Who is ‘Maria’ that the Counting Crows reference in their songs, “Mr Jones” and “Round Here”?

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Who is 'Maria' that the Counting Crows reference in their songs, "Mr Jones" and "Round Here"?

Darren Shea

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Usually, Adam Duritz has said things like:

In the past, Duritz has been quoted as saying that Maria is largely fictional, or that he’s actually Maria in some lyrical sense. That much remains true.

“It’s the one character that for the most part is not a real person,” Duritz told HuffPost this month at Build Series. “In a lot of ways it is a representation of everything that made me want to write songs. A lot of it is me in that.”

But Maria McKee, famous as the lead singer of Lone Justice, and who also performs backing vocals on Mr. Jones and other songs on August And Everything After, may also have been the inspiration for that “piece of Maria in every song that I sing”, as mentioned in Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby…

Counting Crows’ Adam Duritz Reveals The Real Story Behind ‘Maria’

Sarah Meisels

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People have answered with hundreds of songs in other answers, but I don’t think anyone’s mentioned Carolina In My Mind by James Taylor.

James went to London in 1968 and auditioned for Peter Asher, Paul McCartney and George Harrison. They liked what they heard, and signed him up as their very first artist on Apple Records.

Soon afterward, The Beatles booked time at Trident Studios to record the White Album. It was the only studio in the UK that had eight tracks. They let James use the studio after they were done for the day, and that’s how his first album was recorded.

When the Beatles took a couple of weeks off from recording, James had to take a break, too. He went to an island off the coast of Spain. While he was there, he met a girl named Karen. He felt homesick one night, and wrote Carolina in My Mind.

He brought the song into the studio. Paul played bass, and both Paul and George sang back-up. There’s a female voice on the track too, but I don’t know who it is. I’m wondering if it might be Cilla Black but that’s just a guess.

James says he was awestruck all the time that he was working with the Beatles. He used to listen to them while they worked on The White Album.

The line from the song that refers to the Beatles is “With a holy host of others standing around me….”

I read this in the book Fire and Rain: The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, James Taylor, CSN&Y, and the Lost Story of 1970, by David Browne.

James tells the story of writing the song and working with the Beatles on the Seth Meyers show.

Dan Paslawski

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What is your favorite Counting Crows song, and why?

Wait, pick me. I can answer that…

My favourite Counting Crows song is Mrs. Potters Lullaby. It contains what might be my favourite lyric in any song, that being “if dreams are like movies, then memories are films about ghosts”. Just love that line.

Rain King, Sullivan Street, A Murder Of One, and A Long December are pretty close behind.

Carol M. Staples

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I think this song is about how a song can make you feel better about things. I think this song is about music and how it can impact people greatly .. How you can get lost in music and drift away when listening to it. There is SOUL in this song unlike any other, find it, hear it, and feel it. The lyrics are self explanatory. A performer or a person wants to escape their problems through the music … Give me the beat boys and free my soul, I want to get lost in your Rock n Roll and Drift away. Whatever rock n’ roll Dobie Gray was talking about wasn’t of the “heavy metal” variety. I just find it to be calming and soulful. I have a soft spot for music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Drift Away

Dobie Gray

Day After Day I’m More Confused Yet I Look For The Light Through The Pouring Rain You Know That’s A Game That I Hate To Lose And I’m Feelin’ The Strain Ain’t It A Shame…?

Oh, Gimme The Beat, Boys,And Free My Soul I Wanna Get Lost In Your Rock N’ RollAnd Drift Away

Oh, Gimme The Beat, Boys,And Free My Soul I Wanna Get Lost In Your Rock N’ RollAnd Drift Away

Beginnin To Think That I’m Waistin’ Time I Don’t Understand The Things I Do The World Outside Looks So Unkind And I’m Counting On You To Carry Me Through

Oh, Gimme The Beat, Boys,And Free My Soul I Wanna Get Lost In Your Rock N’ RollAnd Drift Away

Oh, Gimme The Beat, Boys,And Free My Soul I Wanna Get Lost In Your Rock N’ RollAnd Drift Away

And When My Mind Is Free You Know A Melody Can Move Me And When I’m Feeling Blue A Guitar’s Coming Through To Sooth Me Thanks For The Joy That You’ve Given Me I Want You To Know That I Believe In Your Song Your Rythem And Rhyme And Harmony You’ve Helped Me Along Making Me Strong

Oh, Gimme The Beat, Boys,And Free My Soul I Wanna Get Lost In Your Rock N’ RollAnd Drift Away Ohhhhhh

Gimme The Beat, Boys,And Free My Soul I Wanna Get Lost In Your Rock N’ RollAnd Drift Away Ohhh woah woah!

Gimme The Beat, Boys,And Free My Soul I Wanna Get Lost In Your Rock N’ RollAnd Drift Away ( Oh hey hey yeah )

Gimme The Beat, Boys,And Free My Soul I Wanna Get Lost In Your Rock N’ RollAnd Drift Away ( Na na na wontcha ) ( Wontcha take me, whoa whoa, take

Songwriter: Mentor Williams

Mateus B.

