What is the best month to visit Cedar Point (Crowds and weather)?

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What is the best month to visit Cedar Point (Crowds and weather)?

Onne Vegter

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I’m not a local but we researched this carefully before our last trip. The best time to visit Cedar Point depends a bit on your likes and dislikes. If dislike hot and humid weather, avoid the summer. But if you enjoy water rides and don’t want to be cold (and wet), summer might be the best time. Even spring and fall can be chilly.

A good compromise is to travel at the start of summer (maybe early June) before the summer vacation and the July crowds (although June will still be busy), or plan for September. It can still be warm enough in September, and you avoid the bugs, thunderstorms and crowds of July and August. However, it will still be busy, so best is to get there early in the morning, as the gates open, and consider buying a Fast Pass so you don’t spend most of your day in lines waiting to ride.

Also check out the Sandusky forum in Tripadvisor. Some great tips and advice there.

Louis Juliot

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I prefer Cedar Point.

Cedar Point has a couple more coasters on their roster, but what makes Cedar Point really shine is its location.

Cedar Point is located on a spit of land jutting into Lake Erie which makes for fantastic views in the park and on the coasters.

Corbin Byers

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I’ve been on every non-kiddy coaster at Cedar Point except for Steel Vengeance (Their newest coaster) and most of the flat rides. I’ve visited several times and this is how I would rank their coasters in order from best to worst (numbers 2–4 are all in my top 10 coasters of all time):

1. Steel Vengeance – Although I’ve never personally ridden the ride, nearly every coaster enthusiast agrees that this is one of, if not the best coaster in the world. I can’t wait to ride it next time I visit.2. Millennium Force3. Maverick4. Top Thrill Dragster5. Gatekeeper6. Mantis7. Raptor8. Valravn9. Wicked Twister10. Magnum XL-20011. Gemini12. Blue Streak13. Rougarou14. Cedar Creek Mine Ride15. Iron Dragon16. Corkscrew (Don’t ride it. It looks cool, but it’s a painful ride)

They also have Power Tower which is a drop tower with two different rides. One side shoots you up then you free-fall down…

Darrin Matteson

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It depends on what you’re looking for in a park. Disneyland is a theme park. Cedar Point is an Amusement Park. If you’re looking for something more family oriented Disneyland is probably a better fit. If either a) you have no children or b) you have older or taller children/teens then Cedar Point might be a better fit.

Cedar Point is known more for its thrill rides and rollercoasters most of which require their riders to be at least 48″ or 54″ tall (depending on the ride). They do have rides for younger children as well but their focus is clearly and obviously on thrill rides.

My 6 year old son is desperate to go to Cedar Point as he loves rollercoasters but I refuse to take him until he’s at least 48″ tall. I don’t think its fair to take him now when he’ll be able to see all these rides he’ll want to go on but won’t be able to because he’s not yet tall enough.

Louis Juliot

Votes: 7339

Cedar Point Amusement Park is located on peninsula jutting out from Sandusky, Ohio, USA into Lake Erie.

It is a little over an hour’s drive west of Cleveland, Ohio, USA

If you love roller coasters, Cedar Point is a great place to visit. Depending on what is being built and being removed, Cedar Point has 15–17 roller coasters and thrill rides to choose from.

Jacob Unwin

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NOTE: I have not been to this park for a while, so I will not be able to comment on Steel Vengeance. However, many say that it is one of the best rides in the park.

Here are some of my personal favorite rides at Cedar Point

This roller coaster is an absolute must-ride. The launched lift hill that catapults you into the 95 degree drop, followed by a series of unrelenting banked curves and inversions, provides a level of intensity that you won’t find on many other coasters.

2. Millennium Force

A former record-holder, Millenium Force stands 310 feet tall and reaches speeds of 90 mph. The first drop is killer, and there are several great airtime moments throughout the ride.

