What are some good chasers for Crown Royal?

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What are some good chasers for Crown Royal?

John Heeg

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More Crown Royal. Maybe a little water, cause “you know you’re pretty high when your mouth is getting dry.” – George Thorogood, although he’d say chase it with, “one bourbon, one scotch and one beer.”

Zach Elko

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Far be it from me to tell someone else how to live their life, but in my opinion, if you require a chaser, you should likely avoid Crown Royal and drink something a few shelves down.

Evan Lucas

Votes: 7888

If you’re stealing it from your dad then use soda (Coke, Ginger Ale, Sprite/7Up). If none of this is available, juice will knock out the taste but they won’t combine well.

If you’re buying Crown Royal with the intention of chasing it, you are wasting your money. I would recommend Seagram’s 7.

Dave Reynolds

Votes: 1028

Step One: Don’t drink Crown Royal

Step Two: There is no step two

If you need a chaser for a whiskey, then it means you either haven’t’ acclimated to whiskeys or you’re drinking bad whiskeys.

Enjoy the alcohol you drink. Spend more for good alcohol. If you don’t enjoy CR enough to drink neat, try upgrading to a better whiskey. You’ll be surprised how much better whiskeys taste when you spend a bit more money than the cheap shit.

Linda Fitzjohn

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How does a royal remove their crown?

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Stupid question.

Josef Sheridan

Votes: 1918

What can I mix Crown Royal with?

Anything you like. Ginger ale would be nice, as far as I’m concerned. How about some soda? Maybe go look up some cocktail recipes. I’m partial to the occasional Manhattan.

Don’t listen to whisky snobs telling you to only drink it neat or with ice or a little water. Besides, Crown Royal is a nice enough blended whiskey, but it’s not 21 year-old single malt and hardly needs such steps taken.

You bought it, you drink it the way it pleases you to.

Marc Wilson

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Why are some whiskeys spelled ‘whisky’?

Whisky – ScotlandWhiskey – Ireland, USA, Canada.

The original whiskeys that went to the New World had a mostly Irish origin, and inherited the spelling.

Scotland has always done without the E. If you see “Scotch Whiskey” on a bottle, it’s fake, and quite possibly actively dangerous.

Paul Harrison

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What would I have to do to get a chance to try on the actual crown from England?

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Ron NadelRainier Sauer

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I’m going to rephrase your question, and then answer it. I’ll then challenge the notion of “neat”.

Q: “Why do so many people prefer their whisk(e)y neat?”

Q: What is “neat?”

But what is in the bottle may already have water added. Spirit that was aged in barrels (to mellow the spirit and add complexity and flavors) was originally something like 65-70% alcohol. Some of the alcohol evaporates through the pores of the wood barrel over time, and so what comes out of the barrel is probably 58-60-something percent alcohol. That is called cask strength and is the purist expression of the aged spirit.

Unless the whisk(e)y is bottled at cask strength (from the barrel right to the bottle), many whiskies are diluted to around 43%-46% when bottled. Some are even diluted to 40% (but not below that, by law, since it is no longer classified as whisk(e)y below 40%). The water dilutes the alcohol as well as the flavors.

This is a trade-off. Alcohol molecules surround the flavor compounds, interfering with the ability to experience the flavor compounds in a couple of ways, and when they add water during bottling, there is less interference balanced against diluted flavor.

Cask strength spirits will definitely reveal subtleties with several added drops of water, “opening” the whisk(e)y flavors (releasing them from the grasp of the alcohol). Adding drops of water will “open up” the whisk(e)y flavors. At 40% even, there still is a benefit, or opening, with added drops of water. Some people feel, after adding drops, that the spirit isn’t as strong. This is because, with alcohol molecules surrounding flavor compounds, there is a disproportionate amount of alcohol in the initial sips. But this opens the surface to allow more flavors to appear.

Adding ice “closes” flavors, because it cools the liquid and reduces the amount of vapors; 99% of what we taste is derived from what we smell. Colder temperature also dampens taste in the mouth.

