I keep on seeing pigeons with missing toes, and sometimes, all of the toes are missing. What do you suppose is happening to to these pigeons’ feet?

I keep on seeing pigeons with missing toes, and sometimes, all of the toes are missing. What do you suppose is happening to to these pigeons’ feet? is a very interesting question right now. Below is the best answer to the I keep on seeing pigeons with missing toes, and sometimes, all of the toes are missing. What do you suppose is happening to to these pigeons’ feet? that we assembled. we will definitely make you satisfied!

I keep on seeing pigeons with missing toes, and sometimes, all of the toes are missing. What do you suppose is happening to to these pigeons’ feet?

John McArony

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Okay, here’s what I know.

I used to work in the City Center, so I found it convenient to commute back and forth by bus.

The morning bus used to get me in about half an hour early, so I passed the time feeding the pigeons on the square.

It was awesome.

These guys recognised me among the hundreds of people walking around the square, and would mob me as soon as I set foot on the square.

They would land on my shoulders and arms and head, and hitch a ride to where I usually fed them, so I got to see them up close and personal, like.

I became semi-famous as the “Bird Man” and even had my picture in the papers a few times.

I noticed the same thing you did. These guys trusted me to such an extent that I could hold them in my hands, turn them upside down, and examine their feet.

Here’s what I found: Hair!

These guys had hair wound around their toes which cut off the blood supply and their toes died, got gangrene and fell off.

I used to do my best to get the ones that were saveable, and untangle the hair from their toes, but it was a never ending battle.

I’m guessing that as this was the City Center, nesting material is scarce and they would pick up anything that could be woven into a nest.

It seems like combings and “lost” hair extensions fell into this category.

At home, I always used to hang bits of wool in the trees for birds to use as nesting material, but I realised that this also posed a hazard to bird’s feet, so I started putting little pieces of cloth out instead.

I cut these with pinking shears to prevent the cloth from unraveling and posing another threat.

Zuberi Sebu

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All birds have legs and feet.

Claire Kim

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I think pigeons make great pets!

There are many different breeds of pigeons that people use for racing, showing, or just keep as pets. Doves are kept as pets more often then pigeons, most likely because they’re smaller and don’t have the same negative stereotype of being rats with wings.

I have a pet pigeon myself. She is a Classic Old Frill, which is a fancy show breed pigeon.

I always thought she was a boy until two eggs appeared on my bed. Here she is looking proud of her first egg ever.

Overall, pigeons make very sweet and affectionate pets.

Tyler Gee

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They use their feet and their toes like we use our hands and fingers to hold things up.

This little shit loved getting a beak full of chocolate ice cream and then sneezing in my face.

She always tries to get a sample of anything she sees me eating and has developed a taste for red wine. You can’t possibly imagine how much noise a small drunk parrot staggering around on the floor can make, but my neighbors do.

Subhash Medatwal

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Yes, they do. I feed more than 100 pigeons two to three times every day. I have been doing this for the past 15 months. I came to know lots of things about what pigeons think.

There are lots of trees near my house, and there is a big, open space on my terrace. I put grains (a mixture of sorghum and rice) on the terrace to feed the pigeons. Pigeons love sorghum. I do it three times a day: Morning (7 AM), afternoon (1 PM), and evening (5 PM). Nearly 100 pigeons eat every time. They will sit on nearby trees, waiting for me to put out grains. A few minutes after I put grains, they start eating.

From my observation and experience, I could infer the following things about what pigeons possibly think or feel:

1. They need an initiator

When I put grains on the terrace, they don’t come immediately from the nearby trees. They wait for some time. I see a strange pattern here: they need one of them to start moving to the terrace. When one pigeon comes and sits, the rest of them immediately follow. Within the next minute, I can see more than a hundred pigeons on terrace.

2. Some will guard

While most pigeons will eat, some will guard them. As you can see in the picture below, some are sitting up high, watching for bigger birds or cats in all directions. When they sense danger or sudden movement on the terrace, they suddenly fly and the rest eating there follow. They rotate their positions continually, so those eating will replace guards, and the guards can eat—very good coordination.

