What can I mix Crown Royal with?

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What can I mix Crown Royal with?

Josef Sheridan

Votes: 8353

Anything you like. Ginger ale would be nice, as far as I’m concerned. How about some soda? Maybe go look up some cocktail recipes. I’m partial to the occasional Manhattan.

Don’t listen to whisky snobs telling you to only drink it neat or with ice or a little water. Besides, Crown Royal is a nice enough blended whiskey, but it’s not 21 year-old single malt and hardly needs such steps taken.

You bought it, you drink it the way it pleases you to.

Gary Ramsey

Votes: 1221

It is always best on the rocks or mixed with a little water….that way you get the true flavor. Crown and Ginger is popular as is with Coca-Cola if you like that as well.

Stay away from any fruity mixes as they overpower in the attempt to flavor something that is already awesome!

Sam Bruner

Votes: 3473

Either take it straight, or on the rocks (ice), umm ginger ale is popular in bars, but most just rye and coke (Pepsi if you prefer)

But I happen to think it goes well with fruit punch, A and W root beer, lemonade, cream soda, grape juice, fruittopia strawberry passion flavour or fruit intergration, sunny D (only when there is nothing else, and I’m not feeling it straight.). Mango flavour juice, and that’s about it.

Avoid apple juice it will give you heartburn and honestly they have apple flavoured crown anyways and I think that’s just wrong who the fuck decided to flavour the whisky? It taste fine the way it is and if you mix it and you got apple of vanilla flavour it just turn out gross.

Amanda McEachrin

Votes: 7191

I mixed it with Pepsi my uncle started me on it

Val Mcnary

Votes: 9048

What would you mix with Crown Royal?

Straight up Coca Cola

Ken Jackelen

Votes: 5774

Nothing. Crown royal should be enjoyed in its natural form. Unless it’s crown maple and in that case it should never be bought in the first place lol

Haley Jelaine

Votes: 8683

Anything. My favorites are Coca Cola, cream soda and sprite.

Lisa Harris

Votes: 4680

Personally I drink Crown royal vanilla and Dr Pepper.

Robert Nickerson

Votes: 5335

Sweet whiskey mixes with cola pretty easy. I would suggest though pouring it over ice and having it that way instead. Crown tastes good enough on its own.

Talent Jones

Votes: 1884

Cola, cranberry juice, sour mix, club soda, lime juice, pineapple juice, Apple juice, sprite/7up

I used to mix it with grenadine, and Apple schnapps.

Benjamin Gandy

Votes: 189

What would you mix with Crown Royal?

I have a customer that loves it with Dr pepper!

I’ve tried it that way as well, and have found it enjoyable.

Many folks would say mixing whiskey with anything is sacrilege

But ,I’m not many folks


Gabriel J. Ferrer

Votes: 7668

What would happen to your body if you ate only ramen for 5 years?

A friend of a friend actually attempted this while in college.

He consumed nothing but Maruchan Ramen noodle packages for two months. (I know, it’s not five years, but trust me, it was enough.)

He became seriously ill. He went to the student health services. They were deeply puzzled by his symptoms. After doing some research, they realized he had scurvy. At that point, he undertook some changes to his diet.

Ernest Taylor

Votes: 8926

Basically size and method in which it is worn. A tiara is a type of crown but a crown is not a type of tiara. They are generally a half circle like this one

where as a crown is usually a full circle and much heavier like this one

The Imperial State Crown worn after the Coronation and at the Opening of Parliament.

There is another form called a diadem from the ancient Greek ‘I bind round’ or ‘I fasten’ can be smaller or larger than a tiara but is always smaller than a crown. this is the George IV Diadem created for that monarch to wear on the way to his coronation in 1820 – now worn by Elizabeth II when she goes too or from the opening of Parliament – it is much lighter and easier to wear than the Imperial which wears a couple of kilos.

George IV Diadem.

Mark Pugerude

Votes: 263

What are some good mixes with Jameson Irish whiskey?

Biased opinion …

Really only 5 ways to drink Jameson …

PS …

Irish Coffee is its on class of drink. Hot Coffee, Jameson, whipped cream and creme de menthe. Great drink … but really does not feel like Jameson unless you have 3. … Then … who knows.