Mixing spirits with liqueurs and/or Vermouth, coke, bitters, etc., adds other flavors while masking the subtler flavors in the spirit. Another trade-off. Many less expensive whiskies are thus made with a basic prominent flavor, with less subtle complexity, and are intended to be, or are best experienced, mixed as part of a cocktail. This blending of flavors can be delicious in its own right.

Experience is really the only, and best way to determine what you prefer with a particular spirit. But you can probably infer that craft spirits, bottled at higher ABV, not mass produced, aged in quality barrels, will reveal more complex flavors when taken neat, with a few drops of water to open them up. Talking with an experienced Whisky Ambassador for recommendations helps.

Here is a simple flavor wheel that gives some idea of the subtle flavors that can be experienced with well-made whisk(e)y and are most easily discerned when neat.


Brazen Hussy Joanne Babic

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What kind of alcohol is Crown Royal?

Crown Royal is blended Canadian Whiskey.

It’s also known as Seagram’s Crown Royal, created by Seagram and owned by Diageo since 2000. It is produced at Gimli, Manitoba and blended and bottled in Amherstburg, Ontario. It comes in 13 varieties and there are four discontinued varieties.

Crown Royal is famous for the coveted drawstring bags the bottle comes in inside the distinctive gold box. Each variety has it’s own colored bag. During the Covid pandemic many of these bags found their way to becoming material to make masks out of. The main use for the bags after the bottle of whiskey has been liberated is usually for a child to store their marbles, rocks, or other small treasures in. At one time the bags were made of blue velvet.

Crown Royal was first created in 1939 for the Royal Tour of Canada by King George VI and his wife, Queen Elizabeth, which was the first tour of Canada of a reigning Monarch.

Ron Nadel

Votes: 7467

What is the best whiskey to drink?

This is a question I often get from customers just starting out in their journey of whiskey discovery. It’s like someone new to rock music who asks “What is the best song to listen to?” Do you really think there is only one best song?

Rather than tell you what whiskey is the best, I’ll tell you about certain distilleries which make wonderful varieties of expressions, and then you have to get off your ass and go try them at a friendly, comfortable establishment, like the pub where I work…



Kasey Lofty

Votes: 4327

Whiskey isn’t terribly specific… so…


Balvenie Portwood tops the list of all categories. Delightfully complete.

Is a very nice scotch too, but only if you like scotch as it’s VERY scotch.


Unless you are going hand crafted from craft distilleries, Knob Creek is among the best. Potent and yummy.

I’ve always had a fondness for Woodford Reserve. Not a lot of character, but so easy to drink. Almost more of a Canadian Whiskey flavor than a bourbon.

But lately, one of my newest favorites…

RYE whiskey

And again, you’ll find more character in boutique distillery samples, but this stuff… There just ain’t enough O’s in SMOOOOOTH…. And a great value as well.

Don Plummer

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What are the best mixers for Crown Royal?

Ice❄NOTHING ELSE…Just kidding

Traditional Crown… Ice or Coke

Crown Apple… Ginger Ale

Crown Maple… Pancakes

Crown Vanilla… Root Beer

Colton Taresh

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This is really easy to find out for yourself.

Just read the label.

Right there, plain as day, it says, “Blended Canadian Whisky.”

That’s the simple answer. Get ready for a two part answer.


In short? No, Crown Royal is a blended Canadian whisky.

But it can’t be a bourbon because bourbon is a type of whisk(e)y that has specific criteria. To be considered a bourbon the whisk(e)y must:

Crown Royal is a blend, thus, I’m not 100% certain on the mash bill, but from what I’ve been able to glean, the blends have this mash bill: 64% corn, 31.5% rye, 4.5% malted barley.

So the mash bill isn’t out of the ordinary for a bourbon.

But, these aren’t criteria where you pass if you check one box, you have to pass all of them, or else it can’t be considered.

Since Crown Royal is made by the Gimli Distillery located in Gimli, Manitoba in Canada, that means it fails the first criteria. Bourbons must be made in the United States, and bourbons can only be made in the United States.

