Was Prince Charles weak as depicted in the series ‘The Crown’?

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Was Prince Charles weak as depicted in the series ‘The Crown’?

Raf Young

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How many have thought that, if Prince Charles had been killed in the 1988 avalanche that claimed the life of his equerry, that the heir to the British throne would be Prince Andrew?

Hopefully nobody has thought that. Because it wouldn’t have been true. It is in fact spectacularly, hilariously wrong.

Prince William was born in 1982. Prince Harry was born in 1984.

From the moment of each of their births, William and Harry were ahead of Andrew in the order of succession.

After Charles comes his first son; after William come his children. Then Harry, and his. Then Andrew.

Not happening. Was never going to. Wouldn’t have in 88, wouldn’t now.

Nor Reza

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The fact that he is the “longest serving heir apparent” in not just Britain but correct me if I’m wrong in the comments, also world history.

Other heirs throughout history had to “quickly assume the mantle” because their rulers died or had to step down due to various reasons.

I suppose it depends on one’s point of view.

Charles was either lucky or unlucky in that he was born in an age where the life expectancy of the ruling monarch is “reliably high”.

Tamara Walsh

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I don’t know that I would characterize him as weak. When he was young, particularly in the Gordonstoun years, I think he was shy, and felt isolated. Since maturing, he seems to have come into ownership of his identity. He is no longer shy, but remains introverted, and likes his alone time, fishing, reading, painting. I think he is much happier overall, finally being married to the woman he has loved for such a long time. He seems to have been well-prepared for his future role, and I think he will do well, and be a steady, thoughtful king who will serve the realm and its people well.

Clive GordonScott McIntoshClive Anderson

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Scotland Yard is a building. It is the HQ of the Metropolitan Police and is not very good at arresting people. Why do you want the police AND the police to arrest him? One set of police is enough.

Furthermore, he has not been accused of any crimes. Police are only interested in crime. That’s what they deal with. He may have been very silly and associated with unsuitable friends, but that isn’t a crime. He has not faced any criminal charges, either in the UK or the USA, because there isn’t any evidence of any. Do try to understand this.

So what do you want him to be arrested for? What charge do you allege should he face?

He has been sued, and agreed to pay damages to avoid more damage to his family. That is a matter of civil law, not criminal law. Learn the difference.

Look, if the king tells the police to arrest him, the first thing they’re going to ask is “what is he supposed to have done wrong that is an actual criminal offence?” And answer there will be none.

Ernest W. Adams

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I don’t know if he was physically weak, but he was (and is) quiet, shy, thoughtful, courteous, and sensitive—the very opposite of his crass bully of a father.

A prince, above all a crown prince, is very much under the thumbs of his royal parents. His brothers and sisters can rock the boat a bit, but expectations on the heir to the throne are absolutely colossal. Charles did not have the force of personality to fight his parents, and it wouldn’t have done him much good even if he had. The entire palace hierarchy was chivvying him down a path laid out for him from birth.

Andy Johnson

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Can Prince Charles and his wife sleep soundly, knowing they are responsible for Princes William and Harry’s children never meeting their maternal grandmother?

Two people are to blame:

There are lots of ways to assassinate someone, but this isn’t one of them.

Claire Jordan

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Is the crown going to skip Charles?

Not unless he dies before his mother, or becomes so medically or mentally infirm that he can’t carry out his duties. And in the latter case he’d probably still be king, but William would be his Regent.

Chrissie Nyssen

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Christ on a bike, not this rubbish yet again. Where do you people get this nonsense from? This is asked and answered on here at least 3 times a day. The answer is always the same. It has not changed since the last time it was asked (about half an hour ago).

There will be NO abdications. There will be NO “skipping a generation”, there will be NO “passing over Charles”, there will be no proclamations, naming of successors, handing over crowns, military coups, duels, jousts to the death, public votes, beauty pageants, popularity contests, lotteries or any of the other Disney rubbish that you people seem to think is going to happen here.

The line of succession is laid down IN LAW. That is what we have a Parliament for. Charles cannot abdicate a) until he is King and b) without the consent of Parliament. That is how it works. He does not get a choice in the matter.

And he has never, ever expressed anything that would even hint that he has any intention to abandon his duty to his country and his people. It may have escaped your notice, but “abdication” is about the filthiest word that could ever be uttered within the Royal Family. You are actually being very disrespectful to even think that Charles would do anything so crass.

And again, it has probably escaped your notice that as the Queen gets older, she is handing over more and more of her duties to her son anyway. He is practically doing the job of King right now. The Royals are dedicated people of integrity. They do not live by childish Disneyesque whims.

Laura Warwick Martin

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Why can’t you hug the Queen of the UK?

Queen Elizabeth is 93 years old, she is (presumably) not related to you, why would you even think to “hug” her?

So, aside from that, because you cannot just go up to people you do not know and hug them, even if they are among the most famous people in the planet. Do you think of hugging Angelina Jolie; Madonna; Kylie; Mrs Trump? All equally famous women, why single out Her Majesty for your (unwanted) attentions?

