Why is the Crown Prince of Dubai now known as Sheikh Hamdan bin Al Mohammad Al Maktoum?

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Why is the Crown Prince of Dubai now known as Sheikh Hamdan bin Al Mohammad Al Maktoum?

James ReynoldsMaire MacNamee

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King Charles III ascended to the throne at 73. He’s the oldest heir apparent in British history to take the throne. Realistically, how long do you think he’ll be king for?

I can give you an exact answer to your question, he will be king until he dies.

Paul RodgersGeoff Read

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If King Charles has a baby with Queen Camilla, will that child take precedence over William and Harry?

The Duchess of Cornwall is currently 74 years old.

Stephen Guppy

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Why didn’t Queen Elizabeth simply tell Prince Charles that if he married Camilla he would have to step out of the line of the throne? I’m reading Rebel Prince which doesn’t show Charles in a good light at all as a future king.

Don’t believe everything you read. Most books about the Royals are grossly inaccurate and are sensationaliased in order to shift them.

Major Twang

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Someone said King Charles III would only be king until the age of 80. Is that true?

It probably is true that someone said that.

There are a lot of people out there saying stupid shit.

Mick Bacon

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When did Elizabeth become heir apparent?

Technically, she was never heir apparent. Until her father died there was still a theoretical possibility of him having a son that would displace Princess Elizabeth in the line of succession. On her father’s death she didn’t become heir apparent, she went straight from being heir presumptive to Queen.

Fergus Mason

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If Prince Charles becomes King and then dies is there any chance his wife, Camilla could become the Queen, instead of William becoming King?

No, of course there isn’t. Camilla is not in the line of succession.

Minnie James

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When Charles dies and William becomes King, how will he justify spending millions of dollars on his father’s mistress using public funds?

I did not know that Charles had a mistress . At his age – the dirty old dog! If you were taking a nasty dig at Her Majesty, Queen Camilla, then shame on you. They have been married for 17 years and are happy together. Stick your spite where the sun don’t shine.

Saleh A. Al-Sulaiman

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What is Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Salman’s phone number?

I’ll ask him, and if he agrees to give you his phone number, I’ll let you know, and if he doesn’t, please excuse me.

And if you want to inform him something general, I advise you to contact the Saudi embassy in your place of residence, or the Crown Prince Court if you are in Saudi Arabia.

Omar Al Mohammed

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So what should he be known as if not his name?

Colin Riegels

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I suspect that where Prince George goes to school is going to be an interesting conundrum for the Royal family. I imagine that there is a certain amount of pressure to stop sending members of the Royal family to independent schools at all, and just send them to the local grammar instead. However, I think we may be at least one more generation away before they take that step.

So where will George go to school? He might go to Eton of course, assuming he could get in (you have to think that they would bend the rules to admit him if he applied, being a future King and all). I doubt anyone has any enthusiasm for Gordonstoun. But I suspect it is more likely that he may end up going to his mother’s old school – Marlborough. That is where Princess Eugenie sent her kids, so they have a little bit of experience handling royals.

Eileen Wood

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What does Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and Princess Ann, and their spouses and children do, except getting money from taxpayers?

None of them receive any funds from taxpayers. Those who are “Working Royals”, meaning performing “Royal Duties”, receive taxpayer-funded security. That is all. The last estimate I saw published put that cost at £1.24 per taxpayer per year for the entire monarchy.

Andrew is retired. He receives his Navy pension and income from private family sources, including his inheritances and investments.

Edward runs the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, as well as performing what are known as “Royal duties”. “Royal Duties” mean representing the monarch at events where the monarch cannot (or does not choose to) appear in-person. He also has investments and inheritances to draw from for his personal expenses.

Princess Anne performs approximately 500 engagements per year on behalf of the monarch. She also owns a working farm for which her husband, Admiral Laurence, manages the day-to-day operations. She also has investments and inheritances to cover their personal expenses, and Admiral Laurence has his Navy pension, as well.

Those who perform Royal Duties are reimbursed for, or have covered ahead of time, their expenses for those duties through the Sovereign Grant, which is NOT “taxpayer money”. That means their travel expenses, stationery, staff, etc – things that are DIRECTLY RELATED to their Royal Duties – are covered. their personal expenses are on them to cover.


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She was never heir apparent; she was only ever heir presumptive because there was always a possibility (albeit a rapidly dwindling one) that her father could have a son who would displace her in the line of succession.

Until now no woman has ever been able to be heir apparent because there has always been the possibility of being displaced by a younger male heir, and so no woman has ever been invested as Prince (or Princess) of Wales.

Now that the future line of succession has been changed to do away with male preference it will be possible for a woman to be heir apparent at some point in the future. It seems likely that under those circumstances she would be invested as Princess of Wales.