They use new or reused charred oak barrels to age the whisky.

Well, Crown Royal cannot be considered a bourbon because bourbon has to be aged in new, charred oak. No reused barrels. Sorry.

So Crown Royal is a blended Canadian whisky.


In short?


See, a whisk(e)y gets its category based on what grains you use to make it, where it’s being made, how it’s made, and so on.

If something is made out of mostly one type of grain, we just name it after the most used grain.

So while Crown Royal has some rye in it, according to the mash bill, it’s made out of mostly corn.

Thus, we could call it a grain whisky, or a corn whisky.

A rye whisk(e)y, technically speaking, would have to be made out of 51% or more rye to be considered a rye whisk(e)y.

And, wouldn’t you know it? Crown Royal offers a rye whisky!

Why is this one considered a rye whisk(e)y, and not the basic Crown Royal?

Because the Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye has a mash bill that’s 90% rye.

Not only that, but in addition since the basic Crown Royal is a blend of multiple different whiskies made at the Gimli Distillery, Crown Royal is correctly labeled as a “Blended Canadian Whisky.”


Just read the label. It can clear up a lot of confusion about what it is you’re drinking, and what it is you’re buying.

Sure, there are terms on a whisk(e)y bottle that are 100% bullshit, but anything talking category, referring to grain, the proof, where it’s made, and stuff like that are all legitimate, largely, because they’re strictly controlled and enforced.

Reading can clear up a lot of confusion about stuff like this.

As always, here’s to fighting, stealing, and drinking! If you fight, may you fight for a friend. If you steal, may you steal a lover’s heart. And if you drink, may you drink with us!


Original answer: Is Crown Royal a bourbon or rye whiskey?

John Thompson

Votes: 4645

Is Crown Royal a whiskey or bourbon?

Well, first of all, a bourbon *is* a whiskey.

Crown Royal is neither.

Crown Royal is a Canadian ‘Whisky’ (note the spelling with no ‘e’). It is made primarily from Rye.

Bourbon is an American Whiskey made primarily from Corn.

Derek McLintock

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What do you mean by a “top shelf” whisky?

Most whisky drinkers will tell you that a single malt whisky is far better than a blended whisky. Each has its own character related to the part of Scotland in which it is made (water, peat, technique etc.).

Blended whiskies are made to produce a consistent marketable (cheaper) product. They consist of several malts, often the lesser quality ones, blended together.

Crown Royal is a Canadian spirit. It is a BLEND of up to 50 different whiskies. By clever marketing and restricted volume, Seagrams/Diageo have created a premium product with a high price. It was originally sold only in Canada, making it a desirable brand for Americans. I have never seen it in the UK (but have never sought it out).

Jacquie Mauricier

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Have any members of the Royal Family watched The Crown?

I believe so. A long while back Beatrice and Eugenie made a comment about Granny. I cannot remember if I saw them on t.v. making the comment, or I read it. It was something that did not mean anything to me at the time as I had not seen The Crown. As I recall, they allegedly said that they watched it and enjoyed it.

The first series was really quite “tame” and cannot be compared to the latest series. I doubt any of the RF would enjoy it at the moment. I have always said that it is not entirely fiction. There are snippets from documentaries and it was interesting to recognise the Prime Ministers

Viola Yee

Votes: 4332

Is Crown Royal Canadian whiskey gluten free?

“It is generally accepted that distilled alcohol does not contain gluten, regardless of the original source.”

But if you want to be particular, you can choose a pure rye whiskey.

Crown Royal is made from from a blend of whiskeys; it is not necessarily 100% rye. Even the one called “Northern Rye” is only 90% rye.

You should go for a straight rye whiskey, like Canadian Club. Rye has no gluten in the first place, so it should definitely be gluten-free.

Richard Anthony Scales

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What is the best way to drink Crown Royal?

The only best way is the way that you individually prefer.