Then of course, the other thing that these ladies all have in common is bodyguards, who WILL hug you, as they wrestle you to the floor before bundling you off to a prison cell or a psychiatrist office, or in the case of some of the celebrity ladies, into a hospital room.

But most importantly, for me at least, is it shows complete lack of respect, something that is disappearing from our world at an alarming rate sadly,

Eileen Wood

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Why shouldn’t I have a deeper loathing for Prince Charles after watching Season 4 of the Crown?

Why shouldn’t I have a deeper loathing for Prince Charles after watching Season 4 of the Crown?

We can only hope you’re smart enough not allow fictional television programs to form your opinions of people, places, and things.

Chrissie Nyssen

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Why is Prince William not taking up the throne?

Because his grandmother and father are still alive.


Elizabeth Davies

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I think there is definitely a “soft” takeover going on in the GB monarchy. As HM is in her mid 90’s and shielding because of the pandemic, more of the public appearances are falling on her descendants. Prince Charles has taken a much higher profile recently; he and the Duchess have been here, there and everywhere representing the monarchy. As Charles is taking on more of the Queen’s duties, William is stepping up to take over leadership of the duchy of Cornwall, and taking on the more “youthful” aspects of the work of the Crown. HM will never abdicate, and unless her health deteriorates sufficiently to warrent a Regency, when Charles will officially take on all of her responsibilities, I think this softly softly method of gradually relieving her of all but the core duties will continue.

Chrissie Nyssen

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What does the Queen or the British Royal Family think of the series “The Crown”? Do they watch it? Did they approve it?

The Queen of England has NEVER watched “The Crown”. I know this for a fact, because they didn’t have tellies in 1714.

Laura Warwick Martin

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What is “The Goon Show” and why was it supposed to be Prince Charles’s favorite program?

The Goon Show was a radio show back in the fifties, imagine the forerunner of Monty Python but on radio, the main chaos makers were Peter Sellars, Harry Secombe, Michael Bentine and the brilliant Spike Milligan. They kept audiences rolling with laughter much the same as the Python boys did decades later. It was not supposed to be Prince Charles favourite radio show, it was and he even made a guest appearance.

Paul Hackshaw

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Will the royal family face fading into irrelevance after the crown is passed to Prince Charles?

The Royal family is not a reality show or a popularity contest. Charles reign will likely be short and then followed by William and George. The Royal family is not going anywhere.

Elizabeth Davies

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Is the Prince of Wales considered a crown prince?

Yes, in effect he is our Crown Prince, because he is the first heir to the throne, but it is not a style we use. Just as in other countries, we have a title reserved for the crown prince, which is Prince of Wales. The Netherlands use Prince of Orange, Belgium has the Duke of Brabant, Spain has Prince of the Asturias, France used to have the Dauphin. Countries which do not have a special title, will use the title Crown Prince, or Hereditary Prince. It’s just custom.

Courtney Davies

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King George VI met Prince Charles.

Prince Charles was born in 1948, and His Majesty was able to spend four years with him until his death in 1952.

By most accounts, he was a devoted grandfather who had an “deep interest” in the wellbeing and upbringing of his grandchildren.

Laura Warwick Martin

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Is the Crown accurate?

No. The Crown is a work of fiction, places and incidents either didn’t occur or are filmed out of sequence to cause scandal. The maker is a known anti-Royalist, he was asked, politely, to make it known, probably at the end of each episode, that this is not based on fact. He refused.

No member of the Royal Family, nor anyone who actually knows the family, or who was present at any of these so-called meetings, has ever colluded with the making of this drivel.

As a work of fiction it could probably be heralded as a good dark comedy, as a work of fact it is rubbish.

Jeffrey D Stamp

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Would the Queen watch The Crown?

I have it on Royal Authority that Her Majesty does not watch ‘The Crown.’

Her Majesty did, however, view Helen Mirren’s portrayal in ‘The Queen,’ and quite approved of the performance. She chatted with Ms. Mirren about it, after bestowing the actress with The Order of the British Empire (Dame Commander)

Jeffrey D Stamp

Votes: 3112

The Prince of Wales has long been wrongfully maligned as weak, incapable and when young, overly sensitive.

This misconception is partly due to HRH Prince Philip’s inability to relate to his son during his child’s early years.

To that, I dare say The Duke of Edinburgh has never completely been able to relate to The Sovereign or the Heir to the Throne.

He is from a deposed, unseated Royal family and has always had difficulty relating to and fitting into a Reignant family.

In addition, HRH Prince Charles suffered and continues to suffer the slings and arrows of the late Lady Diana Spencer’s well oiled and manipulated public image machine.

Nothing could be further from the truth. HRH Prince Charles is steady, reliable, trustworthy, well educated, a very fine father and grandfather, who will rightfully and most capably Ascend the Throne at the appointed time.

Georgina Davies

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Where does ‘The Crown’ get it wrong with respect to the relationship between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles?

The Crown is a multi million dollar production that generates hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. The only people who have any actual knowledge of these relationships have not contributed in any shape or form to the drama, so at best we have a script based on speculation, or at worse, a cynical interpretation of events with the intention of generating outrage, thus securing more viewrs🤣.

