Why do people support Jay-Z when he promotes Aleister Crowley’s evil ideals?

Why do people support Jay-Z when he promotes Aleister Crowley’s evil ideals? is a very interesting question right now. Below is the best answer to the Why do people support Jay-Z when he promotes Aleister Crowley’s evil ideals? that we assembled. we will definitely make you satisfied!

Why do people support Jay-Z when he promotes Aleister Crowley’s evil ideals?

Waters Breedlove

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Have you not noticed The Beast being revered on shows for years? Mulder recently informed the world Crowley’s a cool dude. Strange Angel is delivering him as the ultimate sexy bad boy.

Satanism/Luciferianism has been pushed in all entertainment media for as long as we’ve had any kind of screen or speakers. It used to be a lot more subtle. It’s mainstream now, with symbols, references, rituals and theology present in nearly every show out there. The music industry is built upon the tenents and rituals of Baphomet worship. You simply cannot enjoy music produced by major labels without Luciferian subliminals – and outright cremation of care lyrics. Music is a direct path to the soul. It’s been co-opted. Jay-Z and his associates are just figureheads in the mission to crush humanity’s Divine Connection.

Some people brush it off as logos and design. Even innocent rebellion. Others understand it is an empire. A real clan. In a dis-empowering world – ironically due to tenets of Satanism – people seek power & status. This world teaches us that money is validation. In a world such as that, those who flash the most gold and dominance are the leaders.

What’s also ironic is Crowley lived out the destruction he prescribed. For all his ‘occult powers’ and links to secret societies of supposed faithful Brotherhoods, he died a filthy, half-mad junkie. He became a wretched piece of refuse, no longer holding social status, abandoned by his ‘Brothers’. This is the true face of Baal/Baphomet/Satan worship. Utter Ruin.

Kenneth Andre Brown Sr

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Why make such a nonsensical comment? do you have …

Asher A.

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Denial (“denialism”). That’s the one-word answer. Here’s fleshing it out a little:

I believe that even if everyone who supports Jay-Z was introduced to Aleister Crowley and his lifestyle and belief system, no less than 99% of these Jay-Z supporters would still support Jay-Z. Why do people support him in the first place? Because he has several things that people generally idolize: fame, money, and power/respect.

You take basically anyone who has fame or money or power— particularly fame, though, which is now the most exalted idol and beats out even money (R.I.P. money’s long reign at the top)— and you’ll find it unlikely to pry their fans or followers away from them no matter who their fans support. This is because the fans idolize not their so-called idols but what their so-called idols have which are the fans’ real or actual idols (i.e. fame, money, and power); therefore nothing else really matters.

Finally, this is a post-modern world of what I call “denialism”— where “truth is relative” and is only absolute if one chooses to believe a truth is absolute. “Denialism” is when an entire culture or subculture (or the custom of an individual or small group) is to pick and choose what one will or will not believe based on one’s own feelings of comfort and security and not based on facts or actual reality. Many people’s lives are basically founded on or at least protected by denial. “Denialists” are commonly found in societies or areas (or neighborhoods) where comforts (anything that makes you feel safe) and entertainment (anything that makes you feel good) are readily available. Such societies choose not to believe in the existence of satan, satanism, and evil, so you won’t find “denialists” in such societies or anywhere else equating Jay-Z or any other ‘beloved’ public personality with any such ‘unsafe’ realities.

Pan Ophidian

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You obviously don’t know Crowley very well, who CALLED his the Synagogue of Satan so that “those who confuse names with things” WOULDN’T be attracted to his company, “being too immature as yet.”

“Whenever any form of faith fails to provide its devotee with the experience of the transcendent, it is the duty of the devotee to provide this experience to his faith, reinvigorating it in such a way as to be deemed by the congregation as the true Spirit of all faiths soever.” — Aleister Crowley

LOVE is the Law?

The TRIUMPH of Love in its Most Universal Comprehension?

Let us create Nothing BUT GOD therefore?

All Crowley. Reconcile that, if you can.

But here’s what your question prompted, at least, just for the possible further consternation of it?

To Jay Z from Jay C, via his Facebook page?


Bumped into a Quora Question, posed by one Tone Corleone… “Why do people support Jay-Z when he promotes Aleister Crowley’s evil ideals?”

