What music genre is Counting Crows? What other bands are in that genre?

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What music genre is Counting Crows? What other bands are in that genre?

Maury Miloff

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I’ve been wondering the same thing. There is an American roots and electric country rock strain that runs through it which is exemplified perhaps by the Band. Allman Brothers’ music seems to be a cross between country rock and southern rock.

What groups do you think are closest to the Counting Crows? I think of Hootie and the Blow Fish, Gin Blossoms, Todd the Wet Sprocket, Goo Goo Dolls, Avett Brothers, Tom Petty, the Tragically Hip as well as the Wallflowers. I really dig this music.

Shankar Iyer

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I’d probably call them a rock band with folk, country, & Americana influences.

Their sound owes a lot to Van Morrison and The Band. If you’re a Counting Crows fan and you’ve never heard Astral Weeks or Music from Big Pink, you should fix that as soon as possible.

If you’re interested in less obvious influences and lesser known bands of Counting Crows’ general genre, you might want to start your search with Underwater Sunshine, an album of covers that the band put out a couple of years ago. Some of the album’s songs were originally composed by Bay Area bands from the late 80s and 90s that the members of Counting Crows clearly respect.

Pat Chuez

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What genre of music/band did you initially hate but end of liking later on?

Heavy Metal. Sure, I was one of those pansies who like those tame glam rock songs, such as Livin’ On a Prayer, etc. But the idea of Thrash metal, Slayer, Megadeth, Overkill, Exodus, and far more extreme metal bands made me shiver. To me, it sounded terrible, and it sounded just like noise… Well… I got into the guitar, and now my favourite genre is… Heavy Metal!


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It’s pretty hard to fit Joji into one specific genre tbh but if I were to break it up into a few I’d say his older songs were probably like lo-fi hip hop but his newer songs are mainly rnb/ soul or maybe even alternative pop??

Anton Kubetz

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Here’s the list.

ENFJ: Blues, Country, Jazz, and World.

ENFP: Ambient, Blues, Electronica, Jazz, Reggae, Soul, and World.

ENTJ: Classical, Electronica, and Jazz.

ENTP: Alternative Rock, Classical, and Rock.

ESFJ: Blues, Country, Pop, Religious, and Soul.

ESFP: Ambient, Country, Hip-Hop, Pop, and Soul.

ESTJ: Hip-Hop and Religious.

ESTP: Electronica, Hip-Hop, Metal, and Reggae.

INFJ: Alternative Rock and World.

INFP: Alternative Rock, Punk, and Rock.

INTJ: Classical and Metal.

INTP: Metal, Punk, and Rock.

ISFJ: Religious.

ISFP: Ambient, Pop, and Reggae.

ISTJ: ???

ISTP: Punk.

This won’t always be correct, because there are more factors than just personality when it comes to taste in music. I think the generation that you’re growing up in and how you were raised has a massive impact on music taste. However, I will note that I’m an INTP and this list is very accurate for me.

Edit: Please note that this isn’t 100% accurate. Just because it doesn’t match up for you, does not mean that it is completely inaccurate (like some of the comments have implied). This list is based on a survey that compared the percentage of each MBTI type to their musical preference. It was then ranked for each genre, of which MBTI types were more likely to enjoy the said genre. The top three types are listed under each genre of music in this link. Music Preferences by Personality Type | So, it’s not an absolute, just the highest probability that any given genre will be enjoyed by a type.

Jim Davis

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Bread and Air Supply would be Soft Rock or Adult Contemporary. The Babys is more Power Pop.

Other Soft Rock and Adult Contemporary artists would be:

Jim AdkinsGlen CampbellJim BrickmanMichael BoltonBob BennettCaptain & TennilleBob CarlisleThe CarpentersPeter CeteraCherMarc CohnCruel ShoesJackie DeShannonNeil DiamondCeline DionSheena EastonHeather EatmanBarbara FairchildMarianne FaithfulMichael FeinsteinJudy GarlandDavid GatesJustin GuariniElton JohnJoshua KadisonKeithCarole KingGerald LevertDonna LewisMelissa ManchesterBarry ManilowLene MarlinRichard MarxBette MidlerAnne MurrayOliverStella PartonSandy PoseyLisa Marie PresleyHelen ReddyRobbie RobertsonRoxetteKate SchrockSealCarly SimonCurtis StigersAmanda StottBarbra StreisandJeremy TobackSally TownesJamie WaltersJennifer WarnesDionne WarwickKitty WellsWilson PhillipsJackson BrowneKim CarnesJamie CallumDire StraitsEverythingGlenn FreyDon HenleyGrayson HughMike and the MechanicsVan MorrisonRandy NewmanNilssonLaura NyroGerry RaffertyLinda RonstadtSeals & CroftsTrafficGino VanelliPaul WellerWings

…and now I just see that you asked for “present day bands”. So…… extrapolate as you see fit. 🙂

Éamon O’Kelly

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Fleetwood Mac.

