What does a dream about a green snake mean?

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What does a dream about a green snake mean?

Lonwabo Nqevu

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That is interesting, a dream might mean many things depending on an individual and their experiences.

1.Killing a snake might merely mean killing your habits especially that of masterbating/sexual.

2. Supressing the desire of something that is not right, something that was holding your success.

3. Newly developed positive approach about life a new idea that could be your break through.

4. More especially if there were girls in your dream and you are a man but you did not entertain them even if they got naked you chose to ignore them,its a victory.

5. It might mean you finally defeated your enemy through the new daily positive habits you chose to embrace and the negative habits you chose to neglet,your subconcious erases them.

5. It may mean the total shift of how you see things around you and how you chose to handle them lately.

7. It may mean you killing your enemy’s plans about your life especially if the gate way was sexual.

8. You defeated an enemy that is close to you, that was busy fighting your success while acting like they are with you.

9. Continue doing what you did recently that was different atleast forever, you on your way to winning.

10. Prayer may also help reveal more of these dreams.

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Thank you.

Rachna Mehta

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Green snake = Emotional awareness & cautiousness

Green colour symbolizes your emotions which are new and budding. Snakes represents careful attitude towards everyone or a need for purity.

This dream means that you may have been planning something these days and are conscious on trusting people. With such fertile thoughts channelize them in a proper way for best res…

Nina Khatib

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Snakes in general are enemies. They might also be malicious women. However, a green snake is the worst of them all. It mostly signifies a bad mean man who wants to cause you harm but seems to be coming in peace.

Philip Kabango

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Meaning that your are under going quick change in life/personal growth and inner transformation.

What is in you is moved by the presence of this green snake in your dream.

It,s a sign of new hope for you, the step forward, towards a better future that is waiting for you.

It’s also having something to do with your relation to green colors.

Peter Metcalf

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I recommend you add as much detail as you recall. Most people will be interested in another person’s dream, and I believe will take the time to read your description. Please also state where you live and any family or personal or cultural symbology or common fears or beliefs about such snakes, or any snake.

Alri Menerski

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Dreaming of a green snake means that you may be involved in an event where alcohol is flowing freely, a party or celebration for example. It can also be a warning that you have a tendency to drink too much alcohol so be mindful of your intake. You can find different details for this symbol of the snake in our library.

Hugh James

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What does it mean to dream of a bright green snake?

Two answers:

Take your pick.

George Bwanga

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Green snakes most often live in green areas (grass) for purposes of hiding (camouflage), and thus the statement ‘green snake in the grass’ refers to people that use deception to achieve dangerous goals.

The dream is an indicator that someone you do suspect is scheming to betray you.


Vladimir Sevens

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(Boy; Contemptible person; Enemy; Hidden treasure; Idolatry; Innovators; Power; Unjust ruler; Woman) A snake in dream represents a person who lives in a valley.

A snake in a dream also means enmity from one’s in-laws or children, or it could represent the evil andjealousy of one’s neighbor.

A sleeping snake in a dream means a sleeping enemy.

As for an unjust person, a water snake in a dream means receiving help, or it could represent a verdict. Owning a snake in a dream means gaining power and authority.

Its flesh represents enemy money, or it could mean joy.

If one sees himself wearing the skin of a snake in a dream, it means that he will unmask his enmity toward others. Killing a snake in a dream and staining one’s hands with its blood means destroying one’s enemy.

A snake in one’s dream also represents a rich enemy, for its poison means money.

If one sees snakes being killed in the streets in a dream, it means a war.

A small snake in a dream represents a little child. Hunting snakes in a dream means tricking or deceiving one’s enemies.

A black snake in a dream represents a strong-enemy.

A white snake in a dream represents a weak enemy.

If one sees a snake talking to him and saying nice words to him in a dream, it means enjoying pleasant moments with one’s adversary, or benefiting at the hands of one’s enemy.

Ifthe snake talks harshly to him in a dream, it means suffering from tyranny and oppression caused by one’s enemy. Becoming a snake in a dream means being contemptible against one’s own religion.

Seeingoneselfas a half-snake half-human in a dream means being able to neutralize half of the enemy’s power. Discovering a snake skin which is made from gold in a dream means that one will discover a hidden treasure.

If a snake swallows someone in a dream, it means that he will reach a powerful position.

Ifone sees a snake sitting over his head in a dream, it means that he will earn the respect of people in authority.

A field which is covered with snakes in a dream represents a destructive rain.