Is that TRUE? News to me, Jay Z, and so, HERE AGAIN, one last time, I NOW IS! As unfamiliar with you as you are with me? Offering acquaintance?

Since I go completely ignored, obviously having no credibility countenanceable, I will simply sideswipe you with my Usual Facebook Greeting to most who inquire within, earlier spared you — as an FYI? For whatever that may be worth? Just in case? And then fall back into dormancy, thinking to myself, Wouldn’t it be something to find a real friend in this world?


WHOA! I’d say YOU obviously took a wrong turn there somewhere. What brings you This Way? Lost, are we?

You know, I examine postings when tapped hello, to see just what the postee is focused on. Inevitably brings me up short, recognizing, Here’s Another Without the Wherewithal. Sigh.

SO… here’s MY Standard Greeting for the as yet undefined who knock, nonetheless. See how you fare? And Good Luck with THAT? It’s all, after all, TRUE, so why the hell not, eh?.

“Hoor hath a secret Four-Fold Name, it is Do What Thou Wilt! Thou Child, Thy Name is Holy. Thy Kingdom is Come. Thy Will is Done…” “Then the Child can stand before the Powerful Invisible Virgin as the Self-Produced God, Christ, whom the SPIRIT Acknowledged with Loud Acclaim.”

According to the understanding of the Templars, Kamael is the Archangelic Presence who presides over the Order of the Seraphim, the Highest Living Angels who have Entered and Abide IN the Inmost Presence of Divine Being, making their Knowing Fire more Formidable, and in His Station as IT’S Royal Guard in Assembly and Elect, Kamael is called the “Champion of God.” Burn upon their Brows! “Then we can measure ourselves with the Rod of the Indivisible, and, like the Seraphim, born outside ourselves, filled with Godhead, we will no longer be ourselves, but the Very One Who Made Us.” — Pico della Mirandola Ahem. Kamael is only invoked when there is a need for Greater Purification, Greater Guardianship, when in Confrontation with Powerful and Hostile Forces. Thus the Templar or Templars who invoke this Intense Presence, this “Fire of God” or “The Burner of God” — who WILL Reflect the Karmic Continuum of EACH to Whom so dares, BEING a Facet of the Continuum who invoked him — they should, “Look to See that they ARE Honoring their Vow, and Walking in a Sacred Manner BEFORE Invoking Him.”

Here’s Your CHALLENGE if you’re up to engaging at all, Ready or Not. This may be the Stumbling Block to Prove your Stepping Stone? Being GOD Universal, VERILY of Very, FOR A FACT, I first establish whether or not You are ME. IF Not, and so entrenched, you prove stubbornly Recalcitrant in being Corrected, I’m going to Lovingly Give You Hell for Not Being. It’s the Biggest Sin EVER, and Our World simply can NOT Afford it. Thus This General is out to UPBRAID its Particulars into SOBERING. Until they Come Home and Find Me THERE. AS YOUR SELF. You got a Problem with That? Bet your Gestalt can’t IMAGINE this actually IS The Magical Child AS Christ Supernal, playfully masquerading as the Devil. Am I Wrong? [See Book of Lies, chapters 11, 36, 91] It is No Longer the Master Therion, Not So Chosen, but the Master Ophidian, who IS So Chosen! If you are a Serious Sucker — I mean Seeker! — you will read the attached ENTIRE, and you Will SEE that it IS INDEED, THE Key of It ALL. Child of the LAW, here. Proving and Providing Key. I SHOULD NEED NO FURTHER INTRODUCTION.

Especially if you are a Thelemite!

OR a Christian! — since I Said I AM, as ALL. And AM!

WHAT MATTERS! — No matter WHO or Whatever in this Hell you may think you are — if you Care, and have No Greater Love than to Give Your All for the Sake of All — you WILL ANSWER My CALL:


If So, now is your opportunity. Adventure of Lifetimes in fact, since I KNOW HOW. AMN! If Not? — SHAME! — May a Thousand Camel Farts Adorn your Beard, and your Head be Gnawed wafting everlasting in the cold dank Jaws of Eternity!


Curtis Dennis

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Many people don’t know that fact

Many people don’t know the ideals

Many people don’t know Aleister Crowley

Many people like his music and can separate art from artist

Many people like Beyoncé and tolerate him by association

Michael Ranieri

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Why do people support Jay-Z when he promotes Aleister Crowley’s evil ideals?