There is a stray cat in our street. I have tough time saving pigeons from her. Cats are very smart and difficult to stop. We had put a small door on the way to the terrace to stop cats and dogs reaching it. Dogs could be stopped, but cats could jump it easily every day with some tricks. Now I have put up a bigger door (built it myself) on the terrace. Cats are completely stopped now.

3. Eating habits

4. Most harmless creature

I think pigeons are vegetarian. I never saw them harming any other creature. I find them very innocent.

Overall I found myself lucky to have so many pigeons on my terrace every day. They are innocent. I call them my friends. Kids who come to my house get thrilled after seeing so many pigeons eating together. I always thank my father who started this practice when he came to my house last year. I’ve continued it since then. You must keep at least a bowl of water on the terrace for them during the summer. The feeling of joy when you see it empty at the end of the day is amazing.

Mercedes R. Lackey

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Why do so many feral pigeons only have 1 foot?

You might also (especially in summer when the pavement is really hot or winter when it is covered in ice and snow) be seeing pigeons resting with one foot tucked up into the feathers of their breast. That gives one foot a chance to recover from the heat or cold.

Scott Goldman

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Based on research studies, the definitive answer was inconclusive. It is known that doves (including the rock dove pigeon) have extremely poor eyesight. By constantly bobbing their heads, they are better able to discern shapes and objects, including food. There is actually a thrusting of the head forward, then a pause, followed by the rest of the body catching up. It happens so quickly, five to eight times per second, that it is difficult to notice. Without these pauses in between, it is believed that they would not be able to see predators until it is too late and certainly not be able to identify small seeds on the ground.

Chickens, herons, cranes and storks also bob their heads. Since birds are descended from dinosaurs (it was recently discovered that even the Tyrannosaurus Rex had feathers) there is a reasonable possibility that dinosaurs bobbed their heads, too.

M Sarkar

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Well, just why they would keep any other pet honestly. And if it helps, they are really adorable .. and it is actually really fun to observe the way they live their lives. I kid you not, there is nothing more entertaining than seeing a male pigeon flirting with a female one, by enlarging itself by fluffing it’s feathers and emitting a deep throated voice, until it looks less like a pigeon and more like a chicken.

They are like a little human community, they flirt, they have kids, they are really possessive about their territory and get pissed if they see someone trying to claim rights on what is theirs.

And, sometimes, if they trust you enough, they’ll rest on your shoulder and that is one of the most peaceful feelings in life.. the feeling of having a bird, who does not understand your language, trusting you enough to rest on your shoulder, with it’s little feet. Gives you an enormous sense of satisfaction and happiness.

Thomas Pinto

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This is primarily due to them sleeping on wet ground. The toes freeze to the surface and break when they awaken after an icy night and fly away.

Mercedes R. Lackey

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You are totally incorrect. There are baby pigeons everywhere. Pigeons are one of the most prolific bird species on the planet.

Just try doing an image search for “pigeon nest” and you will see how wrong you are.

Linda Bennardo

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What a gift to have experienced helping these birds and that you have been accepted enough by some of them to allow you to do so. That’s a great honor in my book.

That said, I don’t see it as strange that sometimes pigeons, like other animals, will turn to humans when they are in distress. An exhilarating and magical experience for the person, yes, but not particularly uncommon or strange.

Birds are very intelligent and intuitive creatures who operate in complex social communities, and they rely on their flock and sometimes beyond for support. It may seem surprising to us that a “bird brain” would trust a human being a hundred times its size and especially in such dire situtions – when they are stuck or hurt or in pain or freaking out the most. But those tiny bird brains are powerful and have learned that sometimes humans can help them. When their desperation and need of help supersedes their fear, they often seek out our assistance. Birds are smart cookies.

Many “wild” pigeons are also partially domesticated and are personally or in their lineage accustomed to receiving food and company and other types of help from humans. They have learned and it has become part of their DNA that sometimes humans can provide help when they are in trouble.