In 1967, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers alumni Peter Green (guitar), Mick Fleetwood (drums), and John McVie (bass) joined with slide guitar and keyboard player Jeremy Spencer to form the gritty British blues band Fleetwood Mac.[FN] Guitar prodigy Danny Kirwan joined a year later. With three outstanding lead guitarists, one of the best rhythm sections in the business, and Green’s vocal and songwriting skills, the band quickly gained a reputation as one of the most exciting white blues acts around. Guests on their albums included American blues legends like Otis Spann, Willie Dixon, Eddie Boyd and Buddy Guy. Green was being mentioned in the same breath as Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. They had a number 1 best-seller in the UK and Europe with “Albatross,” and other singles also made the Top Ten. Their albums were received enthusiastically by both critics and the record-buying public.

Fleetwood Mac in 1968: L-R, Kirwan, Green, McVie, Fleetwood, Spencer; source: FleetwoodMacBook.com; reproduced for educational purposes under the Fair Use Doctrine

But a grueling tour schedule, Green’s insatiable perfectionism, intraband personality clashes, and heavy drinking and drug use took their toll. In the early 1970s, all three guitarists left within a short time. Fleetwood and McVie, joined by McVie’s wife Christine on keyboards and vocals (as Christine Perfect, she had been a successful singer in the UK) soldiered on with various singers and guitarists (including Bob Welch). But the revolving door of band members, erratically shifting musical styles, and legal battles with managers and record labels played havoc with Fleetwood Mac’s reputation and the quality of its output.

In late 1974, with their career prospects looking doubtful, Fleetwood and the McVies teamed up with California based folk-rock duo Lindsey Buckingham (guitar and vocals) and Stevie Nicks (vocals). That version of the band went on to become the epitome of 1970s-era sophisticated pop/rock and one of the biggest selling acts of all time. The complex, polished work by the Nicks-Buckingham version of Fleetwood Mac, however, could hardly have been further from the raucous, gritty blues-based rock of the band’s original incarnation.

Fleetwood Mac in 1977: L-R, Fleetwood, Christine McVie, John McVie, Nicks, Buckingham; public domain

I was a huge fan of the original Fleetwood Mac. American blues records were hard to come by in Ireland in the 1960s and those of us who liked blues music were dependent on covers by British blues interpreters like John Mayall and the younger musicians who trained in his band the Bluesbreakers. For a few years, there were no better exemplars of British blues and blues-based rock than Fleetwood Mac: five highly skilled musicians who gave everything they had to the music. I lost interest after Green and Spencer left. By the time the Buckingham-Nicks-era Mac were dominating the charts, my taste did not include the kind of polished music at which Mac then excelled. In the 1980s, I gave another listen to Rumours, Tusk and the rest, and came to realize what a great band that was too. I think Rumours is one of the best albums ever made and I still listen to it. But when it’s late at night and I need to hear something that touches my soul, it’s to the 1968 Fleetwood Mac or 1969 Pious Bird of Good Omen that I turn.

NOTE: For a few weeks after the band was formed, Bob Brunning of the band Savoy Brown sat in on bass until McVie was ready to join.

EDIT 5/7/2020: Thanks to Franklin Nash, I corrected the reference to Stevie Nicks, whom I originally described as contributing keyboard and vocals.


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Aidan McKee

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I love this band.

It’s like a cross between Stevie Wonder and Daft Punk.

They call their style “Acid Jazz”.

To me, it’s a mix of disco, funk, electronic, jazz, and sometimes hip hop.

In case you didn’t know, they wrote the song “Canned Heat”, which appears in the movie Napoleon Dynamite.

Here’s a few of their songs. They are weird, they are groovy, they are different. Give it a listen.

Shivam Aggarwal

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There is a genre which is the purest form of ‘Multiple genres’ elegantly fused into 1 epic genre.

It’s called Progressive Rock/Metal.

Bands in this category use all kind of music elements to craft musical masterpieces. Elements from Folk, Classic Rock, Electronic, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Pop are usually used by pretty much all the Progressive Rock/Metal bands.

Usually Prog songs have following unique characteristics:1. They are fairly bigger in length.2. Use of varying time signatures 3. Multi layered instruments 4. Big instrumental pieces in the most unexpected places.5. Use of a big variety of non-traditional instruments at a few places 6. Lyrics that talk about literally everything 7. Really really wide vocal delivery!8. Most important these songs tell you an important story!

Following would be some really good examples:

Tom Sawyer by Rush

Discipline by King Crimson

Shine on you Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd

Another Day by Dream Theater

Anasthetize by Porcupine Tree

Cockroach King by Haken

Right in Two by TOOL

Softly She Cries by Pain of Salvation

Hessian Peel by Opeth

This is just a brief about this big world of Prog music. More you get inside more you discover!

Kevin F, Mad Monster Hunter

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What are “art music” genres by definition?

Art music is a broad term for music with advanced theory or construction. In contrast to pop or folk music, art music is a lot more complex and challenging. Classical music is a good example since the composers of the classical music era had advanced training. Most “art music” is influenced by classical music that was composed in Western Europe.