Jay-Z is an entertainer. It fits his aesthetic to let people know he is a Crowley fan. Simple marketing.

Many years ago, the same thing was said about Led Zeppelin members and their pursuits in the occult. The survivors seem to have aged well and their music was pretty good when under Crowley’s influence!

If you are a Christian, I suppose Crowley is “evil”. If you are an atheist Crowley is interesting and evocative. I can understand that musical artists seek inspiration wherever.

Henrietta Skolnick

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To be honest, I don’t know what Jay-Z’s belief system is or if he even has one so I will give the benefit of the doubt and say that, regardless of what you think of him, he is a very successful businessman and his use of symbols, phrases, etc. generate talk and talk generates money.

Andy Campbell

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It’s a sad fact, that there are quite a few vicious, selfish and really quite stupid people on planet earth. That’s why ideas like this are perpetuated. Some rapper guy said he thought the the earth was flat and some of his fans believed him.. There is your proof.

Alexander Duncan

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Was Aleister Crowley anti-semitic?

Crowley was not above indulging in racial slurs, but when push came to shove, he expelled his German representative, Martha Küntzel, for anti-semitism, declaring that the Jews were the only civilized race in Germany.

Paul Mainwood

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There is no more unattractive type of “Christian” than the deathbed ghoul. That is, the person who hears about an agnostic or atheist who is sick and dying, and gleefully rushes to to their side to taunt them with visions of nothingness or threats of hellfire.

The object is to see if — in their weakened and pain-wracked state — they can be harried into any sign of fear or doubt regarding their fate. If they can, this will be claimed as some kind of victory, though what kind is unclear to me.

Anyway, James Boswell tried to do this to David Hume. Later, Boswell related the results in his journal. It’s worth reading the whole thing but I’ve extracted some passages here.

On Sunday forenoon the 7 of July 1776, being too late for church, I went to see Mr David Hume, who was returned from London and Bath, just adying. He was lean, ghastly, and quite of an earthy appearance. He was dressed in a suit of grey cloth with white metal buttons, and a kind of scratch wig. He was quite different from the plump figure which he used to present. He had before him Dr. Campbell’s Philosophy of Rhetoric. He seemed to be placid and even cheerful. He said he was just approaching to his end. I think these were his words.

[…] I had a strong curiosity to be satisfied if he persisted in disbelieving a future state even when he had death before his eyes. I was persuaded from what he now said, and from his manner of saying it, that he did persist. I asked him if it was not possible that there might be a future state. He answered it was possible that a piece of coal put upon the fire would not burn; and he added that it was a most unreasonable fancy that we should exist for ever.

[…] I asked him if the thought of annihilation never gave him any uneasiness. He said not the least; no more than the thought that he had not been, as Lucretius observes.

After ranging through discussions on what Hume saw as the ridiculousness of a future eternal state, of the gloominess of Hell, and almost joking about all of these, then according to Boswell’s account it was not Hume who was fearful, but Boswell.

[…] I however felt a degree of horror, mixed with a sort of wild, strange, hurrying recollection of my excellent mother’s pious instructions, of Dr. Johnson’s noble lessons, and of my religious sentiments and affections during the course of my life. I was like a man in sudden danger eagerly seeking his defensive arms; and I could not but be assailed by momentary doubts while I had actually before me a man of such strong abilities and extensive inquiry dying in the persuasion of being annihilated. But I maintained my faith.

(Boswell’s diary, 1777)

Actually, on reflection, at least Boswell was honest here.

So, I withdraw. There is one type of person less attractive than the gleeful deathbed ghoul. And that is the gleeful deathbed ghoul who lies about it.

Iain Evans

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I don’t support him with any of his ideals. The only good thing about him is that he helped Kanye gain recognition.

Joseph Kranski, II

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Because They LIKE his Music. They don’t necessarily listen to it very closely ( or notice its Message ).

Dave Chu

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Are you talking about his one t-shirt slogan? That’s not a whole lot of data. Do we actually know if Jay-Z is a full-on supporter of Crowley’s thoughts?

Even if he is, I’d say it’s the same reason that any music industry heavyweight is supported or popular. Fans either…

Henry Hrebien

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Jimmy Page was the only band member who was interested in Aleister Crowley (1875–1947) and his teachings of Thelema. The other members of the band were not. That’s the connection.