A snake with a horn in a dream represents a profitable business. Black snakes and pythons in a dream represent army generals. Water snakes in a dream represent money.

Ifone sees his garden covered with snakes in a dream, it means that its trees will bear fruits and exceed the normal crop.

A snake coming out of its hole in a dream represents a son.

A snake leaving one’s house in a dream means its destruction or demolition. Killing a snake in a dream means marriage.

Tapeworms or other intestinal worms in a dream represent one’s relatives and their children.

Seeing snakes eating on one’s table in a dream means separation between friends. Desert snakes in a dream represent highway robbers.

In general a snake or a serpent in a dream representjealousy,envy, perfidy, swindlingpeople’s properties, deceit and an avowed enmity.

Aidil Soarese

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You have too many deception/ lies/ people with ill intentions around you.

This is hard to accept because these very people or opportunity show up well disguised. They can show up as someone who wants to give you an opportunity, as your potential future lover, or just someone who may appear to be looking out for you but their intentions or end result is contrary to what will benefit you.


If you believe in God here is a prayer

Father God thank you for your protection,

Thank you for giving me the ability to dream.

I ask that you keep me from all evil, and allow me to see plainly all those that I’m in deception about.

Thank you father, that you’ve already made way out for me.

Ben Protasio

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As Freud said, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

With no other data or scenario around the dream, there may not be much open to interpretation for you. Yes, there are symbolic meanings for a snake, but in each person’s case, the snake, even the color could represent something. I keep wondering about where this snake was, as a green snake in grass would seem hard to distinguish. Where was that snake?

It’s relevant that the dream is remarkable enough that you remembered it. However, what other emotions were attached to it? Fear, excitement, dread?

For many a green snake could be spiritually positive, as Jo Hoad writes, but it could also serve as an omen, a lingering threat, or doubt you are not dealing with. It greatly depends on your opinion of snakes.

The best answer will be yours. Ask and reflect: Why a snake?; What does a green snake as I recall in my dream make me feel?; How was I feeling when I saw the snake?; and even, was there more to this dream that I don’t recall?


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What does it mean to dream of a green snake chasing you?

Snakes can be seen as life, death, or rebirth in more of a metaphorical sense. Maybe you have experienced a change in your life, burying bad habits for the good or maybe the opposite.


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it means that very big problems are going on in your life that you might not know of! snakes are sly animals, they have a big meaning in dreams. i’m wishing you the best look out!

Chyrese Soubasis

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A note about dream interpretation. I hope you can add this to your merkabah of dreamtime.

Dreams are a personal experience.

And there is no concrete definition of any symbol. It is set up for you to interpret how it fits into your life, to offer a new idea, to gain insight, to resonate, remind you of an inner knowing.

I also want to help people move into a new light when working with their dreams. By helping people like you to open the doors and windows to your inner workings we will advance and evolve as a species.

From a frequent flyer perspective of the dream space, the question of, “what does it mean to dream of a man in a black coat”, for example, is not only uninteresting but loses value without being held up by the dreamer, with the nature and essence of dreaming at its back.

Though the dream space is complex and can mean many things, we are at the apex of transformation and what we need is a new idea about the nature of dreaming as it applies to energy and multidimensionality. As one travels out into the dream world, they choose from an infinite number of symbols and images from their own multidimensional experience. Everything that happens in dreams is a result of one’s own experience through a lifetime and beyond. The subconscious matrix of dreams is a reflection of one’s own vibration. Even if two people had the exact same imagery and symbolism within a dream, the experience of it would be unique to them. When you and I experience a rat in a dream, it may be joyous to me and repulsive to you. The rat may represent that which is dirty or resourceful. When it appears in my dream it may have a connection to my work, or to remind me that I am a resourceful person, or to a friend that I associate with having “dirt”. When you wake up from a dream, you do your best to bring back some essence of what has happened. I may match the vibrational quality or “essence” of a rat to someone or something in my current state of being.