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Not if you understood the choice of the guitar players there and what the movie is about.

First, obviously, they are each from a different era. They are also 3 excellent songwriters.

But most importantly, all have completely different approaches to the guitar.

Page is the classic Rock guitar God, while The Edge is the antithesis of that – a guy that creates sonic textures out of effects and is never a virtuoso. Jack White is the modern take, With a punk/garage rock Vibe. They are there to discuss their different approaches to the same instrument and how it serves their music, and how the guitar can serve drastically different roles in rock.

that is what makes it a good movie to me.

And I don’t like U2 much, personally, but The Edge should have the respect of any guitar player. He is a master of what he does At the guitar – he just doesn’t do The same thing as Page. Wouldn’t it be boring if everyone played the same way?

Howard Miller

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I suggest you read The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down – Wikipedia – it’s a good explanation of the lyrics.

The story is told by a Confederate soldier whose memory of the war, while saying, “it was a time I remember oh so well”, may not actually be that accurate. The Danville rail line was the main artery for supplies from the South to Richmond, Virginia. It was torn up several times by George Stoneman, a Union cavalryman, and the line was eventually abandoned. Richmond didn’t fall in the winter of 1865, it fell in April of that year.

There was a legend that after the Civil War, Robert E. Lee toured the South to apologize for his failure. He didn’t; his health was very bad.

Joan Baez’ lyrics don’t follow the original lyrics, but that was a lyrical choice, rather than an attempt to rationalize the story. Her voice is superbly classical, and it’s one of the versions of the song I like the most.

Ty Tipton

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What is a honky tonk woman (as in the Rolling Stones song)?

Well… she could be a gin soaked bar room queen in Memphis. She could be a divorcee in New York City. There’s really not a set of common characteristics. You’ll know her if she gives you the honky tonk blues.


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Hmmmm, good question. Truthfully the name Johnny was simply chosen as it is a great name to use in a song but it was meant to represent a living person in a sense.

Band member and lead singer of Bad Company, Paul Rodgers wrote the song which appeared on their second album “Straight Shooter “ back in 1975.

The storyline of the song follows a young boy whom becomes a famous rock star but falls victim to the excesses that often come with such fame and recognition, dying of a drug overdose.

Rodgers wrote the song as a warning to others after watching his contemporaries of the time such as Jimi Hendix and Janis Joplin succumb to drug overdoses. In a stroke of fate approximately one month following the release of the song, Paul Rodgers former bandmate Paul Kossoff, of the group “Free” would die of a heroin related health issue.

In an interview Bad Company drummer Simon Kirke had this to say regarding both the song and their new found fame.

“It was a sort of homage to the pitfalls of being in the rock world. You can let the success go to your head and you can get strung out and you can die. It’s very, very simple. And, unfortunately, it’s happening with alarming frequency to this day. Addiction will always be with us. But ‘Shooting Star’ was based on a composite of musicians.”

So there you have it, yet another musical mystery put to rest. Hope this helps anyone that was curious.


Video owned by Youtube. “No copyright intended.”

“I do not own the music in this video/rights to this music.” “I do not take credit for this video” or any images on this site.

Luke Quant

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I think you’ll find it’s…’speed along the the lane do a ton

or a ton and twenty five.

In British culture ‘hitting a Ton’ is reaching the heady heights of 100 miles per hour, it started with cafe racer bikes and stuck when cars became more available. Bear in mind this was when cars and bikes were lethal at that speed – with poor handling, little safety and no computer assistance.

Ergo, hitting a ton and twenty-five is 125mph.

From wiki

In an interview with Gary James, Dorset explained the origin of the “motorcycle” sound towards the false ending in the middle of the song: “I said, ‘We’ll just get a recording of a motorcycle, stick it on the end of the song and then re-edit the front and then put the front off to the motorcycle so it starts up again.’ But I couldn’t find a motorcycle. Howard Barry, the engineer had an old, well, it wasn’t old then, a Triumph sports car, which he drove past the studio while Barry Marrit was holding the microphone. So, he got the stereo effects from left to right or right to left, whatever. And that was it.”


Martin Fox

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Was the band name “The Doobie Brothers” a veiled drug reference?

Their name is a reference to a marijuana joint, and it’s not especially veiled. Their name was intended to be temporary and just stuck.

From a 2013 interview:

I heard that the Doobie Brothers was an impromptu, jury-rigged name that just stuck.

True. We couldn’t come up with one. There was a guy who lived in the house with us who came up with the name. At that point we were still playing locally.

We had a guy in the house who said, “Why don’t you call yourself the Doobie Brothers because you’re always smoking.” Everybody looked at each other and said, “Well that’s really a stupid name.”

Robert Vernon

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Why is “Big Yellow Taxi” by Counting Crows considered such a terrible song?