Jimmy Page kept this interest to himself, he didn’t really involve the others, except maybe to explain sigil magick to them around the time of the fourth album, the one with the four symbols. His was the Zoso symbol, the meaning of which he hasn’t revealed, which is fine, if it is of private significance to him, let it continue to be so.

When the band’s fortunes climbed in the early 70s and the money started pouring in that each of them could afford private estates, Jimmy Page heard tell that one of Aleister Crowley’s former residences was up for sale. This was the cottage estate in Scotland on the shores of Loch Ness, Boleskine. More about this later.

Page had already accumulated quite a private collection of Crowley-ana over the years including his books, his artwork and paintings, his ceremonial robes, and magickal implements. He even had ownership, for a time (maybe he still owns it, don’t know for certain), of a bookshop in London, The Equinox, that specialized in books pertaining to the occult, spiritual development, and related antiquarian books for collectors. Many of Crowley’s written works were sold there. Page was into Crowley even before Led Zeppelin ever existed.

Boleskine was the site that Aleister Crowley had bought for the express purpose of conducting ceremonial rites as explained in great detail in The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin The Mage, a grimoire of magic translated into English by the British occultist Samuel L. MacGregor Mathers who was also, for a time, the head of a secret occult society known as The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, of which, Crowley was a member.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was founded by three occultists.; William Robert Woodman, William Wynn Westcott, and Samuel Liddell (MacGregor) Mathers were the principals and all were Freemasons. Westcott, a coroner, Theosophist, and ceremonial magician was the main impetus behind the founding of the Order and it flourished in the late 19th century into the early 20th century in Britain with lodges (temples) in London, Weston-super-Mare, Bradford, Edinburgh, and even Paris.

The Order was established along hierarchical lines similar to Freemasonry but unlike Masonic lodges that barred women from entry and participation, the Golden Dawn allowed women to become members as equals with men.

Members dedicated themselves to the study and practice of the occult, metaphysics, theurgy, the paranormal, astrology, tarot, geomancy, the Hermetic Qabbalah, scrying, astral projection, alchemy, and channeling spirit guides. As there was a system of grades and orders in place, members had to be initiated into them and in order to rise up the ranks, certain criteria had to be met and completed as set by the founders.

The main motivation was spiritual development, the acquiring of knowledge and enlightenment. I’m not going to go into detail here, as we are on the topic of Page and his connection to Crowley. Suffice it to say that the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was very influential in 20th-century Western occultism and is at the core of many of the central tenets and practices of Thelema and Wicca and other occult practices like Chaos Magick and Sex Magick.

Many of the lights of Victorian society at the time were attracted to the Golden Dawn as members such as the Sherlock Holmes author, scientist, doctor and spiritualist, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Florence Farr, a London stage actress and feminist, W.B. Yeats, an Irish poet and dramatist, Maud Gonne, an Irish revolutionary and stage actress, Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula, Charles Henry Allen Bennett, a man who is recognized as introducing Buddhism to the West, among many, many others who were the cream of British polite society, all of them practicing professionals, intellectuals, writers and artists.

And then there was Aleister Crowley, a scion of the Crowley Ale family and heir to a fortune, his parents were strict Christians, his father a member of a sect known as the Plymouth Brethren and an itinerant preacher. Crowley was brought up in this grim and strict Christian setting with a very austere and joyless childhood that would lead him, in his adult life, to renounce Christianity and all that his parents stood for. This would lead him into joining the Golden Dawn in his quest for something better.

But back to Abramelin and Boleskine. The book of Abramelin tells the story of an Egyptian mage, Abraham, or better known as Abra-Melin, who taught a secret Hermetic system of magic in the 14th century to a German Jew from Worms, also known as Abraham. When Mathers did his translating, he had acquired the least reliable manuscript to work with and there are serious omissions and errors in it. But the book he translated into English became important in the Golden Dawn as well as to Crowley when he founded his new religion of Thelema in 1904. Subsequent translations since have used much more reliable manuscripts from even earlier sources than Mathers’ manuscript and are more complete and comprehensive.

But anyway, after Crowley joined the Golden Dawn, he applied himself to the studies and practices with zeal and rose up the ranks quite quickly, much to the chagrin and alarm of others like W. B. Yeats, who saw him as something of an upstart and really a bull in a china shop, initiated into knowledge that he had no business acquiring as he lacked the maturity and depth, as Yeats and some of his fellow members saw it. That’s just part of the story, there is much more to it than I’ve just stated here, but Yeats and others were also wanting to be initiated into grades and orders and saw that the growing friendship between Mathers and Crowley smacking a bit like favoritism when they felt just as deserving if not even more so.