3. Gemini

This is one you won’t see on many people’s top ten lists, but it’s a personal favorite of mine and is definitely worth a ride or two. Gemini was the first ever hybrid coaster (wooden supports and steel track), boasts a surprisingly intense first drop for its age, and- there are two tracks, and the trains race! The racing adds a fantastic element of fun to the ride.

There are many other great attractions at Cedar Point, but these are my three personal favorites.

Hope this helps!

Jonathan HodgeDarrin Matteson

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It depends what you like and who you’re going with. My family and I have Cedar Fair platinum passes, and we made two trips to KI and one to CP this summer. For context, my kids are 11, 7, and 7. My youngest is not quite 48″ tall, which is the cutoff for a lot of the bigger rides.

KI is a really good park for families with younger kids. They have a great kids area and a few coasters that the whole family can ride. There’s also a fun family dark ride where you shoot at targets. For the thrill-seekers, they have a pretty good collection of bigger coasters. Diamondback, Banshee, Mystic Timbers, and Firehawk are some of the ones that my older son and I enjoy the most, but there are several other good ones as well. All in all, KI is great, balanced park that really offers something for everyone.

With that said, if you love coasters, you really can’t beat Cedar Point. They have an amazing collection, including 5 that are over 200 ft (6 when Steel Vengeance opens next summer). Millennium Force and Maverick are two of the best steel coasters in the world, and there are at least 5 or 6 others that are really good. There are not nearly as many kids and family rides at CP, particularly for the ones under 48″. They also don’t have much to offer in terms of wood coasters, and KI is *much* better in that regard.

Along those lines, it’s probably worth noting that the coaster collections at the two parks are really different. For example, KI has a flying coaster, an indoor launched coaster, and a few other varieties that CP does not have. As I noted above, CP has several kinds of steel coasters that KI doesn’t (dive, wing, giga, accelerator, blitz, impulse, etc.).

Bottom line: I love both parks and have a great time at each of them. If you have younger kids or people in your group who prefer some milder rides, I’d go with KI. For steel coaster enthusiasts, CP is the place to be.

Louis Juliot

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Is Cedar Point overrated?

Cedar Point is rated as the #1 amusement park by USA Today.

Cedar Point is ranked as the #3 amusement park globally.

They must be doing something right.

A lot of it stems from their ability to cram 16 or so top-rated thrill rides in such a relatively small and confined area.

Roller coaster enthusiasts do not need to walk very far to get their next adrenaline rush.

And its unique location on a literal spit of land along one of the Great Lakes provides roller coaster architects opportunities to add to the thrills by providing “infinite” sight lines over Lake Erie – which is exemplified by Millennium Force.

That, and it has one of my favorite coasters… Maverick.

Jeremy Losek

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Is cedar point fast pass worth it?

Depends when you are going. Middle of the summer on weekend and you get your bang for your buck. Go on a Wednesday in May and all you’ve done is get a shorter walk through the empty queue. I’d say about late June through early September is peak attendance season. Outside of that you are generally wasting your money.

Jacob UnwinJustin Hitt

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That depends on what you want to do.

If you are a hardcore coaster enthusiast who wants to ride every coaster multiple times, I would recommend visiting for 2–3 full days.

If you are just visiting with family or friends and just want to take it easy, 1, maybe 2, day(s) should be enough.

If you are bringing small children, even though there are lots of activities for little kids, one day should suffice, as the wait times are minimal for most kiddie rides and they will probably tire out after several hours.

Some tips:

BUY THE FAST LANE if you want to ride every coaster in a short amount of time! It may seem like an awful lot of money, but on crowded days, it’s worth it.

Bring your own food! Pack a picnic to eat right outside the gate, or, Dominos can deliver to the front gate of the park! Pick up your order then go eat it in one of the pavilions. The seagulls will want your crusts!

Hope this helps!

Dave Althoff

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Not even close.

And that’s coming from someone who is a huge fan of Cedar Point.

Cedar Point has the best collection of roller coasters in the world. They have roller coasters for all occasions, for all tastes, of nearly every style and configuration imaginable. When you go to Cedar Point, the coasters are the stars of the show, and they are everywhere you look. Most were built to be the *-est of their kind when they opened.