If you spend enough time with these pigeons, they and their babies may even think of you as part of their extended flock (family). They know whom they can trust and not.

So overall and to your credit, though it is not incredibly unusual that some pigeons will trust humans enough to solicit or receive their help, that doesn’t mean they are not specifically choosing you as their rescuer. 🙂 Birds, like most animals, are very adept at reading people and finding the angels they can trust.

Christopher Boczkus

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I found a pigeon with its head missing. What could have done this, a cat or a bird of prey?

Maybe Ozzie was touring in your area..

Ilya Taytslin

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Why do pigeons bob their heads back and forth while they’re walking on the ground? Does it help them keep their balance?

Why do pigeons bob their heads back and forth while they’re walking on the ground? Does it help them keep their balance?

As it happens, this is a surprisingly difficult question with a fascinating answer which has to do with how pigeon’s brain processes the visual images from its eyes. Basically, a pigeon can make sense of its surroundings only if its head is stationary relative to the ground. So as a pigeon walks, it must hold its head still several times per second even as its body moves steadily. The bobbing motion is the head catching up with the body.

Why Do Pigeons Bob Their Heads?


Stefan Pociask

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Why do I keep seeing detached bird wings? I’ve seen multiple pairs for a month or two now. It’s like the wings are cut clean off with nobody to be found. Should I be concerned?

Of course, it’s a predator of some sort… so let’s just rule out the Blair Witch, and your freaky neighbors who only come out at night. But which predator? Let’s examine the crime scene and see if we can narrow down the suspects.

Mammal? Do I hear any kind of mammal? Anyone? No… unlikely. Plenty of mammals hunt and eat birds, of course. But no fox, mink, cat, dog would specifically leave wings, and wings alone. Plus… there would be a mess of feathers scattered about, if any mammal tried pulling off or chomping off wings. No feather mess was mentioned.

That leaves raptors as the prime suspect. Nam

Bob Scott Placier

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Why do pigeons live in the vicinity of humans, as opposed to other birds?

My answer is, they don’t necessarily do so. Pigeons are more properly called Rock Pigeons (Columba livia), and in their native range they nest on cliffs or rock ledges. Introduced widely around the world, they have found that human structures such as buildings and bridges are enough like cliffs and ledges to provide suitable places to build their nests. And, of course, that puts them in close proximity to humans.

But it is the case, at least in Southeast Ohio where I live, that some Rock Pigeons have discovered that there are cliffs in their new homelands. I have encountered them nesting in wil

Claire Jordan

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What does it mean if someone left three dead birds around my house? We don’t have anything that would cause them to die naturally, and they were placed in spots they couldn’t get to. Are there curses that go with this?

It’s possible they were placed there by somebody to spook you – but more likely they were stashed by a cat, a rat or – if you’re in the Americas – a raccoon, to be eaten later.

Kassandra Pondmire

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What happens when pigeons die?

If they were good pigeons, never lied or bullied anyone, cared about other pigeons, never made inappropriate advances to other pigeons, felt no prejudice against pigeons of different colors and were willing to rent nests to them, did not make promises they had no intention of keeping, did not hold other pigeon communities hostage when they asked for aid, had better values than just liking other pigeons for what they looked like or what they could get from them, and did not cheat and buy their way through school, well, then they will go to pigeon heaven where it never rains and there is always

Karen Walla

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What is the spiritual meaning of a dead bird?

When I read your question, I saw the death card in tarot. The death card is not a bad card, in fact the death card is the end of something that no longer serves you. It can represent a shift towards doing something new, maybe even your life’s purpose. I think the dead card is kindly warning you that a change is taking place. If you find yourself becoming physically uncomfortable with anxiety or soreness, take salt baths. This will ease your transition through this shift.

Vicky Prest

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Why do pigeons have such damaged feet?

There are a number of reasons this could happen.

Julie Rowe

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Why do pigeons in cities have deformed toes?