This was the start of dissension within the Order and with some members becoming dissatisfied with Mathers leadership. Westcott had resigned from the Order when it was discovered that he had left some precious manuscripts in a hansom cab and his employers found out about his affiliations, which angered Mathers and Woodman. After that Mathers assumed the leadership. And he was seen to be very palsy with Crowley, who had ingratiated himself and aligned himself very closely to Mathers. I’m just simplifying the story because it is much more complicated in the telling, there is much more involved and I am trying to stay on topic and keep this short.

While this dissension was going on, Crowley took the Book of Abramelin very seriously and wanted to practice the ceremonial rites it described in detail in order to invoke the good and evil spirits and forces for the betterment of himself spiritually and to further his rise up the orders and grades of the Golden Dawn.

As Crowley was fond of hiking and mountaineering, while on an excursion in the Highlands of Scotland he discovered Boleskine and selected it as the perfect place for him to do the Abramelin rites. It met all the requirements as outlined in the Abramelin book. It was isolated, the terrace faced North, it was near a body of water, etc. etc.. In order to conduct the rites, there are procedures for purification and preparation that take time. When Crowley was satisfied that he had completed the preliminaries, he set about conducting the rites, which in themselves take time as well, requiring weeks if not months. He knew the rites were working when he began to notice signs of presences, of forces and spirits that he had summoned.

And then, while in the midst of his ceremonial practices, Mathers sent an urgent message to Crowley to come immediately to Paris. Mathers was facing growing dissension and an open revolt to his leadership in the Golden Dawn.

Now, as any ceremonial magician knows, when conducting ceremonial rites, you do not drop what you are doing and just flit off to do something else. Ceremonial magick requires the completion and the banishment of the forces summoned back to whence they came. If you fail to complete the banishment rituals you are playing with fire. This is what happened to Crowley. Like the Mickey Mouse character in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, he acted irresponsibly by summoning up forces both good and evil. He failed to complete the banishment by running off to Paris. Subsequently, as Crowley’s life unfurled over the years, anybody he was associated with met some untimely or unsavory end. Even Crowley himself ended up destitute and living in a boarding house as a hopeless heroin addict. Boleskine House acquired this odious reputation of being haunted by malevolent forces that are still presently supposedly trapped there.

Back to Jimmy Page. He bought Boleskine House in 1970. At the time he was into collecting a lot of Crowley memorabilia and read his works and was fascinated by him and his ideas. I don’t think he was seriously into becoming a mage, just that he liked some of what Crowley was about, especially his dictum, Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law, Love is The Law, Love Under Will. It was an idea Page found appealing. Do what you want and be who you are but not at the expense of others, do it with love willfully without harming others or oneself. I think that is the gist of it. At heart, Page felt that Crowley is largely misunderstood and unfairly vilified. But anyway, Page bought Boleskine with the intent that it would be a good place to write songs for Zeppelin.

He found the house and the grounds of the estate in a state of disrepair and neglect. It had been through several owners after Crowley left it in 1913 and in the interim between that and Page’s acquisition it had this reputation of being haunted. He set about restoring the house, but as events transpired in the history of Led Zeppelin, he rarely ever stayed there, setting up his friend, Malcolm Dent (1944 – 2011) to reside there and keep the place in good order. Page had the house restored as much as possible as to how it was when Crowley lived there, even getting an artist to paint Crowleyesque murals on the walls based on the murals painted on the walls of Crowley’s The Abbey of Thelema that filmmaker and fellow Crowley -ite, Kenneth Anger had discovered in ruins in Cefalu Sicily.

Malcolm Dent was skeptical of the paranormal and hauntings and didn’t mind living there. However, no sooner had he taken residence, he began experiencing some paranormal activities. I’m not going to go into detail, just the usual things, doors opening and slamming for no reason, furniture moving around, carpets rolled up, inexplicable noises in the night, some frightening things, some terrifying, some just benign. But they did not frighten him enough to want to leave. In fact, he met his wife there and raised a family and had many happy, pleasurable times living at Boleskine.