There is a need for people to have a new idea on the nature of dreaming. There is a need for people to look at themselves and ask the questions that they think someone else can answer. For example, I cannot, in anyway, tell a single person for sure what any dream image, symbol, or meaning of events has for them. What I can do is offer suggestions, share my experience with looking a metaphors, I can share my practices and the knowledge I have gained from doing the internal exploration. And I can help with ideas about the nature of dreaming. But none of that can be done effectively with one image combined with no information about the individual. Each one of us is a multidimensional being. How many memories and experiences do you think that is? It’s an infinite number. And it’s happening in one now moment. And each one of us is shifting and changing every now moment. To actually identify the meaning of one image for a particular person is extremely difficult. In addition, anyone willing to help another with a deep understanding of the dream is more likely to help when the dreamer has met them part way. This means offering any kind of insight they may have about the dream, or a little about themselves. Such as whether they are happy or not, if they enjoy their life, if they had a previous experience with the dream image, how often do they invest in their dreamtime in general? In your case maybe state what a snake makes you think of.

There are many ways in which a dreamer can get help with understanding a dream. And many can browse a dream dictionary and get a definition. However, my own experience and my own beliefs about our dream space is that the dictionaries are only suitable for a general addition to getting into the groove with metaphors. Dreaming is a complex interstellar exploration of ourselves in an astral projected consciousness. It is perhaps us in our truest form. It is perhaps ourselves in the state of being without our physical bodies. It may be the template level reality. It may be the place where we exist as a light body. It may be where we traverse time and space and conduct energy for the experience of it and become one again with all that is. And it may be where we go when we leave our physical bodies.

When you can look at the possibility of dreams in this way, the reflection of one particular image cannot be separated from other events of who you are.

One dream images exists in the matrices of all that is. It requires a deeper look and a deeper look across what we know of time. We all have the ability. And we all would do well to incorporate that knowing within ourselves.When we ask what does the rat mean? We know something has touched us. We know something else is at work. We have big dreams that change our lives; we take pause and have a desire to investigate this inner force. For, once this inner knowing is loved and nurtured then we reconnect with a higher consciousness and reintegrate with all that is. We come to understand our responsibility to the generation, to make this part of our DNA. To bring balance back to ourselves and ground ourselves in this beautiful planet and find balance. Why do we have this connection to our dreams if not to remind ourselves of our internal knowing and from whence we came? How could we stay connected to our higher knowing if not for the gift of dreams?

So ask yourself, “What does the snake represent?” “What do I know of this symbol that makes it important right now in my life?” Who or what is the snake? How can I look within and seek this understanding? What can I learn? It’s you who has the knowing.

Or, put all this aside and just have a great time with the snake, paint it, draw it, write a story about it. Enjoy it.

All are loved.

Aidil Soarese

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What does it mean if I have a dream of a large snake?

Dreaming of snakes are usually warnings. Are you making new decisions, involving new people, new group or work/ biz opportunity. RUN. deception is looking to get into your life. I pray you will make the right and wise decisions. I pray God help and guide you to the right people/ group they will advance you to your destiny. Blessings.

John Lessard

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You where thinking about snakes

LaTasha Williams

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Green represents growth or money. Snakes do not reflect a positive state. .maybe you are prospering and someone or something as cunning as a snake poses a threat.


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It means something is evolving in your consciousness. Don’t be afraid of it and welcome it.

Richard Dreiser

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It means you think dreams have meanings and that you believe complete strangers here on Quora (with no personal knowledge of you) can somehow interpret or explain them.

It means that you think dreams are more than just the way your brain processes information while you’re sleeping.

When you are awake, you are constantly receiving a barrage of information that goes straight to the brain. At certain times while you are sleeping, it gets sorted, filed away as memories, or discarded, resulting in your imagination going wild. This happens mostly during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep, which corresponds exactly as one is dreaming.

That dreams really don’t mean anything is pretty much a fact. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Science and the 21st-Century!

Dream – Wikipedia

Arwa Perelli-Harris

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It means you were asleep. (I assume, unless it was a day-dream). It means that you have a functioning brain. It means that you are not-colour blind.

There are probably loads of random facts to be extracted from that sentence, but those are just some of them.

It means that you had a dream about a green snake.

Did you expect anything else?

Here, I’ll even attach a photo of an example of a green snake:

There you go.

Hung Choong How

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What does it mean to dream of a green snake chasing you?

It means that you would need to get a loan from a bank, in order to pursue your quest to start an eco-friendly recycling plant.

Himangshu Sekhar

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Green is the symbol of spring, hope, and good sensations; pointing to the fact that good luck, joy, and prosperity are coming your way. … Dreaming of a green snake means respect, but also an easy and light life. Green snakes have a positive meaning in a dream but can also refer to fresh and unripe feelings. Dreaming about green snakes is a kind of dream that ha…

Michael Oakes

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What does it mean to dream to see a big python?