Sam Steiger

Votes: 165

It depends where they’ve been. I wouldn’t advise you to eat maggots that have been snacking on decomposing flesh for example. Think of them as a skin casing enclosing their foodstuff of choice – a miniature sausage, if you like.

Which is why in certain parts of the world, the hunter ( of cheese in this case) becomes the hunted, when the fromage-filled little wrigglers that infest the Sardinian sheep milk cheese called Casu Martzu become an essential ingredient of the delicacy.

These maggots, or larvae, are not just a byproduct of the decomposition process that gives the cheese its unique flavour but a crucial element of the fermentation that produces the creamy texture. So much so that they are deliberately introduced at a certain stage of the process.

And what thanks do they get? Scooped up, spread on bread and wolfed down by some uncaring epicure. Still alive! It’s said that if the maggots aren’t wriggling it’s a sign that the cheese has gone off and inadvisable to be eaten.

Michael Schabow

Votes: 1927

Does Ferrero Rocher have worms in them?

No. Ferrero Rocher is listed as Number Two on the “Best Chocolate In The World” List according to Topfifteen.com. Each bite is heaven.

John Greenhill

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Do royals wear crowns in public?

Of course they do.

I’ve often seen HM The King popping down to Tesco’s for a few bits.

I knew it was him.That Imperial State Crown is a bit of a giveaway.

Well that and the detachment of uniformed Guardsmen.

Updated 1st November 2022.

Daniël Cloete

Votes: 7788

Whilst I find Dave’s unashamedly bourbon-biased answer quite funny, I will offer my own 10 cents just to give you another view.

I firmly believe that any whisky deserves to be served neat (just as it comes from the bottle – no ice or water), at least for a try. Why? Because as soon as you add anything (even ice or water), you mess with the flavour which was painstakingly created over several years.

Also – with something like Crown Royal, you are paying a bit of a premium, so it seems silly to use it for a drink which can be achieved with a cheaper spirit. As an experiment – try making cocktails with both Crown Royal and a cheaper, comparable spirit (like Bells). If you can honestly (read: double blind taste test) tell the difference, kudos, but otherwise… Save your money.

That said, Crown Royal themselves are by no means purists and have a list of recipes on their website. Filter for original to get their house favourites. Good place to start – after first having it neat!

H. S. Levine

Votes: 9943

Is Crown Royal Black a bourbon?

No, it is a Canadian Whisky from the makers of Crown Royal that is bottled at 90 proof and is packed in a black velvet bag, as opposed to the signature purple velvet bag used for regular Crown Royal, bottled at 80 proof. Canadian Whisky is made by blending whiskies from several grains, at least one of which must be from rye, and aging them for at least 3 years in wood barrels (new or used) and must be made entirely in Canada. Bourbon whiskey can only be made in the United States, be made from at least 51% corn and aged in new charred oak barrels. It’s bottled at a minimum of 80 proof, though d

Rick R

Votes: 7348

Is Crown Royal bourbon?

No, Crown Royal is not bourbon. It is Canadian whiskey. That means that it is distilled in Canada. Bourbon has to be distilled in the United States.

There are other requirements for bourbon beyond being distilled in the US, but that one factor alone is enough to eliminate Crown Royal.

Don Plummer

Votes: 9928

Ice❄NOTHING ELSE…Just kidding

Traditional Crown… Ice or Coke

Crown Apple… Ginger Ale

Crown Maple… Pancakes

Crown Vanilla… Root Beer

Michael Kitmura

Votes: 3479

Is Crown Royal considered a top shelf?

I was a bartender in the 1980s. Back then Crown Royal was considered a “top shelf”. Since then a LOT of new, and higher end liquors have been released. I think today Crown Royal is, depending on how high end the restaurant is, it might qualify as a premium well. At other restaurants it’d be a “middle shelf” liquor.

Brazen Hussy Joanne Babic

Votes: 445

What kind of alcohol is Crown Royal?

Crown Royal is blended Canadian Whiskey.