Page in 1992 sold Boleskine House as well as much of his Crowley collections. It was as much as just a desire to downsize and offload all this stuff as well as consolidating his personal fortune. Since then, the house and estate has gone through several owners, for a while it was a bed and breakfast. It continues to attract people who are into Crowley, Thelema or the occult. This is perhaps why the last owners were reluctant to speak to anyone concerning Crowley or the paranormal activities that supposedly haunted the place. They kept a low profile. Then a significant fire damaged the place in December 2015 and again as recently as July 2019. It is currently again under repair and reconstruction.

And that, my friends, is the connection of Led Zeppelin to Aleister Crowley.

Below are various pictures of Boleskine House in its pristine state, outdoors as it looked and some of the interior settings, the fire that destroyed it, as a burnt-out ruin, and with Jimmy Page and Aleister Crowley at different times in their lives. It must be remembered that Jimmy was only three years old at the time Crowley died.

Mo Abdelbaki

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I believe that Crowley was simply a man who despised the rigidity of the Victorian era. Born in 1875, he was raised in a highly religious household, yet an obvious genius, as proven by his writings and vast capacity for understanding complex spiritual concepts, he found it all stiff. He became an iconoclast and seems to have developed a deep loathing for sycophants, although he often depended upon them.

He was a world class mountaineer, chemist, romantic, poet, artist and world traveler. He insisted that the social constraints that restrained the open mindedness of most individuals were outdated and needed to be revised.

He was in his prime during the 1920s and 1930s, a time known for hedonism, sexual promiscuity and blatant counter culture activities, including the use of psychotropic drugs, hashish, alcohol and the embrace of many religions, such as Hinduism, Taoism, Islam and most strikingly, paganism. He was not only fascinated by ancient Egyptian religion and magic, but emulated it, making it the very foundation of his created religion in the form of “The Stele of Revealing.”

At the same time, he was a heroin addict, sexually vigorous (if the tales told are to be believed), bisexual at the very least and openly disdainful of authority. He knew he was more intelligent than most others, and wasn’t shy about that fact.

Crowley was many things, but not evil. Evil was fully shown in the mass slaughters of WWII. That was evil. The Killing Fields of Cambodia were evil. There is evil in the world, all humankind created, but Crowley wasn’t an example of it.

He lived an incredibly full life. He was capable of good, as we all are, and of being an arrogant jerk.

He was neither all good nor bad. In other words, he was quite human, and a remarkable one at that.

Alicen Lyne

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This is because most people (especially younger people under 40) don’t know about Aleister Crowley, and he is never really brought up much. However, if they don’t believe in God and the devil, they aren’t likely to care much anyway. To them, it’s just music and clothes.

Cynthia Snook

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If he didnt even know him and you dont even know jayz ,then why must you have a false thought and actually think that people care

George Clark

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I too watched a video interview with whom I think is his adult daughter about this. My recollection is that this is a rumor that was started by a yet unidentified source. It may or may not be true.

What is clear is that while he was in the doorway of death, he was terrified. He seemed fearful and perhaps regretful. This may have lead some to conclude his regret was a form of repentance. But that is conjecture.

Steve Jobs is reported to have said on his deathbed….”oh wow, oh wow”! Jobs was born Catholic and raised in a traditional Catholic family. But Jobs became a billionaire and a searcher for something more even dabbling in drugs and Eastern religions. With all his billions, he could not be healed. Jobs death experience was clearly an exclamation.

Perhaps LaVay saw a glimpse of his eternal separation and a place we call Hell. Perhaps Jobs saw the magnificence and grandeur of a paradise a place we call Heaven.

It is Christian tradition that the angels descend to believers to escort them to Heaven upon death. My dad told me the story of a great aunt. She was dying and at death’s door. With family surrounding her and singing hymns, she smiled and raised her hand above her head like to grasp an invisible hand. Her arm relaxed and returned to her side. She passed away in that way.

What I do know is that Jesus said that “today is the day of salvation”…..not tomorrow. Whether we are LaVay or Jobs, it is tragic to wait until death.s door facing one way, unable to turn back in life, only to see a missed salvation through Jesus in that doorway moment.

John 14: 6

Mo Abdelbaki

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Some may consider the final K in Magic to be offensive, but Crowley had an actual reason for adding it, one that makes complete sense and does convey his theory of real Magic. But, this isn’t the place for such a discussion.