There is a reason snake dreams stand out, that it signals the coming into money. It is with great sensibility and rational balance and thought to contend with either one. A BIG snake, well that is just the greatest windfall of money, the inheritance. And it is never such a disruption as the reality (when it really happens). If nothing else, except a lottery, then you have your ‘messenger’. Careful what you wish for.

Yana Friman

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Any reptile seen in a dream symbolizes some evil that a dreamer can face. A vision where many snakes are present is interpreted by the dream book as an unfavorable sign. A similar plot in a dream usually becomes a warning about trouble, intrigues of enemies, gossip. But sometimes such a dream can be interpreted positively. Details will help understand why this symbol is seen in a dream: what kind of reptiles they were, where they were, were they seen by a woman or a man.

The dream vision of a large number of snakes in the water draws the attention of the sleeping man to his excessive credulity, naivety. Such qualities can serve poor service, so you should try not to unconditionally accept everything that is said to you.

Did you have a dream about walking through the woods and discovering many snakes on the ground? Dream Interpretation claims: it is a sign of betrayal.

Crushing and killing them in a dream – means the dreamer will face a very serious, painful conflict. You must be prepared for the ugly actions of opponents. Dead reptiles – the conflict will be successfully resolved.

Did you dream that there were a lot of snakes in the house? The symbol portends a big family scandal.

Stepping over these reptiles on the street – means the sleeper is very afraid of getting sick. The plot also notifies: someone will look for the opportunity to take the dreamer’s place in business.

To see a ball of snakes on the ground – means there are a lot of envious people around you, evil people who want all sorts of misfortunes. Be careful when communicating, because words spoken in haste can be harmful.

If there were many snakes in the water in a dream, the dream book warns: serious troubles are coming. Moreover, the more reptiles you saw there, the more misfortunes there will be.

Why do you dream of many snakes crawling on the ground? The Dream Interpretation informs: there is a certain enemy who is secretly plotting against you. However, he will soon decide to oppose you openly. If reptiles are poisonous in a dream, your enemy is more insidious and stronger, so you are unlikely to prevail over him. When they are not poisonous, you can easily defeat the enemy by turning these intrigues against him.

Why does a man dream of many snakes? This indicates: he has enemies among women. Care should be taken with colleagues and female acquaintances in order to avoid trouble. In addition, reptiles seen in a dream promise great trouble at work or problems in business. Such a vision signals the beginning of an unfavorable time. However, try to pass the life test – and things will gradually improve.

You can find much more interesting about snakes in dreams at the following link:

Gail Harry

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Mmm… snakes. In dreams generally, they represent transformation (because they shed their skin) and in many cultures the snake is a creation figure of power and “all-time”.

Meaning: A lady with two snakes appearing in a dream likely means offering you two difficult even significant choices, both involving life or personal, change.

Let’s look at two mythical examples as guides.

The most obvious pictorially, is in African & diaspora Voudon, where there is specifically a lady with two snakes. The wife of Papa Danballa/ Damballah the Creation serpent, she herself is the rainbow serpent and lady of snakes, Ayida-Wedo, pictured something like this, with pythons:

or this banner:

and this is her vevé (her sigil) which has regional variations, with the second snake being her consort:

and more usually

Elsewhere, in Hinduism the snake is a naga (male) and nagini (female), semi-divine inhabitants of an enchanted underworld. Mostly the naga is a full cobra or partly human. The naga can also refer to the sacred thread, a belt, and in representations of Patanjali, who is thought to be a manifestation of the serpent of eternity.

Because symbols represent many aspects and qualities of a figure you can explore its implications for yourself no matter what the belief system, and I prefer to look at dreams symbolically or literally, rather than psychologically.

It’s been awhile since I explored Voudon, Santeria and the rest, so thanks for an enjoyable question.

OQ: What’s the meaning of a lady with two snakes being in my dream?

Neeraj Murthy

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What does it mean if you see snakes in your dream?

When you see snakes in your dream it can mean alot of things. It depends on the type of snake , the location ,actions the snake performs and your association with snake in your life in general. I will list here some interpretations here :- It may represent a “Male” person you find sexually attractive or are threatened by.- If you see the snake shedding skin or growing in size that means transformation.-A snake biting you or chasing you means some hurtful harsh heartbreaking remarks made by you or made by someone else close.- If you are running away from the snake it means you are running f


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What does it mean when I see a green snake in my dream? I pet it and showed love so that it won’t be aggressive and then it became my friend and doesn’t want to leave me now.