It’s also known as Seagram’s Crown Royal, created by Seagram and owned by Diageo since 2000. It is produced at Gimli, Manitoba and blended and bottled in Amherstburg, Ontario. It comes in 13 varieties and there are four discontinued varieties.

Crown Royal is famous for the coveted drawstring bags the bottle comes in inside the distinctive gold box. Each variety has it’s own colored bag. During the Covid pandemic many of these bags found their way to becoming material to make masks out of. The main use for the bags after the bottle of whiskey has been liberated is usually for a child to store their marbles, rocks, or other small treasures in. At one time the bags were made of blue velvet.

Crown Royal was first created in 1939 for the Royal Tour of Canada by King George VI and his wife, Queen Elizabeth, which was the first tour of Canada of a reigning Monarch.

Quincy Hansen

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No. They will will be forced into your stomach and if they weren’t already crushed to death in your mouth, would be killed by the strong acids present in said stomach. The dissolved nutrients of the maggot will then pass through the intestines being absorbed into the bloodstream like any other nutrient you consume.

Maggots are just fly larvae. Their life cycle does not involve living in any living organism, the feed on carrion, dead animals. Very few organisms can survive in a stomach, and those that can have specifically adapted to do so because they are internal parasites. That I know of, there are no flies that are internal parasites of the digestive system.

Albert Cornelius Doyle

Votes: 6006

When I was a kid it was considered sorta fancy, but nowadays it’s considered a mid-range blend. A lot of bars have Jim Beam as their house whiskey, which is just as good. But a “7-and-7” can be considered house or call, because technically you’re asking for a Seagram’s 7. Which is the same distillery as Crown Royal. Of course it’s all subjective. There are mob bars in Boston and New York and Chicago and New Jersey and Providence where you can tell right away that they’ve replaced the good stuff with crap. So often you’re just as well off saying “house” when the barmaid asks you what brand.

I lived in Mexico for a decade, and their standard mid-range shot at a bar is Don Julio Reposado. I asked my landlord about it and he shrugged: “Crown Royal”. The one thing they laugh at is Americans paying $50 or $60 for a bottle of Patron, which they consider a lesser brand.

I bartended for four years, and have gone to bars for 40, and any time you mention a a brand name you’ll pay more, even if its crap. Like, if you say I’ll have a Smirnoff-And-Tonic or a Bacardi-And-Coke, boom, you pay more, even if they’d have made your vodka tonic or rum-and-coke with Smirnoff or Bacardi.

Derek McLintock

Votes: 2424

What do you mean by a “top shelf” whisky?

Most whisky drinkers will tell you that a single malt whisky is far better than a blended whisky. Each has its own character related to the part of Scotland in which it is made (water, peat, technique etc.).

Blended whiskies are made to produce a consistent marketable (cheaper) product. They consist of several malts, often the lesser quality ones, blended together.

Crown Royal is a Canadian spirit. It is a BLEND of up to 50 different whiskies. By clever marketing and restricted volume, Seagrams/Diageo have created a premium product with a high price. It was originally sold only in Canada, making it a desirable brand for Americans. I have never seen it in the UK (but have never sought it out).

Gareth Adamson

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Crowns developed from an earlier form of royal headgear called the diadem, a kind of richly ornamented but flexible headband. Diadems were used in ancient Persia and Egypt, and from there came to be used by the Hellenistic monarchs of classical Greece. Emperors of Rome for the first few centuries of the Empire pretended, at least formally, to be not kings but ‘first among equals’ citizens, and so eschewed regalia such as diadems. Diocletian (r.286–305) was the first to give up the pretence and emperors once again wore the diadem. This could be combined with a golden laurel wreath, making it more rigid, a step on the way to what we would recognise as a crown. Among the earliest emperors to be depicted wearing something you would definitely call a crown is Justinian (r.527–565).

By tradition, the Iron Crown of Lombardy, a simple rigid circlet, was originally made for Constantine (r.324–337), but this is dubious (the earliest definite reference to it is in the 7th century), and if it was, it doesn’t appear to have been used as an imperial crown until centuries later.