I can assure you that Crowley was less disturbing than some of the people running the world right now. His sexuality was rampant, but I’ve never heard of him forcing himself on anyone without consent. He could be petty and went through money like water, but then that isn’t so disturbing. He advocated the idea of open mindedness in religious and all aspect of society, but we accept that as natural now. Although he was linked to the death of a young Egyptologist in Cefalu, due to drinking bad water, he had no hand in it. He was bombastic, arrogant, sensitive, a bit of a huckster and a synthesizer of spiritual systems. None of this disturbs me.

What does make me cringe is his addiction to heroin for the last 20 or so years of his life. He’d been prescribed the drug for his breathing issues and was hooked until the day he died. His use of hallucinogens was more or less controlled and quite legal at the time. More psychotropics were consumed at a Grateful Dead concert. That doesn’t disturb me at all. So, back to the opioids. To me, his enslavement to heroin was the most disturbing aspect of Crowley’s life and legacy. Everything else pales.

Leigh Blackmore

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Essentially, Crowley believed that that the ‘divine’ resides within humankind. He wanted to establish magick as a genuine science, thus he spelled it with the final ‘k’ to distinguish the word from the ‘sleight-of-hand’ practised by stage entertainers. He called his system of magico-philosophical belief ‘Thelema’ (this is the Greek word for ‘Will’). His fundamental creed (which can be found in his Liber AL: The Book of the Law) is ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the Law, Love under Will’. This was not an injunction to ‘do whatever you want’, but for the individual to devote themselves to finding out their true purpose in life, i.e. their True Will, and thereafter, to carrying it out. In his publication ‘The Equinox’, the motto was ‘The Method of Science – The Aim of Religion’. Crowley believed (as do the Hindu yogis) that if certain practices are followed, certain results including control of the mind will result. Most of his writings stress this approach. You can read more about Thelema on Wikipedia, where the entry is fairly well-balanced. Crowley’s two magical organisations were the Ordo Templi Orientis, and the A.’. A.’. – both these organisations are functioning today, and promulgating the Law of Thelema.

Mark Jones

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“Fuck! Oh, sorry for saying “fuck”” – Monty Python’s Graham Chapman. After the nurse stuck a needle in his arm.[1]

Now a correction for David Hague, in his answer he claims:

ANTON LEVEY—Author of the Satanic Bible and high priest of the religion dedicated to the worship of Satan. One of his famous quotes was: “There is a beast in man that needs to be exercised, not exorcised”. His dying words were: “Oh my, oh my, what have I done, there is something very wrong. . . there is something very wrong.”

Which would be impossible as Anton LeVey lost his ability to speak days before he died…[2] and Satanists dont believe in Satan. They regard themselves as “a” Satan – their own “god”. The deathbed rumor seems to have been started by Born Again Christians in the 1990s.

It’s rather telling that Mr Hague didn’t cite any sources for his claims. Ironically, according to his own belief system he’s now destined to hell for lying to us all.


Medora Mithridora

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A little complex, that one. Here are A.C.’s own words on the subject, from Chapter 21 of “Magick In Theory And Practice”:

Before leaving the subject of Black Magic, one may touch lightly on the question of Pacts with the Devil.The Devil does not exist. It is a false name invented by the Black Brothers to imply a Unity in their ignorant muddle of dispersions. A devil who had unity would be a God

“The Devil” is, historically, the God of any people that one personally dislikes. This has led to so much confusion of thought that THE BEAST 666 has preferred to let names stand as they are, and to proclaim simply that AIWAZ — the solar-phallic-hermetic “Lucifer” is His own Holy Guardian Angel, and “The Devil” SATAN or HADIT of our particular unit of the Starry Universe. This serpent, SATAN, is not the enemy of Man, but He who made Gods of our race, knowing Good and Evil; He bade “Know Thyself!” and taught Initiation. He is “the Devil” of the Book of Thoth, and His emblem is BAPHOMET, the Androgyne who is the hieroglyph of arcane perfection. The number of His Atu is XV, which is Yod He, the Monogram of the Eternal, the Father one with the Mother, the Virgin Seed one with all-containing Space. He is therefore Life, and Love. But moreover his letter is Ayin, the Eye; he is Light, and his Zodiacal image is Capricornus, that leaping goat whose attribute is Liberty. (Note that the “Jehovah” of the Hebrews is etymologically connected with these. The classical example of such antinomy, one which has led to such disastrous misunderstandings, is that between NU and HAD, North and South, Jesus and John. The subject is too abstruse and complicated to be discussed in detail here. The student should consult the writings of Sir R. Payne Knight, General Forlong, Gerald Massey, Fabre d’Olivet; etc. etc., for the data on which these considerations are ultimately based.)