Usually as a result of coming in contact with discarded human hair, fishing line, roofing materials from buildings, or foraging through trash and generally being exposed to all kinds of human litter.Their feet become entangled easily in string, wire, and other materials. Probably they are collecting some of these materials for nests. If caught early, the entanglements can be removed and their feet can be normal. I have done this with several birds and re-released them. Some of the ones I could not catch died eventually. I wish I could help them all.

Ashley Dotterweich

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How did pigeons with only one foot lose their other one?

Whatever your feelings towards feral pigeons, we’re stuck sharing our cities with them for now. They’re actually quite intelligent birds, and treating them as vermin doesn’t really do justice to their long and important role in human history. Urban pigeons face a lot of obstacles in the course of daily survival, but by and large the most common cause of foot injury or deformity is collateral damage as a result of living near humans.

What causes foot injury in feral pigeons?

1) PredatorsIt should be no surprise that native predators like hawks can cause injury to other birds, but so can fera

Paulos Tene

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If I saw a dead bird on the ground, should I bury it and let nature take its course or leave it alone?

In my opinion,if its in a forest then let it be.If its on the road or a busy street or pavement,I would find a quiet and a natural place to bury it.Otherwise,It would be probably torn in pieces or thrown in a bin,but I strongly believe all species in this beautiful world matter and should be taken care with love and respect.Have a lovely day!

Ophilia Gadalayne

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What is the symbolic meaning of a dead bird?

A dead bird represents the same thing death represents,

but because it flies, it has a little more…

Flight gives the bird attributes of wisdom, youth, innocence/purity, and divinity.

Now, it makes it represent the “death” which can be abuse neglect selfishness anything psychologically speaking, (action/feelings/thoughts)

which kills the self, but its specifically targeting the Bird Symbolism.

So a dead

Mercedes R. Lackey

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Somebody tied a dead bird onto our tree, what does this mean?

You wouldn’t believe the number of birds we rehabbers cut out of trees because they got a string or some fishing line wrapped around their foot and then got tangled up in in a tree or bush. You didn’t supply a picture, but what I would say is if the bird was tied up higher than a human could comfortably reach, it’s definitely a poor thing that got entangled and died of exhaustion and thirst. If the bird was tied by its feet or foot to a branch it’s almost definitely an entanglement. If the bird was tied by its body to a branch, it’s probably an entanglement. Only if the bird was tied by its bo

Cyndi-Marie Myers

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Two dead birds are outside our door. What does that mean?

It means the the number of birds that died outside your door is two. Unless you have a cat, then it means it got outside, killed two birds and left them as a gift for you.

Chelsea Gordon

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Why do many of the pigeons have deformed feet that’s not affected any other birds?

Pigeons are a family of bird that was bred by humans to be companions. Due to pigeon racing and wedding doves being released, eventually a large population of pigeons has become feral and the exits in the wild. Pigeons are dependent on humans for food, not knowing how to hunt in the traditional sense because their ancestors were all pets. Feral pigeons are forced to scavenge through trash and in the process they get human hair, floss and other bits of rubbish wrapped around their little toes and this causes injuries and deformities. Many don’t survive these encounters, so when you see a pigeon

Sam Wallis

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Someone put a dead bird in my front door on purpose. Ever since this happened, I have been curious as to why someone would put a dead bird on my front door?

I’m not sure what you mean by IN or ON your front door, but if you mean by or against your front door, my best guess is that the bird suffered a fatal injury by flying into glass if you have a glass window in or near your door, say within 20 or so feet. If you don’t have a nearby window, my next guess would be that a cat left you a treat. I wouldn’t think a person left it, but I suppose that is possible, but for reasons that I could not begin to guess. I do think the first two choices are much more plausible.

Mercedes R. Lackey

Votes: 2676

Why are there suddenly loads of dead pigeons in the garden? In the last couple of weeks, we’ve found 6.

Based on the fact that you added that you found them dismembered, I suspect either a feral cat, stoat, or a bird of prey. The cat is by far the likeliest.

The overhead is the best answer to I keep on seeing pigeons with missing toes, and sometimes, all of the toes are missing. What do you suppose is happening to to these pigeons’ feet? that we researched. Follow us for more interesting answers!

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