Green colour snake depicts heart chakra too. It is not attacking types. It spreads and symbol of love and positive healing. Looking green snake depicts your love for others and shows heart is healthy. It is like a web of people connecting internally and peacefully. Be positive and smiling always towards people and they will stop all revenge towards you. Green color is for healing and well wishing. Let it flow from your heart to theirs

Claire Jordan

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Can green snakes fly?

Flying, or at least gliding, tree snakes do exist – they flatten themselves out and float down like a rather meaty ribbon – and yes, some of them are green.

Mike E. King

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Dream interpretation: Recently I had a dream of having a pet snake but it lives inside my mouth and my dream ended by me spitting the skin of my pet snake while it was shedding inside my mouth. Does this dream have any meaning and/or interpretation?

Snakes are the stuff of sex unless in the grass,then you may have enemies. They have a forked tongue which might be added to your repartee as a potential speaker of lies but they are tame and may just be referring to gossip. But you are shedding the outer manifestations and the dream has resolved itself.

Dreams come from the unconscious, which is filled with images, noise and conversations from all sources and which begs to be cut loose and does so in dreams, so called Freudian slips, and sometimes through hypnosis. You are the best interpreter of your own dreams, Those who try to interpret dre

Zoe Bell

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What does it mean when you’ve dreamed of a snake eating an orange cat and then your daughter tries to save the cat and the snake gets both of them?

My grandma was a dream reader and she always said that dreaming about snakes means you have enemies and you should watch your back because they are plotting against you.

Cats are actually a sign on protection; the fact the snake ate the cat means that someone tried to help you out, unfortunately with no success. I’m guessing your enemy has some serious negative emotions towards you.

Please, watch your back. Especially in work environment.

Stay safe x

Joachin Joseph

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What does it mean to dream of killing two snakes?

Generally, snakes signifies the fear of failures, fear of loss or worries. To see yourself killing the snakes represents you have overcome your worries and threats.

If you are a female, threats are most likely related to the sex, harassment & virginity. You might have just crossed some bad situations.

Please check whether those snakes are completely killed, else you may need to keep an eye on that. Also let me know the colour of the snake, place and any related details to know more.

Anita Moontoadie

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What does a green and black colored snake mean in a dream?

You would have to explain the entire dream in as much detail as you remember in order to have an accurate interpretation done. Snakes can mean deceit, transformation, danger, growth, sneakiness, treachery, sexuality or primal energy, the need to wait, the need to shed old ways. It would not mean all of those things though. Being black and green, it is possible that it would lean towards meanings of deceit, danger, blockages etc.

Alri Menerski

Votes: 1574

A giant snake is swallowing me in dream. What is the interpretation of this dream?

Giant snakes as a dream symbol are always a negative symbol. You could be overly consumed by things that are happening in your life right now, like separation, feeling lonely or because of some financial difficulties. Being swallowed by the snake means you are down-spiraling, unable to see the light at the…

Terra Katchina

Votes: 4382

What does it mean to dream of a big black snake shedding its skin and it’s in love with you?

Oooh! I love snake dreams! The obvious answer is that you are about to make a change, become more yourself, be more “in love” with who you are because you are shedding old useless skin and growing into a new one. Because it is a snake, my mom would call it “powerful medicine” because it is a black snake, I would say it is friendly “medicine” because where I live black snakes eat mice and keep the barns clean!

John Brusseau

Votes: 4388

I saw a snake eating my hand while I wanted to pet it in my dream & I saw it 3 times spontaneously. What does that mean?

The snake represents our idea of our self. Humans have an instinctual desire to become more aware of ourselves. Every experience we have adds to our identity, in as much as each experience becomes a part of who we are ( I am the person who has experienced that event).

In you case, you found an aspect of your idea of who you are that induced you to pet it, that is you were doing what is commonly referred to as stroking one’s ego. We all do this. In fact we all do this an awful lot, in our thoughts, petting our idea of who we are. And we do this because all of us have received damaging wounds to

Glitter Dome

Votes: 3003

In my dream a snake was chasing me but bit someone else, what does this mean?

Hi.. Snakes are supposed to mean big happenings in the spirit world. Maybe its an animal spirit guide you have,and it was trying to catch up to you to warn you of the other person, who wasnt a nice person or it believed them to be a threat to you. So to protect you, it attacked them. I think it means someone not human is protecting you. And if it must it will defend you, attacking those who are not nice people in some way. The dream could be a message.

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