

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