Mix it with coke if that’s what you like, drink it straight, add a cash of water, make a cocktail. Try a variety.

Your drink , your taste, your choice. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

H. S. Levine

Votes: 6162

Is Crown Royal Black a bourbon?

No, it is a Canadian Whisky from the makers of Crown Royal that is bottled at 90 proof and is packed in a black velvet bag, as opposed to the signature purple velvet bag used for regular Crown Royal, bottled at 80 proof. Canadian Whisky is made by blending whiskies from several grains, at least one of which must be from rye, and aging them for at least 3 years in wood barrels (new or used) and must be made entirely in Canada. Bourbon whiskey can only be made in the United States, be made from at least 51% corn and aged in new charred oak barrels. It’s bottled at a minimum of 80 proof, though d

J Robert Post

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What are some of the best whiskey shots?

15 year old Pappy Van Winkle.

Except that you shouldn’t shoot it. You ought to have your head examined if you just simply slam something as good as this. This is something that needs to be sipped slowly while carefully pondering the great mysteries of life, or over a delicious meal.

Stephen Thomas

Votes: 466

Is Crown Royal whiskey a bottom shelf?

No crown royal is not bottom shelf. It’s more mid shelf. There’s a lot of cheaper and worse whiskey then crown. Crown is about the same shelf as Jack Daniel’s. Unless your going into a super nice bar.. then it would be considered bottom as they won’t have cheap house brand liquor.

Tyler Buchanan

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What are the types of whiskey, and which are best?

The basic types of whiskey are:

As for which is “best”? It’s very subjective!! Whatever YOU like best is the best for you!

I would suggest that scotch, Irish and American whiskies seem to be the most popular whiskies modernly. Japanese whiskey is VERY popular, but it is also made in relatively-small quantities, and is therefore quite expensive.

Please note that there are many different styles of whiskey – what I have listed here is very much a broad overview, and I’m sure that others might suggest a different delineation.

My suggest

Daniël Cloete

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How is Crown Royal best served and why?

Whilst I find Dave’s unashamedly bourbon-biased answer quite funny, I will offer my own 10 cents just to give you another view.

I firmly believe that any whisky deserves to be served neat (just as it comes from the bottle – no ice or water), at least for a try. Why? Because as soon as you add anything (even ice or water), you mess with the flavour which was painstakingly created over several years.

Also – with something like Crown Royal, you are paying a bit of a premium, so it seems silly to use it for a drink which can be achieved with a cheaper spirit. As an experiment – try making cocktails

Laura Mitchell

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Before Miguel Cabrera, who was the last person to win a triple crown?

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The last pitchers to win the Triple Crown (both in 2011) were Justin Verlander (Detroit, AL) win-loss of 24-5, 2.40 ERA, and 250 strikeouts, and Clayton Kershaw (LA Dodgers, NL) 21-5, 2.28, 248 SO. The Pitching Triple Crown has been won far more often than the Batting Triple Crown.

Michael Kitmura

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Is Crown Royal considered a top shelf?

I was a bartender in the 1980s. Back then Crown Royal was considered a “top shelf”. Since then a LOT of new, and higher end liquors have been released. I think today Crown Royal is, depending on how high end the restaurant is, it might qualify as a premium well. At other restaurants it’d be a “middle shelf” liquor.

Rick R

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Is Crown Royal bourbon?

No, Crown Royal is not bourbon. It is Canadian whiskey. That means that it is distilled in Canada. Bourbon has to be distilled in the United States.

There are other requirements for bourbon beyond being distilled in the US, but that one factor alone is enough to eliminate Crown Royal.

Andrew Sharpe

Votes: 10063

What’s the best whiskey under $39 a handle?

Maker’s Mark: $35 (1.75L)

Jameson Black: $37 (1L)

Knob Creek $41 (1L) $44 (1.75L) Close to your price, anyway

Bulleit Rye $36 (1.75L)

Those are the only ones I buy in handles from Costco; my prices are better than this if they are on sale, but I got these prices from Totalwine (not on sale).

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