The original Joni Mitchell version has one of the best rhymes ever:

“They took all the trees, put ’em in a tree museum

And they charged the people a dollar and a half just to see ’em”

I am in awe of someone who can mangle the language and create such a perfect rhyme.

The Counting Crows version corrects the second part of that to proper English: “And they charged the people a dollar and a half to see them”.

That’s just one example of where they have have missed all the soul and beauty in their interpretation of Joni Mitchell’s classic.

Anna Fay

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Of the two books, do you prefer Six of Crows or Crooked Kigdom?

This will be problematic, especially how I didn’t just cry in the Crooked Kingdom, I felt my heart and soul breaking (and no I’m not overly dramatic), but I’ll say Crooked Kingdom *sigh*.

THERE WOULD BE SPOILERS FOR CROOKED KINGDOM! Keep reading on your responsibility!

Why? Both books are a perfect mix of action, fantasy, and romance. But even though the first book had moments of keeping me on edge of my seat, it wasn’t as near as the Crooked Kingdom did. The first book set up the plot for the second one and you think you can predict what will happen, how the will end look like. Then you start r

Brendan Spaar

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What is the song “Mr Bojangles” about?

Mr Bojangles is supposed to be based on a Black dancer named Bill Robinson that danced back in the 30s. Here’s what is published as the “true story behind the song-This was written and originally released by the singer/songwriter Jerry Jeff Walker, who wrote the song in the mid-’60s and recorded it in 1968. Walker left his home in upstate New York and traveled the country playing music. He spent some time in New Orleans, where one day he was a bit tipsy and made a public display trying to convince a young lady that love at first sight was real. This landed him in jail, where his cell ma

Bruce Graham

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What was Manfred Mann’s song, ‘Mighty Quinn’ about?

Thanks for your question. Although ‘Mighty Quinn’ was a hit for Manfred Mann, it was written by Bob Dylan.

Here is Bob Dylan answering a question from a Playboy Magazine interviewer:

PLAYBOY: Do you have any unfulfilled ambitions?

DYLAN: Well, I guess I’ve always wanted to be Anthony Quinn in La Strada. Not always—only for about six years now; it’s not one of those childhood-dream things. Oh, and come to think of it, I guess I’ve always wanted to be Brigitte Bardot, too; but I don’t want to think about that too much. [1]

Anthony Quinn also played an ‘Eskimo’ in The Savage Innocents.

Image: The Sava

Yui Lee

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Can you write a song here?

I saw Joshua Parin post about a song he made for User-12843597489516043773, so I decided I would post this song I made for User-11220902568970344219, my girlfriend. I’ve been putting it off for a while, feeling like the song wasn’t great and that Claire wouldn’t like it, but oh well. Here it is… the song is called “Fine.”

(I don’t have an instrumental for it yet, but here’s me singing it):


Sometimes I listen to the rain,

I watch every drop on the window pane

I feel so empty and alone

I’m on my own without you

I think it’s necessary

To know when something is scary

It’s okay, you’ll be fine

The sk

Brian Baker

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Where is the band Counting Crows from?

CC are California band. They got their start in the Bay Area but also worked out of Los Angeles at times. The leader, Adam Duritz now resides in New York.

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In what song did we hear about “funky Billy Chin and little Sammy Chung?”

It is from Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas. Unfortunately I am old enough to remember it well from 1974.

“Everybody was kung-fu fightingThose kicks were fast as lightningIn fact it was a little bit frightingBut they fought with expert timing

They were funky China men from funky ChinatownThey were chopping them up and they were chopping them downIt’s an ancient Chinese art and everybody knew their partFrom a feint into a slip, and kicking from the hip

Everybody was kung-fu fightingThose kicks were fast as lightningIn fact it was a little bit frightingBut they fought with expert timing


David Kahana

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Is “Me and Bobby McGee” a song about a dog or a person?

Well, of course, I remember Janis Joplin singing this song, who could forget, and who she is singing it about is probably going to remain a question for the ages. I simply don’t know. But I still love her version.

But that was a cover of a Kris Kristofersson song, as the story is told, since Kris was challenged to write a song titled “Me and Bobby McKee.” He changed it to Bobby McGee. In his version of the song “Bobby” is actually a woman.

But does anyone really care about these obscure details when they listen to Janis sing that song?

It’s fine with me If she was singing about a dog.

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In Counting Crows “Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby” who is “The Last King of Hollywood” who “shatters his glass on the floor”?

At a concert at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ on August 6, 2006, Duritz talks specifically about the meaning of the song. He makes the following pertinent statements:

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Who is Roosevelt Gook, and what is his connection to the song “Free Bird”?

Al Kooper aka Roosevelt Gook was an american songwriter, record producer and musician. In 1972 Kooper moved to Atlanta where he discovered the band Lynyrd Skynyrd, and produced and performed on their first three albums, including the single “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Free Bird”

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