Alan Martin

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First off, let’s lay out the rules of succession.

To be in line for the British Throne, you have to be a descendant of Sophia of Hanover. This is no problem. Charles is a descendant of Sophia of Hanover, and any children that he would have would also be descendants. There are roughly 10,000 people that are descended from Sophia of Hanover.

Now, on the line of succession, basically it’s slowly changing to an absolute primogeniture. What this means is that the oldest child (regardless of gender) is the next sovereign. Issues of someone are put in right behind that person in order of birth.

So, the line of succession goes

Only after these people would younger children be in there.

So, if Charles had a child today, they’d be inserted at #9 in the line of succession (between Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor and Prince Andrew, Duke of York).

The first three positions (Charles, William and George) are secure in their position. No birth of anybody will be placed above them in the line of succession.


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What if Prince Charles died while a king? Will his wife get the throne?

What if Prince Charles died while a king? Will his wife get the throne?

When Prince Charles becomes King on the death of Queen Elizabeth, then he’ll be King Charles III (or George VII, or something else depending on what regnal name he chooses).

When he dies, the throne goes to the next person in the succession, which is Prince William.

The succession can only be changed by Parliament. Wives or husbands of reigning Kings or Queens don’t inherit the throne.

Molly Berry

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Why can Camilla become queen but Wallis Simpson couldn’t?

Because time and progress happened.

Those things in the past had to happen in order for us to be here.

I do wonder why you’re asking this now. Charles and Camilla have been married since 2005. This was always going to happen since they got married. There were lots of discussions then. (Though not on quora) They couldn’t have gotten married if progress hadn’t been made.


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Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has been Crown Prince of Dubai since 2008. He previously served as Deputy Ruler of Dubai from 2006 to 2008. He is known as Sheikh Hamdan bin Al Mohammad Al Maktoum because that’s his name 🙂

Eileen Wood

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What will Princess Kate be called when William becomes king?

Who in the blue hell is “Princess Kate”????? There’s literally NO ONE in the UK by that name. There’s a Princess Anne, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, Princess Alexandra, Princess Charlotte, and Princess Lilibet.

But no “Princess Kate”.

Since you mentioned William, perhaps you mean his wife? HRH The Princess William, The Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Duchess of Rothesay, Duchess of Cambridge? Known to friends and family as “Catherine”?

When her husband becomes King, she becomes “Her Majesty The Queen”.

The wife of the King is ALWAYS “Her Majesty The Queen”.

Claire Jordan

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What if Camilla dies before King Charles? What happens then?

Then we won’t have a queen, unless he remarries – which is unlikely, given his age and his devotion to Camilla. Any royal duties which require the female touch will be performed by his sister or his daughter in law.

Gina SeldariusMike WalkerLynne Bailey

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Let’s just clarify a couple things before we get to the meat of this question.

Cain Gannon

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If Prince Charles dies before his mother does, does Charles’ sister become the new Queen at the death of QEII?

If Prince Charles dies before The Queen, he is just removed from the line of succession. Consequently, Prince William will then become heir apparent. Should the Queen then die, a Prince William would become King. Prince Charles’ sister, Princess Anne, would only become Queen after Charles, William, George, Charlotte, Harry, Andrew, his daughters, Edward and then his children. This is due to her being born before the new succession laws, which means she still has to come behind all the others in succession. IIRC, Princess Anne is currently 12th in line for the throne.

Selene Daws

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If Prince George had been born a girl, and then followed by Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, would that Princess become the heir apparent to the throne or would she and Princess Charlotte be passed over in favor of Prince Louis, a male heir?

The princess would have kept her place in the succession. A new law was introduced in time for the birth of William and Catherine‘s children which means that girls are no longer displaced by their younger brothers.

Paul Irving

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They don’t. “So many” is THREE – in over 1000 years.

One in Scotland in 1390, Robert III, born John Stewart. His father was a nephew of the previous king, David II, & became king late in life only because David died childless. He wanted to establish the legitimacy of his rule by linking himself to Robert I & Robert II & probably to dissociate himself from King John Balliol.

The other two were Edward VII & George VI, both named Albert at birth. Edward VII chose not to reign as the first King Albert, choosing his other name, carried by six kings of England before him. George VI followed his grandfather’s precedent.

And of the handful of queens regnant one did not use her first name. Alexandrina Victoria reigned as Victoria, as a declaration of independence from her domineering mother & her controlling companion John Conroy, who Victoria hated.

So, the premise of the question is completely false. A higher proportion of British queens regnant than kings have used a regnal name different from their first name, and it’s extremely rare for our kings, in the long run.

Gèni CabréAsherAbdul Qadir

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Can an average Dubai citizen meet Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum?

