What are snakes’ greatest predators?

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What are snakes' greatest predators?

Rosco Johns

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I am a New Zealand expat living in Sumatra Indonesia. I have come from a country where you could perhaps get injured by a wild boar if hunting in the forest but that’s about as dangerous a land animal you will find.

Here in Sumatra I have wild elephants about 16 klm to my North and live with the knowledge a local villager was killed by a tiger only 60klm away to my east about 2 years ago. Here it is not uncommon to encounter monkeys, squirrels, Asian Water Monitors, Cobra and Python Snakes and Scorpions on our property but about 8 months ago we were given a wild puppy. He was found alone on my wife’s rubber plantation by one of the workers and we fell in love with him.

His name is Bootz

And he goes with us everywhere except on planes.

But the one thing Bootz has shown on four occasions in his short life is his ability to kill Cobra snakes

Seriously, he turns into a monster when there are snakes around. An absolutely different dog

But in saying that, I would go for the Asian water monitor lizard as the snakes greatest predator here. Simply because it swallows them whole, where Bootz tends to chew them a little bit

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Mongoose only!!

They are shy animals and I wonder how furious they become when they see Snakes!!

Could be spotted in rural belts of India a lot easier than the backyard of your vicinity if it’s all greenery around.

Kay Birkinshaw

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I shall deal with the continent of Australia. In no particular order:

Birds of prey ( including kookaburras and magpies)

Other snakes

Introduced species (such as dogs, cats, foxes)

And humans (including cars etc).

I looked up crocodiles, but could only find references to the reverse! But yes, crocodiles.

If you mean greatest as in size, then maybe this:

Photographer unknown.

I hope this helps!

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The snake’s biggest enemy: the mongoose

As one of the three animals not afraid of snake venom, the mongoose is immune to almost all venomous snakes. It is said that even its close relatives, 16 species of mongoose, are not afraid of snake venom. The relationship between the mongoose and the snake is worse than between the cat and the mouse. And it also specializes in provoking venomous snakes. Even if it has a bulging belly, as long as it sees a snake, it will still tease the snake and eventually kill it mercilessly. Even the cobra with a violent neurotoxin, the mongoose is not afraid at all.

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Birds of Prey

Crested Caracara

Honey Badger

Barred Owl

Red Tailed Hawk


King Cobra

Brown Snake Eagle


Short-Toed Snake Eagle

King Brown / Mulga Snake

Beaudouin’s Snake Eagle

Elisha Harris

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The answer to your question is other snakes are their greatest predator you could say birds but birds only function at during the day maybe an hour will take a small snake during night time but that doesn’t happen too often Badgers can take some snakes but their main Predator is other snakes King Snake will take out a rattlesnake and you have cobras taking out other snakes so yeah they that is what their main diet consists of his other snakes and they can hunt during the day or night to eat another snake

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It’s so close, birds, mongoose and badgers besides humans that capture them to use as pets and to eat.

Most dangerous are the birds that have the best view from the sky, I mean there are more types of birds that hunt snakes so birds are snakes greatest predator.

Zack Mwangi

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Many animals seem to enjoy a snake. Some have a greater appetite for a snake more than others.

Humans for instance have enjoyed this sumptuous meal for a while now. Though this is not universally practised by humans. Due to this, they don’t feature in top ten list of snakes’ greatest predators.

One animal that I am sure has to make top three in the list is the Honey Badger. This animals takes bad attitude for breakfast, anger for lunch and savagery for supper.

Honey badgers are resistance to snake venom. They have a hard thick skin literally. Their skins are 6 millimetres thick. They are feared and fearless mostly because of this fact.

If you meet a honey badger run!

Andre Casado

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I’m surprised that no one has said this yet!

“The one snake to rule them all and in the darkness paralyse them and eat them!”

“For it walks through the valley of the shadow of snake death, it fears no snake-evil for thy blood, saliva, and fangs protects it and thy hunger feeds on the snake-evil!”

Blue Coral Snake!

This snake exclusively eats other venomous snakes, some of the worst are on its menu; and is the only snake with “no anti-venom”! Don’t get bitten!

It has the longest venom glands of all terrestrial snakes! Cobras are afraid of this snake! In fact this snake feeds on young King Cobras and

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In Texas . . . .it’s squirrels.

Don’t never mess with a Texas squirrel . . .

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Human beings. Hands down. Humans tend to want to kill whatever they don’t understand because of fear this is why it’s important to spread knowledge.

Caitlyn MilesDonna FernstromEduardo G P Fox

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Are snakes the weakest among all other predators?

My Udon is a ridiculous creature.

She is silly and harmless and I really enjoy watching her explore. She is about as domesticated as snakes get being a royal python.

However, today she pooped while I was at work, so i come home and check on her to find she’s slithered past it and gotten a bit smeared on her side. Once you’ve had an animal a few months, seeing their poop is less “Ew! So gross!” And more “yay! She is healthy!”, so I scoop her up and take her to the sink to give her a quick rinse (in warmish water). Udon isn’t a fan of bath time apparently, because the second I lower my wrist, whic

Liz Dube

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I would say birds

Eben Visser

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In Africa it is Mongoose

Honey badgers


and of course, the Secretary bird.

as well as other snakes.

Snakes seem to have a hard time here. They are not often eaten by humans though.

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The list of predators who enjoy a snake feast is not just a group of animals. Dogs, cats, hedgehogs, humans and more fancy the snake feast. Below is a list of 12 common wild animals who makes snakes a part of their regular diet. All photographs are google images, not my own. Unknown photographers.

These reptiles are obligate carnivores, which means that they only eat meat. Another threat that snakes pose to other animals, including humans, is the venom in their fangs.

However, while snakes are lethal, they’re not apex predators. There are many animals that prey on snakes and love eating them. So

Del M Worral

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Really speaks for itself doesn`t it.

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Predator will not be the accurate word to use here. Human beings are destroying the habitat of snakes at such a rapid pace I don’t think any other real Predator is doing as much harm as human beings are doing to the natural environment of snakes.

Ene Assumtermario Ogwuche

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The top ten snake killers, in order, are:

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Coyotes, hunting birds (owls, falcons, eagles…) and maybe cats. Dogs generally don’t do as well as cats and birds, but a hungry dog will go for it anyway.

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