What Does It Mean When You Run Over A Squirrel

What does it mean when you run over a squirrel? is a very interesting question right now. Below is the best answer to the I was in a car when we ran over a squirrel. Do you have any advice for not feeling depressed over this? that we assembled. we will definitely make you satisfied!

What Does It Mean When You Run Over A Squirrel

Kris Doubledee

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Hi my name is Kristian… There isn’t any real solution for this type of depression….You took a life and you feel bad… so do I when it happened to me… The way I dealt with it, and always have and you will find this probably stupid, but I leave early for work so I don’t have to rush… This helps a lot….For your depression, well it’s normal to feel like the way your feeling are something like that… The life of a squirrel is equally as important as any other life anywhere… Accidents happen all the time and some of us are the main cause of them or a part of it… They way you feel is only telling you your human… When a life is taken away from here it’s absorb all around us and when you feel that way it’s like it’s dispersed it all directions and that includes you…That’s my elementary opinion without going into a long drawn out scientific opinion… It’s one of the attributes we don’t like to feel but a really important one as well…I would worry if you never felt that way after something like that… All in all your a terrific person and it’s not going to be the last time so embrace it and try and to understand we all, I hope, experience Joy, Happiness, Love, Sadness, and depression so each one we deal and experience more often then others so it becomes overwhelming sometimes… No one is any better than you are or less important so embrace it deal with your emotions like they were children and we get by…. I hope this helped and I wish you more Happiness than anything else for you, enjoy your life!

Aryan Negini

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It wasn’t your fault, and the squirrel is dead and at peace now so no point in brooding over it. Even if you hadn’t ran it over the squirrel would have eventually been hunted by a natural predator such as a hawk, owl, fox, or coyote, and those would have been deaths of a more brutal nature. Try not to fret too much over it, try to look at the squirrel’s death as a release rather than you killing it. Anyways you wouldn’t have ran over the squirrel if it hadn’t foolishly ran in front of your car, don’t beat yourself up over it, it wasn’t your fault.

Ricky Williams

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Donate your time going. to the park feeding them.god knows your heart and i can tell you have a good heart feeling the way you do about the squirrel

Jenny Mairet

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It was an accident. It’s the circle of life. Squirrels have such short lives, really. Allow yourself to feel sorry, then forgive yourself and let it go.

Cherie A. Reese

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It depends on how and what you did when you ran over the squirrel. The squirrel ran across the street. You have to understand that if anything runs in front of a car when a car is going at a normal speed, it can’t stop. The fact that you feel depressed shows the love you have in your heart for animals. Say a prayer for other animals and show them love when you can. You can make a donation to your local animal shelter or ASPCA (for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) which I do.

Duytan Vu

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The following video briefly covers how the action of running over a stray squirrel created a source of food for the ants and other species that consumes such dead animal carcasses. Such actions are minor enough for the balance in nature to not be upset.

Where Are All the Dead Animals?

This video briefly covers the subject of an animal’s loss of family.

Do Animals Mourn Their Dead?

Your depressed feeling shows your compassion, at least for squirrels. You just happen to have a bit more sensitivity than others do. I don’t have any suggestion regarding how to “desensitize” yourself, other than to recognize that your depression is a larger concern than the squirrel’s death. Nature can deal with the dead squirrel, but who/what deals with your depression and resulting health? You probably already know this, but it helps to organize facts in order to reflect— the issue is a personal one that must be solved from within, and you know yourself best.

David Caballero

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I know that EXACT squirrel you are talking about and trust me, you should definitely NOT be depressed about it.

Actually you should consider yourself a hero. The reason is because that particular squirrel just so happened to be the torment of the squirrel community. It was a ““neighborhood bully”!

I remember that squirrel coming up to an innocent chipmunk and stealing all of it’s nuts.. That was a sad sight.

And that was just one observation I had on ONE day!

I had been watching that particular scumbag of a squirrel and know of at least 10 other bullying instances. Even selling drugs to little adolescent squirrels and cute animals. I think it was even part of a gang.

Dont feel depressed. It should have happened a long time ago. That squirrel had it coming to him. Karma is a b…..

Duncan Thomson

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It’s normal to feel upset, and there’s probably not much anyone can say that will help, but with time you should feel better. I once ran over a squirrel that darted in front of me when riding my bicycle. It was horrible and I felt sick to my stomach for quite a while. I’m a vegetarian and don’t like to see animals killed or hurt. But I know life is fleeting, and in this case there was nothing I could have done about it, so I was able to let the bad feelings go pretty easily.

James Tiroli

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Pat yourself on the back for your good fortune. Don’t ever swerve or even brake hard for a squirrel. Driving like that is dangerous. Human safety is all that matters.

If it makes you feel better, I heard that particular squirrel was a Neo-Nazi and has slaughtered thousands of other squirrels.

You done good.

Bob Metcalfe

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Squirrels are natural prey. And you almost certainly gave it a much better death than if it had been killed by one of its predators, which tend to do it much more slowly than cars.

Francesca KingLorri Robinson

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Squirrels have a bad habit of running back and forth across the street. I would think of all the times the squirrel was successful. The squirrel made it across many times that’s great.

Natalie Harris

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This too shall pass. I think you feel bad that it happened not so much depressed. Things happen that we have no control over. We have to learn to accept them and try to let it go. It’s kinda like holding a glass of water at first it doesn’t feel heavy but if you hold it long enough it gets to where you absolutely can’t do it anymore. Either you drop the glass and it breaks or you put it down before it’s too late. You will be ok I’ve done this before and felt bad but nothing that I could have done could have stopped it from happening.

Maru G. Plaza

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I ran over one tried not to and I’m devastated crying turn back and said to her I’m sorry this is second time it happened I didn’t saw it so bad

Alice Long

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I did that once and picked it up and took it somewhere and buried it. l ran over a tortoise once, too. I have decided they die and go to heaven, so l shouldn’t worry about it.Once l backed into a car that was driving up that l couldn’t see.The insurance lady told me to let the insurance company worry about it.


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