When a company comes up with a new kind of roller coaster, Cedar Point’s model is to examine that new kind of coaster carefully, consider carefully whether it is a good fit for Cedar Point, then order a bigger one. They try very hard to have coasters that they can market as the *-est in as many categories as possible, with an eye towards building the “best” new coaster. But *-est isn’t always the “best” and there are frequently better options available. Let’s go through Cedar Point’s collection and see what might be better…

Wood Coaster: Blue Streak

Blue Streak is a great wood coaster. It’s also kind of short, and it doesn’t have the best trains available. There are lots of rides that I would consider “better” including Shivering Timbers at Michigan’s Adventure, the Voyage at Holiday World, the Cannon Ball at Lake Winnepesaukah, the Phoenix at Knoebel’s…the list goes on and on for this one.

Mine Train: Cedar Creek Mine Ride

The Mine Ride can be fun. But again, there are better ones out there. Adventure Express at Kings Island comes immediately to mind, also some of the older rides like the Gold Rusher at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Looping Coaster: Corkscrew

The Corkscrew might have been the earliest of Cedar Point’s “program” coasters. Knott’s Berry Farm built the Corkscrew, Geauga Lake built the Double Loop, and Cedar Point ordered a combination of both with a vertical loop and a Corkscrew. But the ride is over 40 years old and counting only the rides built by Arrow there are much better examples. Try Dragon Mountain at MarineLand, the Loch Ness Monster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg (although it has no corkscrew), or the Tennessee Tornado at Dollywood.

Racing Coaster: Gemini

Gemini is a ride practically unique to Cedar Point, in that it is a steel racing coaster. Among racers, Gemini is big and traditional, and almost totally unique. But if you pit it against all the multi-track coasters out there, it is easily bested by the likes of the Hersheypark Lightning Racer. I do think it is conceptually a better ride than the Kings Island Racer and its sibling at Kings Dominion.

Kiddie Coaster: Jr. Gemini/Wilderness Run

Cedar Point’s older kiddie coaster is not much of a ride. I think something like Kennywood’s Lil’ Phantom can be more fun, or even better, how about a wood coaster like Camden Park’s Lil’ Dipper or the Teddy Bear at Stricker’s Grove.

Suspended Coaster: Iron Dragon

Iron Dragon may be the most ridiculed coaster in Cedar Point’s collection. Kings Island’s Bat, Canada’s Wonderland’s Vortex, and Magic Mountain’s Ninja are all better rides. Of course none is quite as good as the dearly departed Big Bad Wolf, removed from Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Mega Coaster: Magnum XL-200

A rare case where Cedar Point led the way, Magnum XL-200 was the first coaster to revisit and super-size the non-looping out and back coaster. Magnum happens to be my favorite, but a really good case can be made for the more refined rides that it inspired, particularly Steel Force at Dorney Park and Mamba at Worlds of Fun.

Inverted Coaster: Raptor

Raptor is an excellent inverted coaster, a bigger, faster version of the original Batman: The Ride concept. But even Raptor has been surpassed: I’m a big fan of Alengeist at Busch Gardens Williamsburg; others my prefer the Banshee at Kings Island.

Junior Coaster: Woodstock Express

This one is a standard production model. But so is Gadget’s Go Coaster at Disneyland.

Giga Coaster: Millennium Force

Cedar Point’s 300-foot tall coaster is a gigantic kiddie ride. Lots of people like it that way, but an even bigger case can be made for Fury 325 at Carowinds.

Impulse Coaster: Wicked Twister

Launched Coaster: Top Thrill Dragster

These two are coasters where Cedar Point is largely without peer…because of a lack of peers. Perhaps a case can be made for Kingda Ka over Top Thrill Dragster, but I haven’t ridden Kingda Ka.

Launched Looper: Maverick

This one is also unique and widely regarded as possibly the best coaster at Cedar Point. Given a choice, though, I would rather ride the Sky Rocket at Kennywood.