Emperors were almost always depicted in diadem or crown on coins. Up to Zeno (r.474–475), it’s pretty definitely a diadem. In fact, this image of Zeno helps show the difference between a diadem and a crown:

With the emperors between Zeno and Justinian, it could be either — the limitations of coin art make it hard to tell for sure. So possibly there were imperial crowns or crown prototypes during the 50 years before Justinian. From Tiberius II Constantine (r.574–582) on, it’s pretty definitely a crown, with a cross mounted on a small hoop at the front showing its rigidity. The dangly jewels make it clear, I think, that this is a slightly elaborated version of the headgear Justinian wears in the mosaic, i.e. it helps confirm that is a crown, not just a fancy hat.

Later emperors had various kinds of crown, and the ones familiar in western Europe are based on that made for Charlemagne in 800, with a single full arch over the circlet. Later western crowns usually had several arches.

As mentioned, the diadem or crown is basically a symbol of office, formal wear so that people know who is king or emperor. Its origin is in early medieval Europe. Originally it was used by emperors. Kings and queens caught the bug not long afterwards. Other ranks of nobility might also wear crowns (or coronets), but these would be less ornate.

John Thompson

Votes: 2652

Is Crown Royal a whiskey or bourbon?

Well, first of all, a bourbon *is* a whiskey.

Crown Royal is neither.

Crown Royal is a Canadian ‘Whisky’ (note the spelling with no ‘e’). It is made primarily from Rye.

Bourbon is an American Whiskey made primarily from Corn.

John Symon

Votes: 1263

There is no “better”. It isn’t something that can be assessed qualitatively and objectively. It is something that can only be subjective.

In other words, which ever you prefer is best for you.

And, while we’re on the subject, the brand of whiskey doesn’t really matter much when you start sticking sweet fizzy drinks and ice in them. All the complex flavours that the manufacturer is so proud of, and which distinguish his product from his competitors, will be swamped in sugariness while your tastebuds are numbed with cold.

If you want to taste whiskey, for the purposes of assessment, as professionals in the trade do, it is done at room temperature (no ice), with the assistance, sometimes, of a little water.

How To Taste Whisky – Master of Malt

Richard Anthony Scales

Votes: 807

What is the best way to drink Crown Royal?

The only best way is the way that you individually prefer.

Mix it with coke if that’s what you like, drink it straight, add a cash of water, make a cocktail. Try a variety.

Your drink , your taste, your choice. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

Matan Shelomi

Votes: 7631

Do you really want to know?

The answer is no, but only because your request is so specific. The fact is that insect fragments (including but not limited to legs) are found in pretty much everything. It is so difficult (read “impossible”) to make foods completely insect-free that groups like the USA’s Food and Drug Administration publish “Food Defect Levels,” which state the maximum allowable number of contaminants like insect fragments or rat hairs allowed in a product for it to be legally sold in the US and have no effect on consumers. Here, see for yourself: http://www.fda.gov/food/guidanceregulation/guidancedocumentsregulatoryinformation/sanitationtransportation/ucm056174.htm

The actual averages are going to be less than the numbers given in the list, since the list is the worst case scenario above which the food cannot be sold. Still, the maximum allowable number of insect fragments per 100g of chocolate is 90, or an average of 60 if one is examining several 100g samples. So 8 legs is probably an understatement!

But what do you care? Insects are edible. They can’t be worse than the sugar and fat that’s supposed to be in the chocolate anyway!

Jim Scott

Votes: 665

What is similar to Crown Royal whiskey?

Try Royal Canadian Whisky.

It’s a very similar flavor to Crown Royal, and cheaper.

It is an average Canadian Whisky, but so is Crown Royal.


Viola Yee

Votes: 8594

“It is generally accepted that distilled alcohol does not contain gluten, regardless of the original source.”

But if you want to be particular, you can choose a pure rye whiskey.

Crown Royal is made from from a blend of whiskeys; it is not necessarily 100% rye. Even the one called “Northern Rye” is only 90% rye.

You should go for a straight rye whiskey, like Canadian Club. Rye has no gluten in the first place, so it should definitely be gluten-free.

J Robert Post

Votes: 4442

Does Crown Royal go bad?