.It was said by the Sorcerer of the Jura that in order to invoke the Devil it is only necessary to call him with your whole will.This is an universal magical truth, and applies to every other being as much as to the Devil. For the whole will of every man is in reality the whole will of the Universe.It is, however, always easy to call up the demons, for they are always calling you; and you have only to step down to their level and fraternize with them. They will tear you in pieces at their leisure. Not at once; they will wait until you have wholly broken the link between you and your Holy Guardian Angel before they pounce, lest at the last moment you escape.

Dr Alan Jones PhD FRSA

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Did Aleister Crowley actually believe he could cast magic spells?

As mentioned in another response, the answer depends upon what you mean by ‘magick’ and ‘spells’ – magic spells.

Crowley certainly believed in Magick, as do all occultists. However what magick actually is is the subject of debate.

One of Crowley’s definitions was that magick was the art a science of bringing about a change in accordance with will.

In his writings Crowley explains how the writing and

Peter Ramirez

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Why does Will Hunting hide his intelligence?

Why did Will Hunting keep his genius hidden from the world?

Because he didn’t realize it was all that important for a long time.

Will’s intelligence, his love of philosophy and mathematics, was really just a way to escape abuse. He didn’t recognize it as a “way out” for himself, not until he met Sean Maguire and, finally, had that heart-to-heart with his good buddy, Chuckie.

“Look, you’re my best friend, so don’t take this the wrong way but, in 20 years if you’re still livin’ here, comin’ over to my house, watchin’ the Patriots games, workin’ construction, I’ll fuckin’ kill ya. That’s not a threa

Rodney Orpheus

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What do atheists think about Aleister Crowley?

A lot of occultists and Crowley scholars are atheists, which seems contradictory to most people who assume that if you practice magick you must believe in gods and demons etc. That’s not the case. Many modern practitioners of occultism don’t believe those things have any objective reality but are simply imaginary constructs that we use to help understand the working of our own brains.

Aleister Crowley was one of the first occultists to propound this theory. In The Goetia, published in 1904, Crowley writes:

If, then, I say, with Solomon:

“The Spirit Cimieries teaches logic,”

what I mean is:

“Those p

Todd Gardiner

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They support Jay-Z because they are either ignorant of the narrative you just suggested, or they actively don’t believe your accusation.

There are some problems with this allegation. If you say, “well, his clothing line has Masonic symbols on it!” I would point out that Crowley was not a Mason. So that is a strawman argument.

This weak argument then continues with the observation that Jay-Z was seen in public wearing a hoodie that said “Do What Thou Wilt”. I will skip the argument in which I point out that this action falls short of “promoting”. And jump right onto the observation that this phra

Jon Pennington

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Why is Aleister Crowley on the cover of Sergeant Pepper? Does his inclusion on the cover have anything to do with the music?

Sometime in early 1967, Paul McCartney asked the other three Beatles to submit their requests for what famous people should be on the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. This was their list of suggestions, rendered with original misspellings intact:

> Yoga’s; Marquis de Sade; Hitler; Neitch; Lenny Bruce; Lord Buckley; Alistair Crowley; Dylan Thomas; James Joyce; Oscar Wilde; William Bu

Bob Dupes

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Is it true Charles Darwin’s last words was “pass me the book” and is it true he was talking about the Bible? If so, could he possibly became a Christian on his death bed?

According to his children, Darwin—a doting family man at a time when active fathers were rare—spoke these words to his wife Emma shortly before dying: “I am not the least afraid of death. Remember what a good wife you have been to me. Tell all my children to remember how good they have been to me.” (Those who cared for him in his final moments later vehemently denied rumors—largely circulated by a British evangelist who went by the name Lady Hope—that the agnostic scientist had re-embraced Christianity and recanted his ideas about evolution on his deathbed.)

The overhead is the best answer to Why do people support Jay-Z when he promotes Aleister Crowley’s evil ideals? that we researched. Follow us for more interesting answers!

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