Floorless Coaster: Rougarou

Converted from a stand-up coaster, Rougarou is not quite as much fun as Dominator at Kings Dominion.

Wing Coaster: GateKeeper

GateKeeper is a great ride, but for a similar ride experience in a tighter, more intense package, try Thunderbird at Holiday World.

Dive Coaster: Valravn

It’s the biggest of its kind, but somehow I just thought Griffon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg did it better.

That leaves Steel Vengeance, the long awaited conversion of Mean Streak into a bigger, meaner coaster. It’s expected to open as the best of its kind, just like most of these other coasters were when they were new. We shall see in the Springtime.

In the mean time, what you should see here is that Cedar Point has a tremendous collection of coasters. Nowhere else in the world has such a collection of great rides all in a single park. Every one of these rides is decent and noteworthy, and several are still the best of their kind. But by and large, most of Cedar Point’s coasters are NOT the best in the world. For nearly every coaster at Cedar Point you can find another ride somewhere else that does it somehow better. But nowhere else gives you *all* of those rides in the same place. Cedar Point easily has the best collection of roller coasters anywhere. But they are not the best roller coasters anywhere.

Bhutan Junkies.

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Well, it totally depends on what you seek!!

2. March , April and May.

My personal favourite season, also the most preferably months for visitors according to Tourism council of Bhutan. Most of the places in Bhutan starts to warm up by end of February and by early march you would see one of the most beautiful and stunning view in the world, wild flowers starts to bloom, sky remains clear and blue throughout, birds starts coming out and the highligh, Paro Tshechu.

Paro Tshechu starts from March 17–21 for 2019, you will see one of most preserved, colourful culture and traditions come alive. Make sure you keep your camera’s ready because you will be seeing beautiful antique hand woven dress.( gho for male and kira for female) and countless mask dances.

3. June, July and August.

By mid June Bhutan starts receiving some heavy rainfalls of the year which also causes frequent landslides and road blocks but most parts remains beautiful on a clear day. I would advise you to make a short stay and avoid going to eastern and central parts which will be receiving some heavy rains frequently.

For bikers group could be great adventure in a mud and tough terrain,make sure to bring your waterproof jacket though.

3. September, October and November.

This is the second most preferably season after spring season, the air starts getting cool and the leaves starts changing colour which also gives a different view of Bhutan, the monsoon rain stops and gives a breathtaking view of lush green forest and vegetation.

Thimphu Tshechu starts from 6th October to 8th October 2019 which will be the highlight of this season so make sure you plan accordingly. There will also be a rare black nacked crane Festival at Phobjikha to celebrate the return of endangered bird from Tibet.

There are many small Tshechu and local festival around the year, chances are you would probably witness any one in whichever month you visit. So happy visiting and welcome to Bhutan in advance.

Visit Southern District of Bhutan in winter season for different culture, festivals, marriage ceremony and homestay, since majority of southern Bhutanese are Hindu you will experience some different taste of Bhutan.

I would also be making list of best travel agents to choose when visiting Bhutan including luxury package so make sure to upvote and follow.

Anya Mary

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When is the best time to visit Paris, compromising between crowds and weather (or other factors)?

I really enjoyed visiting in late September. Here is why:

For more info, visit my blog Tigrest dot com

Lyonel Perabo

Votes: 6368

When is the best time to visit Norway?

Depends on what one wants to see.

If it is Northern Lights, snow-topped mountains and huskies, winter’s obviously the best (maybe January to March?).

If one wants not to suffer because of the cold and see the midnight sun and go hiking, summer’s the best obviously.

It is impossible to get a good grasp of the place coming during only one season.

My two cents.

Dave Althoff

Votes: 8175

What are the best roller coasters to go on at Cedar Point amusement park and in what order should I go on them?

Ooh, short fuse! Sorry, I guess you will read this after you get back!