Crown Royal would have to be good first before it could go bad.

But seriously, any whisky (or whiskey) that remains sealed and out of direct sunlight should remain good indefinitely. Once opened, exposure to oxygen will slowly beging to effect some of the flavors. If left open, the contents will eventually evaporate.

Simon Smith

Votes: 3611

How do they make twirls (the delicious Cadbury chocolate thing)? 12/06/21


They just take a Cadbury’s Flake,

coat it with more of that famous Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate, thus creating the “Twirl”

and then package it in that famous purple wrapper.

Or so you would think.

There is much argument about this theory as the the truth may not be that simple.

Although they are both made from CDM, how they are made remains a secret and will not be divulged.

Connoisseurs of chocolate will tell you that they are not the same.

Even Cadbury’s will tell you that……indirectly of course.

Where as there is no mention of any Flake within a Twirl, they freely acknowledge that Flake is used in the production of “Time Out” (Cadburys version of KitKat with a twist).

Are you being conned? Is Twirl really a Flake dipped in chocolate?


Cadbury’s does actually produce a Flake dipped in chocolate, especially for Flake lovers that don’t want to make a mess while eating it in bed. It is simple called “Flake Dipped”.

Therefore, logic tells you that a Twirl is not the same as a “Flake Dipped”.

So there you go.

If it doesn’t say Flake on the wrapper, it’s not Flake on the inside.

Joe McAuley

Votes: 498

Can ant colonies be called civilizations?

Can ant colonies be called civilizations?

One definition of civilization is: the process by which a society or place reaches an advanced stage of social and cultural development and organization.

Usually civilization applies to human beings, but what’s in a name?

A colony of ants definitely is in an advanced stage of social development. They are a social species. They communicate with a chemical language. I have a true story to tell.

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Duy H. Bùi

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Do Vietnamese love to use soy sauce, besides the fish sauce?

Yes, we do. Being next door to China and having been under Chinese rule for about 1000 years, we’re no strangers to soy sauce. One answer here says that we don’t, and that’s just plain wrong.

Vietnamese people are more familiar with the thin, lighter varieties of soy sauce. And we use soy sauce mostly for two types of dishes:

Jo Kane

Votes: 2550

What Brazilian Jiujitsu Black Belt competitors have tested positive for steroids?

One of the most prominent athletes caught was former multiple time ADCC and Black belt World champion Braulio Estima.

Braulio Estima Caught on PED’s (Doping)

His excuse at the time was, frankly, rather feeble. He claims someone gave him a bottle to drink at a tournament he was competing at, and it just so happened to be laced with an illegal substance. This is laughable for several reasons:

Gavin Martin

Votes: 9969

Do maggots come from flies? How does this process occur?

Female flies can lay several hundred eggs, she will look for a dark damp area. Once she has chosen a spot, she lays them. A couple days later, the eggs hatch and out emerges a maggot. The hundreds of maggots feed off of that area for about five days where they grow larger and larger. When the maggots are ready to pupate, they find a dark area that won’t be disturbed and become a pupa. In the pupa, the wings, legs, and sex organs form. The fly leaves the pupa shell and eventually will fly away.

This process is similar to that of a butterfly. They both come from the classification of Endopterygot

Jacquie Mauricier

Votes: 1870

Have any members of the Royal Family watched The Crown?

I believe so. A long while back Beatrice and Eugenie made a comment about Granny. I cannot remember if I saw them on t.v. making the comment, or I read it. It was something that did not mean anything to me at the time as I had not seen The Crown. As I recall, they allegedly said that they watched it and enjoyed it.

The first series was really quite “tame” and cannot be compared to the latest series. I doubt any of the RF would enjoy it at the moment. I have always said that it is not entirely fiction. There are snippets from documentaries and it was interesting to recognise the Prime Ministers

Matty Sareth

Votes: 5447

What if I accidentally swallowed a maggot from a dead rat while cleaning? Can the maggot live in my stomach?

My question is how you were able to swallow a maggot from a dead rat like did the maggot fly into you mouth lol 🤢. But you should be fine because your stomach acids will kill it. There are tons of people who eat insects like that and call them delicacy.

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