Where does a squirrel keep its winter clothes

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Where does a squirrel keep its winter clothes

Brodie Brickey

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Squirrels build big nests and line them with feathers and fur and leaves up in the trees, and live in those during the Winter. Periodically a squirrel will leave its nest to forage for the acorns and pine nuts it has buried in the ground. They are really quite good about finding their caches, but do not get all of them which the ponderosa pines can thank their lucky stars for. Aeberts squirrel is the main reason that we have so many pine trees here where I live. The little gray devils plant them.

George Rix

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Actually, the same place as the rest of the year, their dreys or their burrows, it depends on whether we are talking about tree or ground squirrels. In winter they spend a great deal more time in their dreys, after all, the days are shorter and colder. There are nocturnal squirrels like the siberian flying squirrel. They rely heavily but not entirely on food stashed away in caches.

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It is one of the few mammals which can climb head first down a tree. Grey squirrels do not hibernate, so may be seen at all times of the year. However, in winter they are far less active, sleeping for long periods, sometimes several days at a time, and they are less frequently spotted during this season.

Of course, if you live in south Florida, you will see them more frequently in the winter than most parts of the country.

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It would depend on the species of squirrel. The ones in the Northeast US live in trees. They make nest of leaves that help insulate them against the cold and snow.

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Same place they live in the summer. Squirrels make nests in trees. Their nests are easy to spot because they are larger than birds and often their construction is more haphazard and messy. But with a little engineering they can and do construct some fairly serviceable nests. And the bjshy tail is used not just for balance when leaping from limb to limb but also serves as an umbrella in rain and snow and can make a blanket for added warmth. While squirrels are usually solitary several will bundle into a nest during cold weather and snuggle together. If the nest is big enough there can be seven to eight squirrels together.

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How do squirrels manage to keep their nest of leaves together in high winter winds?

Well, first of all they usually make two nests just in case one is destroyed by a storm. A summer house is high up in the thin, top branches and a winter nest is usually in a fork or hollow. They make their nests out of larger leaves and branches, cut when they are green and easily woven on the outside, graduating to smaller, softer leaves, dried grass, moss, found feathers and their own fur, on the interior. This makes them cozy and snug.

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Do squirrels really gather nuts for winter?

In high school in central Missouri I helped renovate an old house out in the country. The house was surrounded by black walnut trees out by itself on a hill. An upstairs dormer window had a crack in it with a piece of glass out of it that was big enough to slip your hand through. The squirrels in the area had picked the walnuts and slipped through the broken window and found an upstairs floor board that was warped from the rain that came through that window. They packed the area between the floor joists and ceiling below with black walnuts. From one end of the house to the other. They had chew

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What do squirrels eat in the winter?

Even when it’s cold out, squirrels need to eat. They look to communal stores of mast — nut fruits such as acorns — for calories and fat to see them through the winter. Squirrels can also eat bugs, bird eggs, soil, mushrooms and animal bones, and may find some of this food in winter

Deck Travis

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Do squirrels need water in winter?

Absolutely. Squirrels need water in both summer and winter. In the summer, squirrels can be found drinking out of containers laying around your yard or even bird baths. And in the winter, they will eat snow to stay hydrated. Some people like to put out heated water bowls or place a container of warm water outside for them. However, If you live in Canada, like me, warm water only lasts for so long and will freeze pretty quickly. We may not see them doing it often, but squirrels actually drink a fair amount!

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