Cedar Point has a pretty incredible collection of roller coasters. But why choose? Build yourself an itinerary based on actual crowd patterns, but be flexible. The park has so many rides that even when it is crowded, you shouldn’t have to wait too long for anything. Here’s a sample order which should allow you to ride all of the adult coasters in a somewhat reasonable order.

1. Maverick. If you have any kind of early entry privilege, take advantage of it for this one. It’s the lowest capacity major coaster in the park, it bre

Charlene Cratty Monske

Votes: 8694

Is Cedar Point worth the price?

Honestly, yes. I know it’s not perfect and won’t appeal to everyone, but if you enjoy roller coasters, you will LOVE Cedar Point. It’s a clean park and it has many things to enjoy. Besides roller coasters there are many other rides. There are two sections dedicated to little kids, there’s a wonderful water park, shows, fireworks, extreme rides like that bungee shooter thing, a beach, hotels, camping, picnic areas. Besides that, there are ways to economize. Look around for coupons or specials. I’m from Michigan and CP usually has a special price for Michiganders. Also, credit unions and grocery

Louis Juliot

Votes: 7667

Can you ride all the rides at Cedar Point in one day?

Can you ride all the rides at Cedar Point in one day?

If you are defining “all the rides” as ALL the rides, the answer is no.

Not only are there some rides with a height minimum, there are several children’s rides where there is a height maximum. If you can ride all the rides with a minimum, you will not be able to get on the rides with a maximum – and vice versa.

Now, if you are asking if it is feasible to ride all the thrill rides in one day, yes it is possible, but you have to plan your trip carefully and choose a low attendance day to attempt the challenge.

Waiting in lines takes up most of yo

Dave Collins

Votes: 4053

What is your favorite ride at cedar point?

Maverick used to be quite low in my steel coaster rankings because of the original shoulder restraints. Once I rode it with the improved restraints in June 2017 for my first time since 2010, I was completely blown away with the experience! To me, Millennium Force is not as good with the inundation of bugs coming at you (Valravn was also like this during my recent visit). Gatekeeper has a rattle when sitting in the back-right side to the point of almost graying out. Top Thrill Dragster is a “one-trick pony” that does not have any additional airtime hills after the initial hill and drop to embra

Elizabeth Hannah Clark

Votes: 9634

What is the best cedar fair park after Cedar Point and Kings Island?

I haven’t been to many, but I’m tempted to say Carowinds. The park is one of the cleanest I’ve seen as far as chain-owned parks go, besides Busch Gardens. Carowinds also has quite the impressive collection of roller coasters. The line-up includes varieties from inverted to stand-up to custom looping to wild mouse (which I personally detest) to classic woodie. There are also both a hypercoaster and a gigacoaster, a rarity as far as amusement parks go. (The only other parks to have both are Cedar Point, Canada’s Wonderland, and, this year, Kings Island.) Even if you’re not into thrills, there is

Bob Astor

Votes: 7450

What’s the best month to visit Pittsburgh?

Joe, It depends on what you like to do. Want to watch the Steelers or the Penguins? Come during the winter. Want to watch the Pirates? You can join 38,361 of your closest friends from March to September. Boating or fishing? Definitely summer. Whenever you want to come? There is always something going on in the steel city.

Corbin Byers

Votes: 9892

Where does Cedar Point rank on the best amusement parks in the world list?

For me it’s in my top 5. My top parks I’ve been to are:

1. Busch Gardens Tampa2. Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, NJ)3. Cedar Point4. Six Flags Magic Mountain (near Los Angeles)5. Phantasialand (NW Germany)

Cedar Point has a nearly perfect coaster lineup and a good assortment of flat rides, plus a lot for families/kids to do, like shows and a petting zoo, as well as a viewing area for Top Th

Julie Schrank

Votes: 6641

Is Cedar Point worth visiting for roller coasters?

My honest opinion, cedar point has 3 awesome coasters. The rest are good-blah. Go south to kings island in mason Ohio. They have a much better variety of enjoyable coasters.

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