What really happened to Brandon Lee on the set of The Crow?

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What really happened to Brandon Lee on the set of The Crow?

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Brandon Lee — son of the big screen and martial arts icon Bruce Lee — died on March 31st, 1993 as a result of an on-set weaponry stunt accident that occurred at approximately 12:30 a.m.

After a month-long police investigation, it was later announced by North Carolina D.A. Jerry Spivey that Lee died due to negligence of the crew of the feature film The Crow.

According to the investigation, just after midnight on March 31st, the production was shooting a scene at Carolco Studios in Wilmington, North Carolina.

During the scene, Lee entered the room and another actor (see below) pointed a gun at him and shot him from around 15–20 feet away.

What happened was that hollowed-out dummy cartridges were used for closeups. Those dummy cartridges should always be removed and replaced with blanks before the guns are shot.

The investigation determined that a tip from one of the dummy cartridges had broken off in the gun. The blank was then loaded. When the weapon was fired during filming, the blank launched the projectile into Lee’s abdomen and lodged into his spine.

It was a fatal wound. Lee died hours later from internal injuries, loss of blood, and heart failure.

He was pronounced dead at 1:03 p.m. at New Hanover Regional Medical Center after emergency stomach surgery.

Michael Massee, Lee’s co-star, was the one that fire the fatal shot (the below picture is NOT from the scene where this happened). Sadly, he wasn’t even supposed to have a gun in his hand during the scene. The director had changed the scene on the set, which would place the gun in his hand.

Massee was very traumatized by the accident. Here he is in 2005 speaking on camera about the accident for the first time.

Massee died at the age of 61, in 2016, from stomach cancer.

The scene in question never made it to the final film (despite myths and internet rumors), which was completed using a body double and CG-imagery.

The scene took place in Eric (Lee) and Shelley’s apartment. Lee was supposed to walk into the apartment holding groceries and shocked to see the bad guys waiting. He was then to be shot by Massee’s character via a .44 Magnum revolver.

Lee was wearing a black leather jacket, a t-shirt with the phrase “Hangman’s Joke” on it, and boots.

The squib was set off by Lee, making it seem like he was being hit through the grocery bag. Lee collapsed. He began to bleed from his right side. Nobody knew he was wounded. He gestured in pain. It wasn’t until after the director yelled “cut” that people knew something was wrong. An ambulance was called and he was rushed to the hospital.

The bullet fragment had created a quarter-sized hole in his lower right abdomen before perforating his stomach and several more vital organs. It finally stopped at his spine.

During the ensuing emergency stomach surgery, the doctors couldn’t stop the severe internal hemorrhaging.

Here is Lee’s last interview.

He is buried next to his father at Washington State’s Lake View Cemetery.

Brandon Lee’s star was on the rise. He had become an action star with two American action films Showdown in Little Tokyo (costarring with Dolph Lundren)…

And Rapid Fire…

The Crow was likely going to be his breakout role. Thankfully, much of his performance was already filmed. The film was a great success.

1993 was a tough year. That same year we lost River Phoenix tragically.

Personally, these two actors were two of my favorites. Lee was the son of my idol, Bruce Lee. This Quora Space’s name is inspired by Bruce’s book, The Tao of Jeet Kune Do.

RIP Brandon.

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On March 31, Lee was shot dead in a scene gone wrong on the set of his upcoming film, The Crow, when his costar fired a prop gun that had a dummy bullet lodged in its chamber. Lee’s death was also an eerie case in which life mirrored art. The scene that killed him was supposed to be the scene in which his character died.

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Because of negligence by the armorer responsible for handling the prop weapons.

From Wikipedia:

A previous scene using the same gun had called for inert dummy cartridges fitted with bullets (but no powder or primer) to be loaded in the revolver for a close-up scene; for film scenes that utilize a revolver (where the bullets are visible from the front) and do not require the gun to actually be fired, dummy cartridges provide the realistic appearance of actual rounds. Instead of purchasing commercial dummy cartridges, the film’s prop crew created their own by pulling the bullets from live rounds, dumping the powder charge then reinserting the bullets. However, they unknowingly or unintentionally left the live primer in place at the rear of the cartridge. At some point during filming, the revolver was apparently discharged with one of these improperly-deactivated cartridges in the chamber, setting off the primer with enough force to drive the bullet partway into the barrel, where it became stuck (a condition known as a squib load). The prop crew either failed to notice this or failed to recognize the significance of this issue.

In the fatal scene, which called for the revolver to be fired at Lee from a distance of 3.6–4.5 meters (12–15 feet), the dummy cartridges were exchanged with blank rounds, which feature a live powder charge and primer, but no bullet, thus allowing the gun to be fired without the risk of an actual projectile. But since the bullet from the dummy round was already trapped in the barrel, this caused the .44 Magnum bullet to be fired out of the barrel with virtually the same force as if the gun had been loaded with a live round, and it struck Lee in the abdomen, mortally wounding him

So basically, the actor was handed a gun loaded with a blank round, but no one double-checked the weapon to see that the barrel was obstructed, prior to starting the scene. This seems like a failure of basic weapons handling and preparation.

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What actor plays Eric Draven in The Crow?

In the 1994 movie of The Crow, Eric Draven is portrayed by Brandon Lee (son of Bruce Lee)

A man brutally murdered comes back to life as an undead avenger of his and his fiancée’s murder.

The Crow: Stairway to Heaven was a 1998 Canadian television series created by Bryce Zabel and starring Mark Dacascos in the lead role as Eric Draven, originally played by Brandon Lee.

Mario Martini

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Michael Caine, who has given classes on acting, explained how he does it when he gave an interview to The Scotsman newspaper in 2013. He simply dredges up a particular memory from his life which guarantees the tears will flow. According to his autobiography, there is a list of sad memories he can call upon.

He was a child during the Second World War and was evacuated to the country. The farmer and his wife were strict and cruel. They left every weekend leaving Michael, Maurice Micklewhite as he was then, and another male evacuee behind. Not wanting the youngsters to have the run of the house th

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What really happened between Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man?

What happened in the fight between Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man?

Only five people have been confirmed to have been there.

Three of the five say Lee won easily.

One says it was a draw, that when Wong Jack Man went down the fight was ended.

Four of the five present agree Wong Jack Man went down. Only Wong Jack Man himself painted what happened as some sort of victory.


The best source for the incident between Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man is writer Charles Russo’s incredibly detailed and massively researched 2016 book “Striking Distance: Bruce Lee and the Dawn of Martial Arts in Am

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