Frances De La Rue

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I think he still is. He has two women propping him up now. Mommy since birth and a woman he has lusted after for years. To be fair, Queen Elizabeth has too much to do these days than to actively prop him up, now that the end is near.

Chairunnisa Amanda

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Has Prince Charles worn a crown in the past, or will the first time be at his coronation?

January 12, 2021

He wore the coronet of the Prince of Wales at his investiture in 1969 at Caernarvon castle in Wales. The usual crown for that investiture had been spirited away by his uncle the Duke of Windsor, so the new one was created for the investiture, designed by his uncle Lord Snowdon, the husband of Princess Margaret. He was a photographer and artist, and as I remember had much to do with the design of the setting of the whole investiture.

The coronet had such an odd theatrical fantasy design, unlike any traditional royal headgear, that it might have been the basis for Charles’ dislike

Claire JordanLynne Bailey

Votes: 5556

When Queen Elizabeth died, did Charles being crowned King immediately without a waiting period feel like — it was a little too soon? Do you think Queen Elizabeth would have wanted that to happen so fast?

If you were the second child in a family, and your older sibling died, would you expect that there would be a waiting period before you became the oldest surviving sibling, or would you understand that it happens instantly?

Monarchy is like that. The instant a King or Queen Regnant dies, their heir becomes monarch, because the monarch is simply the oldest surviving person in the direct line of succession. The instant the Queen died, Charles was now the oldest surviving in the direct line, and therefore monarch.

The actual coronation, however, takes place next May. It’s a bit like a graduation ce


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What is the problem between Prince Andrew and Prince Charles?

Other answers have said, “nothing to see, move along”.

I disagree.

Charles and Andrew have the same parents but have had extremely different circumstances.

Even though Charles was born while his mother was Princess, she spent very little time with him. She went on a long tour abroad and also lived in Malta while he stayed behind in the UK. Publicly she greeted him with a pat on the head, when she first saw him when she returned from these long absences abroad.

Charles was raised by nannies and his father let him know from his very first memories that Charles’s nature was a disappointment to him. C

Carolyn Devine

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What is the historical accuracy of The Crown (TV series) with regards to King Charles? Is he really as bad as he is portrayed to be?

Nothing in The Crown is true – it was written by a republican to destroy the Royal Family . But he was quite happy to accept his CBE!

Ben Freeman

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Why does Sarah Ferguson live at Buckingham Palace if she’s divorced from Andrew?

Sarah, Duchess of York shares a home with Prince Andrew called Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park, roughly 3 miles from Windsor Castle.

Now Royal Lodge is a substantial property, it had, in 1931, 8 bedrooms and a total of 35 rooms and was the home of the then Duke and Duchess of York who went on to become King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother).

Prince Andrew has his office and a small suite of rooms at Buckingham Palace as do a number of other Royals.

It is known they are very close even after their divorce.

Ernest W. Adams

Votes: 8243

Can Charles refuse to be king?

Not without a change in the law. Parliament, not the monarch, determines the rules of succession. If they say he’s the next king, then he is. He could ask Parliament to change the law, or he could abdicate once he actually is king. But there’s nothing he can do on his own at the moment.

Elaine Harris

Votes: 4029

Decades from now when Archie becomes Duke of Sussex after Prince Harry passes away, will Princess Meghan become the Queen Mother being the mother of a current Duke?

No, she’ll forever be known as Princess PINOCHIO

Gill Bullen

Votes: 5770

Why did the Queen abandon Prince Charles to go live in Malta? Was Anne conceived there?

I think that’s a pretty harsh way of putting it!

The then Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip lived on Malta quite a lot of the time during the early years of their marriage, while he was still in the Royal Navy as a serving officer and based there, and had a very happy time there. When she became Queen in 1952, unexpectedly early, all that ended, of course, and he gave up his career to be a full-time support to her.

Prince Charles was born in 1948, and Princess Anne in 1950. Their mother was quite often away on assorted Royal duties even then, before she became Queen, and during that time, Pri

David Wallace

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Who crowned King Charles?

Nobody yet. A formal coronatìon ceremony is likely in 2023. Meantime, it doesn’t require a ceremony for Charles to be king. All it takes is for his mother to die. The moment she did so, Charles became His Majesty King Charles III of the United Kingdom and other realms. No crowning necessary,

Alan Martin

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Will William become Prince of Wales when Charles becomes King and will Harry eventually become the Duke of York?

What will happen when Charles takes the throne.

William will become the Duke of Cornwall and the Duke of Rothesey. Both of those Dukedoms confer automatically to the son of the Monarch, so William won’t have to wait on them. Cornwall/Rothesey will also become his primary title, since they are the higher Dukedoms (think first among equals), and therefore his title will change from Duke of Cambridge to Duke of Cornwall (possibly it’ll combine the two and become Duke of Cambridge and Cornwall).

Sometime after, Charles III will likely create William as the Prince of Wales. This is not automatic, and

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