Trent Fairfield

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What genre of music is the band Breaking Benjamin?

I think calling Breaking Benjamin metalcore would be a little bit of a stretch, because of how much clean vocal techniques are implemented. But as far as the music goes its pretty close. There are not a lot of bands very similar to it so I would like to classify it as light metalcore if that’s a thing but I feel like post grunge, alternative-core or something would work better. Now that I think about it they really do have a grunge feel to their music so that would be my final answer, post grunge.

Chris Grimmoire

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You are not a music genre. You happen to listen to several different bands spanning time and style, genre; even…but You are not a musical genre.

If you started to write and produce based on your choices, critics could lavish praise on your “new wave post-ska revivalcore” (every stupid new song has to have post- & -core affixed to it, I think it is the Millennial Editor for Rolling Stone’s rule…which is odd, because we already had postcore as a genre), and so your music could fit in a genre, your act would get lumped into a genre…but you are not a musical genre.

My mother likes country music, from Patsy Cline to Tim McGraw. She sings along to Today’s Top Hits pop songs, from Madonna to Adele and Katy Perry. She just bought a record player and dug out all of her old Bob Dylan, Kingston Trio, and Simon & Garfunkel records. She plays violin in a symphony orchestra…but she is not a musical genre.

Eli Cosgrov

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Which music genres are offensive?

Depends what you mean by “offensive”.

If you mean intentionally provocative then.

Death metal

Black metal

Punk rock


Horror Punk

some hardcore punk bands


Anarcho Punk

Crust Punk/D beat



some Hip Hop/rap

If by “offensive” you mean to actually legit hurt someone

Rock Against Communism

National Socialist Black Metal(also known as NSBM)


Mumble rap, some modern Hip Hop/Rap

Mike W. Bandit

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What should your band’s genre be called?

PARENTAL WARNING/NOTICE: The following humorus commentary of mine, may (or may not) contain explicit, questionable, and/or offensive terms and/or subject matter.

= = =

Dear Music Lovers & Haters:

Well, hypothetically speaking, if say I was even in a band — our sound and/or style would probably consist of a combination/mix of genres and/or subgenres.


Q1. And, what would those genres or subgenres be?

A1. Post-grunge, hardcore, punk rock, alternative rock, and/or indie rock.


Q2. What would be the name of our band?

A2. Some possible working names for our band would include the following:

The Purple Grap

Aaron Lau

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Do you have a favorite genre of music? If so, which genre? What about a band? Do you have a favorite instrument? What is it if you have a favorite?

Do you have a favorite genre of music?

I like 90s’-00s’ French house, and some modern house too. Retro synthwave/electro is pretty cool too. I also listen to way too much ambient music when I’m working. So, a lot of EDM.

Thanks to learning the piano and violin, I also listen to ‘classical’ music (not to be confused with music from the Classical period). I personally love Romantic music. When performed well, it can be incredibly emotional and expressive.

Contemporary orchestral music as a whole is hard to judge because its style is much less unified than those from previous periods. I’ve found mys

Paul Reynolds

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What kind of a band does not make music?

Wristbands don’t make music.

Neither do rubber bands (well, okay, maybe under enough tension…but not enough to snap them) nor wedding bands.

Ragtag bands of guerillas may or may not make music, but it’s definitely not their primary purpose. Unless they’re musical guerillas trying to tear down the corporate music industry and beat the man, man.

I’m not aware of any band of the electromagnetic spectrum making anything you’d reasonably call “music,” but we often use some of those bands for broadcasting music that’s already been made.

Anthony Vandenbosch

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What band/artist got you into your favorite music genre?

Phil Collins. I was four years old when “You can’t hurry love” was a #1 hit in The Netherlands. And I loved it. Of course, being only four years old I was too young to buy a record, but over the years I also liked most other songs Phil released. Through him, I of course also discovered Genesis. I was given “We can’t dance” for my 14th birthday, and I wanted to know more. Luckily at that time MTV also showed some good music, and during a “Genesis Weekend” I also discovered some of their earlier videos like “A trick of the tail” and “Ripples”. Also a concert was shown on Dutch TV and the Old Med

Taylor Hardy

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What do music aficionados think of the Dave Matthews Band?

I think they are great players. All of them are quite talented. They craft songs that really appeal to their audience. However, I think their songs are pretty crappy. Boring, vapid and now quite dated and uninteresting. You would have to pay me to go to a concert. As a musician and avid music collector I do not own any and never will.

Thomas Christopher Andrew Pandelaere

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What’s the worst music genre?

You will no doubt get several hundreds of wildly differing responses, because there is no objective answer to this question. If you really want some sort of useful answer, you will have to conduct a statistical study amongst random subjects in every corner of the globe. Set up a website where random people are given fragments of music in every existing genre, and then let them rate those on a scale from one to ten.

Oh, whatever…

I mostly dislike modern rap. Because to me, music is about melody. I can discern no melody in rap. Whenever I hear rap, I am tempted to quip: ‘Can you give me the shee

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