Yep, I had a motorbike accident, he happened to be passing by and he stopped and called the ambulance. He also waited there until I was loaded.

Then earlier this year I saw him being shown around a street where some kids had been doing doughnuts with their 4×4, scaring pedestrians in the process. A few hours later he passed the order for the youth to clean the streets for a month!

He really is so cool…

David Wallace

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When will Prince Charles become King now that the Queen has died?

Charles became King the moment his mother died.

Thomas Dalton

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What happens if Prince Phillip outlives the Queen?

His son, the new king, will provide him with a pension and accommodation. He might have to move out of his current accommodation in Buckingham Palace to make room for the new king and queen, but there are plenty of other royal apartments – they’ll find somewhere suitable for him.

Gill Bullen

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Not automatically, any more than Prince Charles himself did.

The Queen announced when he was in his teens that she would be conferring the title on him, and this was very much a public mark of her approval of the way her son was growing up and her pride in him. She added that he would be invested with the title when he was 21, at Caernarvon Castle, and this was duly done at the appropriate time.

If Prince Charles were to die before the Queen, it would be quite possible for the title to be passed to Prince William, but by no means automatic. And similarly, if things take their normal, expected course, it is not automatic that Prince William will become Prince of Wales when the Queen dies and Prince Charles becomes King, or that Prince George will take the title later on. It is a title that is in the gift of the King or Queen at the time, and not automatically conferred at all.

Areej Musaed

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As a Saudi woman myself, I believe Mohammed bin Salman is the best thing that happened to Saudi Arabia in a very long time.

Within only 5 years and as part of Vision 2030, he was bold and quick in acheiving the following:

Stewart Mann

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If Charles and Camilla become King and Queen, and then Charles dies, leaving Camilla as a Queen Dowager, would Queen Camilla have to curtsey to Queen Catherine?

Yes she would. If you saw the TV show The Crown there is a scene where the new queen is greeted by her mother (Queen Elizabeth the queen mother, widow of King George VI ) and Queen Mary (widow of King George V) both curtsied to the new queen.

Brazen Hussy Joanne Babic

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What would happen if King Charles III died, then William assumed the throne, but then he died (like within the year or something) and his children were too young to assume the throne? Would the next in line be Harry?

What would happen if King Charles dies, then William assumes the throne, but then he dies (like within the year something) and his kids are too young to assume the throne? Would the next in line be Harry?

No, if that were to happen Prince George would become George VII, but, as Prince Harry is the next adult in the line of succession, he would become George’s regent. He would be the one making any decisions that had to be made “in the name of The King.” This doesn’t have the same level of responsibility as, say, when Edward VI came to the throne after the death of Henry VIII. At that time The K

Ernest W. Adams

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Why did Queen Elizabeth II name her eldest son Charles? Were there political/dynastic reasons for the name? Do British people have an opinion on it one way or another?

These days it’s fairly rare in the UK for monarchs to use their real first name as their regnal name. Elizabeth does, but when she was born it was never expected that she would be queen anyway. Her father was King George VI and was called “Bertie,” short for Albert. He took over from his brother, who was King Edward VIII and was called David. Their father, George V, really was called George, but his father, Edward VII’s, real name was Albert Edward. Queen Victoria’s real first name was Alexandrina.

So I’m guessing that Queen Elizabeth just liked the name Charles and never assumed that his regna

Eileen Wood

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Did the Princess of Wales have their mourning outfits ready and waiting knowing that it wouldn’t be long before the Queen would pass away? They certainly didn’t look like they were bought off the rack in a rush.

Did the Princess of Wales have their mourning outfits ready and waiting knowing that it wouldn’t be long before the Queen would pass away? They certainly didn’t look like they were bought off the rack in a rush.

All Royal ladies have black dresses in their wardrobe. That’s all their “mourning outfits” are – standard old black dresses they can wear for any formal occasion.

This wasn’t the first funeral the new Princess of Wales has ever attended. It won’t be the last. When traveling, she will always have a suitable black dress in her suitcase to avoid a situation such as the late Queen had when s

Raf Young

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If Prince Charles dies before Queen Elizabeth, does Prince Andrew become king when she eventually does die? And if so, will the throne then pass to Andrew’s daughters?

Updated, 8th September 2022: Queen Elizabeth II has died, and so now we have King Charles III.


The way that the order of succession works is that it exhausts one line of descent before moving to the next. The first child, and all his descendants, then the next.

So, until her death, there was her Maj (in the order of succession 0: the current monarch), her first kid Charles (1), his first kid William (2), William’s first kid George (3), second kid Charlotte (4) and third kid Louis (5)… having run out of William’s issue, we go one step back up to the second of Charles’ kids, Harry (now 6th in

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